Thank God for Michael Moore

For the first time in years, I actually sat through the entire Oscar broadcast. What a bore! I'm sure Chicago is a fine movie (but not one that I care to see) but is it really so great that it deserved to basically sweep the awards? All day I've been saying that it's the Oscar's version of Norah Jones. A few awards seemed worthy - Chris Cooper for Adaptation, a couple of tech awards to Lord of the Rings, Eminem's surprise win with Lose Yourself (now let's retire that song, though, I've heard it enough), and the guy from the Pianist seemed to be deserving. But everything else seemed to go to Chicago.

When it was announced that Moore had won for Bowling for Columbine, I knew something was in the air but I never dreamed it would be so controversial. Leave it to the non-thespian to bring some drama to the festivities. I especially loved the line about Bush should know he's in trouble when both the Pope and the Dixie Chicks are his enemies. That's witty!

War Is Not Must-See TV!

The war as a mini-series is offically a disaster. Saturday night I was about to go to bed when all three news networks switched to Sky TV, the British news network owned by Fox. Although the hyperbole-filled announcer made it sound like an all-out battle was iminent (or is it eminent?), I watched for over two hours for nothing. Sunday was similar - just hours of repeated stories about the POW's. Speaking of which, I have a question. I'm not trying to sound disrespectful of the troops, but why wouldn't Saddam show these guys? This is not a war about land and borders, which is where I'd expect the Geneva Convention rules to be taken seriously. This is a war with one objective - to get rid of Saddam. The first shot was directed right at him. Why would he then play by the rules? Again, I'm not taking his side but what does he have to lose? (If for some reason you want to see the tapes, go to

Generals Say the Damndest Things!

The dumbest comment of the weekend has to be from the pundit that sat in with CNN on Saturday night. When word came that one of our own soldiers had tossed some grenades into the officer's tents, this guy went on a rant about how this guy probably got some bad news from home; maybe even a "Dear John" letter. Yeah, that's right. Blame those slutty women. So much for the politically correct military.

Just Say No to Burger King

Not that I'm a big fan of the joint, but this whole "freedom fries" saga has me so pissed that I'll never eat their shitty food again. I'm all for patriotism, but this is pure pandering. I do like the following story I found on the web a little bit ago - "The Saturn Cafe in Santa Cruz is temporarily changing the name of their french fries to "Fuck George Bush Fries" and 5 % of the profits going to the Impeachment Fund."

NP Means "Now Playing"

I've had a couple of people asking what "NP" means at the end of my posts. It stands for "now playing"; just a silly tag to let you know the soundtrack to my latest set of babbling gibberish.

NP: Camper Van Beethoven, Live in Chicago 1/15/03 (I think that's the date)


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