Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rural Ledge-ucation #95: More Then And Now

It's pretty self-explanatory. This morning's show is a continuation of Friday's Live Ledge. Two tracks per band; one old and one relatively new. The only difference is the Sunday morning show is MUCH quieter than Friday's.
The highlight is the debut of a brand new track from Steve Earle's upcoming album, The Low Highway. Set to be released on April 16, in my opinion it is his best album in over a decade. Expect to hear more from it next week on the new release episode of Rural Ledge-ucation!
Turn off your TV, and listen to this fun show as you devour your Easter candy. You can nab it in the iTunes store, Stitcher, or...


1. Son Volt, Lookin' At The World Through A Windshield
2. Son Volt, Wild Side
3. Steve Earle, You're Still Standin' There
4. Steve Earle & The Dukes (and Duchesses), Burnin' It Down
5. Dale Watson, Down Down Down Down Down
6. Dale Watson & Lone Stars, I Lie When I Drink
7. Billy Bragg, Greetings to the New Brunette
8. Billy Bragg, No One Knows Nothing Anymore
9. Josh Rouse, Dressed Up Like Nebraska
10. Josh Rouse, Simple Pleasure
11. Eels, Dirty Girl
12. Eels, Kinda Fuzzy
13. Phosphorescent, I Gotta Get Drunk
14. Phosphorescent, Song for Zula
15. Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians, Tell Me About Your Drugs
16. Robyn Hitchcock, I Love You

Friday, March 29, 2013

Live Ledge #105: Then And Now

It's such an obvious topic, why didn't I do it before? Take a band that has a current (or semi-current) album out, and play a track not only from that record but from another older album. "Then And Now" may have been the easiest show to ever put together! Some of the tracks differ by decades (Bad Brains, Bowie); others by just a couple of years (Biters, Telekinesis), but the concept is the same.
Plus, I babble about a couple of topics, including the exciting news this week from Tommy Stinson. When asked by Melissa Locker about how much he enjoyed recording the tracks for the Songs For Slim EP, he had this to say:

It was so much fun that we talked about doing it again with some original material. In fact, when I get done with this GnR tour, I’m booking a flight to Minneapolis and doing that. Putting some songs down, but not getting stuck on making record — seeing what comes out of it. Neither one of us feels the pressure to become the Replacements again, although we talk about it.

Great news, right? Let's hope it actually works out. 
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What did you think of tonight's show? Was the concept worth doing again? Do you have any ideas for future shows? Most importantly, would you consider hitting that donate button on the side of the page? Comment away, bitches!

1. Guided By Voices, I Am A Scientist
2. Guided By Voices, She Lives In An Airport
3. David Bowie, Life On Mars?
4. David Bowie, The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
5. The Strokes, Last Night
6. The Strokes, All The Time
7. Redd Kross, Linda Blair
8. Redd Kross, Researching the Blues
9. Telekinesis, Look To The East
10. Telekinesis, Power Lines
11. Chris Mars, Popular Creeps
12. The Replacements, Radio Hook Word Hit
13. The Replacements, I Hate Music
14. The Replacements, I'm Not Sayin'
15. Hüsker Dü, Chartered Trips
16. Bob Mould, The Descent
17. Soul Asylum, Chains
18. Soul Asylum, Let's All Kill Each Other
19. Pedal Jets, A Certain Sunday
20. Pedal Jets, Terra Nova
21. Biters, Hang Around
22. Biters, Oh Yea(The Bitch Wants More)
23. Dinosaur Jr., Freak Scene
24. Dinosaur Jr., Don't Pretend You Didn't Know
25. Mudhoney, Touch Me I'm Sick
26. Mudhoney, Douchebags on Parade
27. Bad Brains, Pay To Cum
28. Bad Brains, Youth Of Today
29. U.K. Subs, Tomorrow's Girls
30. U.K. Subs, Las Vegas Wedding
31. Wire, Ex Lion Tamer
32. Wire, Adore Your Island
33. Bad Religion, White Trash (Second Generation)
34. Bad Religion, Past Is Dead

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rural Ledge-ucation #94: Country

With Friday's show being nothing but songs about rock 'n' roll, I attempted to do a similar thing today with country. A companion piece of sorts. Unfortunately, my library didn't completely accommodate this idea. Yes, there were a ton of songs with the word "country" in it, but not that many were really about country music.
That means today's show is not only a bit shorter than usual, but also contains some songs that don't completely fit the format. This doesn't mean it's not a worthy show to check out. It's actually one of the most varied Sunday morning shows in a long, long time, with tracks that date all the way back to the 20's, along with some current alt-rock, Americana, and singer-songwriter tracks.
This show can be found in the usual online spots, or...


1. Neil Young, Are You Ready For The Country?
2. Lloyd Cole & The Commotions, Why I Love Country Music
3. R.E.M., Country Feedback
4. The Bottle Rockets, Lawd I'm Just A Country Boy In This Great Big Freaky City
5. Pastor Dean, Country Song
6. Hank Williams III, Country Heroes
7. The Mekons, Country
8. JD McPherson, Country Boy
9. Josh Ritter, A Country Song
10. The Rolling Stones, Country Honk
11. Glenn Reeves, Rockin' Country Style
12. Johnny Otis, Crazy Country Hop
13. Jimmy Swan, Country Cattin'
14. Henry Thomas, Old Country Stomp
15. Dock Boggs, Country Blues
16. Neil Young, Get Back To The Country

Friday, March 22, 2013

Live Ledge #104: Rock!

Talk about an obvious topic! Why in the world didn't I do a show like this before? The concept is simple - nothing but songs about rock 'n' roll! One caveat, though. There are no songs that substitute the word "rock" for "fuck". That's such a terrible cliche that was a staple of 80's FM playlists. It was terrible then and it's terrible now. Nope, tonight is nothing but songs that celebrate, denigrate, deny, and/or castigate that niche of music that has made me the madman that I am today.
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1. The Ramones, Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio?
2. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Anything That's Rock 'N' Roll
3. The Rubinoos, Rock 'n' Roll Is Dead
4. Tommy Conwell with Dipsomaniacs, Long Live Rock
5. The Velvet Underground, Rock & Roll
6. The Jesus & Mary Chain, I Hate Rock 'n' Roll
7. The Jesus & Mary Chain, I Love Rock'n'Roll
8. The Fortunate Sons, Let Me Rock
9. The Flamin' Groovies, Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roll
10. Young Fresh Fellows, Rock 'n' Roll Pest Control
11. The Beat, Rock N Roll Girl
12. Wreckless Eric, Roll Over Rock-Ola
13. Stoneage Hearts, Rock 'n' Roll Boys Rock 'n' Roll Girls
14. Vince Taylor, Twenty Flight Rock
15. The Rolling Stones, If You Can't Rock Me
16. The Loud Family, Rocks Off
17. Al Bundie's Army, It's Still Rock And Roll To Me
18. The Weirdos, Jungle Rock
19. Urchin, Rock'n'Roll Ghost
20. The Replacements, Rock and Roll All Night
21. The Nomads, Rockin' All Through The Night
22. The Supersuckers, The Evil Powers of Rock and Roll
23. The Cavestompers!, Rock'n'Roll
24. The Soft Boys, Rock 'n' Roll Toilet (Mark 2)
25. Hasil Adkins, Rock'N Roll Tonight
26. Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, Well I'll Keep Rockin'
27. Levi & The Rockats, Room To Rock
28. The Jim Jones Revue, Rock n Roll Psychosis
29. The Bobbyteens, Rock'n'Roll Show
30. Sleater-Kinney, You're No Rock 'n Roll Fun
31. The Eyeliners, Rock-N-Roll Baby
32. Vice Squad, Rock 'n' Roll Massacre
33. The Vapids, Dee Dee King Of Rock
34. The Dictators, Who Will Save Rock And Roll

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rural Ledge-ucation #93: St. Paddy's Day

I'm not known as a traditionalist, so the concept of doing a traditional Irish show for St. Patrick's Day was a challenge. Since only a fraction of my bloodline comes from that wonderful country, I don't have the sort of romantic view of most of those tunes from the old country. Most are kind of "schlocky", in my opinion.
I did my best today, though, to compile a somewhat old-school show. There are some of the classic groups from the 60's (The Clancy Brothers, Dubliners, etc.) along with quieter moments from more current acts (Flogging Molly, Mahones, etc.). There's also a couple of semi-novelty tunes to lighten the mood.
Overall, this should be a fun show for those who celebrate the big day on the actual date it should be celebrated! Who started this trend of having the festivities on the closest Saturday? My favorite St. Patrick's Day of all time was on a Tuesday!
Anyway, grab this from the usual online spots, or...


1. John Lennon & Yoko Ono, The Luck Of The Irish
2. The Irish Rovers, Whiskey On A Sunday
3. The Dubliners, Nancy Whiskey
4. The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, Whiskey You're the Devil [Live]
5. Van Morrison, Moonshine Whiskey
6. Ewan Maccoll, Dirty Old Town
7. The Pogues, The Irish Rover
8. Shane MacGowan & The Popes, Victoria
9. Adrian Edmunson & The Bad Shepherds, Humours Of Tullah/Teenage Kicks/Whiskey In The Jar
10. Jonathan Richman, Just Because I'm Irish
11. Flogging Molly, The Worst Day Since Yesterday
12. The Mahones, Girl With Galway Eyes
13. Tony Duggins, I Wish I Was Back In Liverpool
14. Mighty Stef, Romantic Ireland Is Dead And Gone
15. Black 47, Danny Boy

Friday, March 15, 2013

Live Ledge #103: Dave Pirner

What a fun show tonight! When I discovered that Soul Asylum was hitting town on March 22, I knew I would have a possibility to chat with lead singer Dave Pirner. I also knew it was imperative that I arrange it so that it could happen during a Live Ledge episode.
Pirner was a real treat during our half hour talk, talking not only about the current status of the band but reliving a bit of the glory days of Minneapolis rock 'n' roll. Listening to his praise and awe of current drummer Michael Bland (formerly of Prince and Paul Westerberg fame) showcased an artist still enthused about his music career.
Besides the chat with Pirner, we also debuted the latest Songs For Slim tracks. As I walked into my house, I was thrilled to see that my Steve Earle/Craig Finn single had arrived, so it was natural that I gave both tracks a spin.
There was also a tribute to Alex Chilton, commemorating the third anniversary of his death that occurs this Sunday, and an almost full hour of great Irish rock 'n' roll.
Grab this wonderful episode at the usual online spots, or...


1. The Box Tops, Soul Deep
2. Alex Chilton, With a Girl Like You
3. Big Star, September Gurls (Live)
4. Alex Chilton, Bangkok
5. Craig Finn, Isn't It
6. Steve Earle, Times Like
7. The Replacements, Lost Highway
8. Paul Westerberg, Don't Cry No Tears
9. Soul Asylum, Sometime To Return
10. Soul Asylum, Take Manhattan
11. Hart Lake Mystery, Wrote You Off
12. Torpedohead, Rock N' Roll Satellite
13. The Nips, Fuss & Bother
14. The Pogues, Streams Of Whiskey
15. The Pogues, I Fought The Law
16. Shane MacGowan & The Popes, Hippy Hippy Shake
17. The Jesus & Mary Chain, Ghost Of A Smile
18. The Stitches, That Woman's Got Me Drinking
19. Mr. Irish Bastard, Anarchy In The UK
20. The Bad Shepherds, Ramones Medley
21. The Tossers, Where The Beer And Whiskey Flow
22. The Mahones, Ghost Of A Whiskey Devil
23. The Skels, Whiskey You're the Devil
24. The Cherry Coke$, Rainy Night & Whiskey
25. Dropkick Murphys, The Irish Rover
26. The Sharks, Luck O' The Irish

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rural Ledge-ucation #92: Daylight Savings Time

We all hate daylight savings time. Seriously, I don't know anybody who has anything but pure hatred towards the gaining/losing an hour gimmick we endure every six months. It's actually more annoying these days, as every amateur comedian on social media has lots of HILARIOUS jokes about it!
At least it had a purpose in my life this year, as it was an obvious podcast theme. So here it is - nothing but songs about clocks and time. Original, right? At least there are some wonderful tracks aired today, from the garage rock of Cheap Trick and The Replacements to the jingle-jangle sounds of The Byrds and Tommy Keene.
Have a lazy Sunday afternoon with this show, which you can find in iTunes, Stitcher, or...


1. Cheap Trick, Clock Strikes Ten
2. The Byrds, She Don't Care About Time (Version 1/Take 2)
3. Uncle Tupelo, Wipe the Clock
4. The Bottle Rockets, Kit Kat Clock
5. Vic Chesnutt, Where's The Clock
6. The Boomtown Rats, Like Clockwork
7. The Jam, Just Who Is The 5 O'Clock Hero?
8. Elvis Costello, Man Out Of Time
9. The Stems, You Can't Turn the Clock Back
10. Rank Strangers, Daylight Savings
11. Gear Daddies, Time Heals
12. The Jayhawks, Bad Time
13. The Phones, Back In Time
14. The Replacements, (We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock
15. Tommy Keene, Don't Sleep In the Daytime
16. The Jesus & Mary Chain, I Can't Find the Time for Times
17. Paul Westerberg, Time Flies Tomorrow

Friday, March 08, 2013

Live Ledge #102: Songs For Slim

Earlier this week, The Replacements released their first recordings in over 20 years (outside of a couple of bonus tracks in 2006). What brought them together, though, is a tragedy. Just over a year ago, former Replacements guitarist Slim Dunlap had a massive right brain stroke which has left him likely needing 24-hour care for the rest of his life. 
Tonight's show not only airs the entire Songs For Slim EP, but also the original versions of the five songs. Rounding out the show are a few other 'mats oddities, plus songs from other artists that will be participating in the monthly Songs For Slim 7" releases. For more info on Slim, and also these auctions, please go to
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1. The Replacements, Hey Good Lookin'  
2. Slim Dunlap, Busted Up 
3. The Replacements, Busted Up 
4. Slim Dunlap, Radio Hook Word Hit 
5. The Replacements, Radio Hook Word Hit 
6. Steve Earle, Here I Am  
7. Craig Finn & The Baseball Project, Don't Call Them Twinkies  
8. Lucinda Williams, Real Live Bleeding Fingers & Broken Guitar Strings  
9. Tommy Keene, Places That Are Gone 
10. Nico, I'm Not Sayin' 
11. The Replacements, I'm Not Sayin' 
12. Leon Payne, Lost Highway  
13. The Replacements, Lost Highway  
14. Joe Henry, Good Fortune  
15. The Jayhawks, Big Star
16. Deer Tick, Let's All Go To The Bar  
17. Deer Tick, Mister Cigarette 
18. Frank Black, Los Angeles  
19. The Suicide Commandos, Complicated Fun  
20. Curtiss A, Land of the Free
21. Paul Westerberg, I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face 
22. Ethel Merman, Everything's Coming Up Roses  
23. The Replacements, Everything's Coming Up Roses  
24. The Minus 5, Revolution Blues 
25. Young Fresh Fellows, Taco Wagon 
26. You Am I, The Cream And The Crock 
27. The John Doe Thing, Too Many Goddamn Bands 
28. The Replacements, More Fun In The New World 
29. X, I Will Dare (Demo)
30. Lucero, That Much Further West 

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Rural Ledge-ucation #91: More New Finds

If Friday's Live Ledge is a new finds show, then  you can pretty much predict the next Rural Ledge-ucation will be of the same sort. This week is no exception, as there's nothing but brand new tracks (outside of the opening Johnny Marr/Ron Wood collaboration on "How Soon Is Now").
The highlight of this week's show is the debut of two tracks from the new Son Volt album, Honky Tonk. Their seventh, and first since 2009, is a return of sorts to the more country-ish elements of their debut album, Trace. If you've ever been a fan of Jay Farrar, you should head to the record store this Tuesday to buy this.
Besides the Son Volt tracks, today's broadcast also included a cut from the new Emmylou Harris/Rodney Crowell album, Old Yellow Moon, along with new tunes by Eels, Roger Knox, New Amsterdams, and a trio of tracks from the Sons of Rogue's Gallery compilation.
You can find this show in iTunes, Stitcher, or The Ledge android/iPhone app. Or...


1. Johnny Marr & Ron Wood, How Soon Is Now  
2. Son Volt, Hearts And Minds
3. Son Volt, Down The Highway
4. Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell, Black Caffeine
5. The New Mendicants, This Time
6. Townes Van Zandt, Dead Flowers
7. U.K. Subs, Four Strong Winds
8. Roger Knox & The Pine Valley Cosmonauts, The Land Where the Crow Flies Backwards
9. Eels, Kinda Fuzzy
10. The New Amsterdams, Ex's & Oh's
11. Michael Stipe And Courtney Love W/ Jack Shit, Rio Grande
12. Shane McGowan W/ Johnny Depp & Gore Verbinsky, Leaving Liverpool
13. Robyn Hitchcock, Sam's Gone Away
14. David Bowie, Valentine's Day

Friday, March 01, 2013

Live Ledge #101: New Finds

It's become a monthly tradition to share some of the new releases and blog finds, and with it being the first day of March it was a perfect time to do just that. My excitement over this format is simple - there is some great material coming out in the next couple of weeks, and I wanted to jump on the stream early to share it.
One of these new releases is the brand new album by David Bowie, The Next Day, which comes out on March 12. His first album in a decade, and also marking his 30th studio recording, this release is easily the biggest news of the year so far. 
Close behind in the publicity department is the March 5 release of a reunion EP by The Replacements. Well, sort of The Replacements, as four of the record's tracks are by Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson, with a fifth one a solo recording by former drummer Chris Mars. This album is the inaugural release of the Songs For Slim campaign, with the money raised going to help pay Slim Dunlap's extremely large medical bills. Pitchfork made one of these songs available, a cover of Gordon Lightfoot's "I'm Not Saying", earlier this week, so that track is the centerpiece of a couple of sets devoted to the 'mats.
Other artists in tonight's show include The Men, Chelsea Light Moving (featuring Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore), The Night Marchers, The Strypes, and rare live recordings from the Pretenders and The Undertones.

Nab this keeper of a show from the usual online spots, or...

1. Das Damen, Song For Michael Jackson To $ell  
2. David Bowie, The Next Day  
3. David Bowie, The Stars (Are Out Tonight) 
4. Chelsea Light Moving, Burroughs  
5. Paul Westerberg, Make Your Own Kind of Music
6. Chris Mars, Popular Creeps  
7. Bash & Pop, Never Aim To Please  
8. Model Prisoners, Time Is Mine  
9. Slim Dunlap, Partners In Crime  
10. The Replacements, I'm Not Saying 
11. The Replacements, Left Of The Dial  
12. Government Center, Can't Hardly Wait (Live)
13. The Men, Half Angel Half Light  
14. The Men, Without A Face  
15. The Night Marchers, Roll On  
16. FIDLAR, Gimme Something  
17. U.K. Subs, Coalition Government Blues  
18. Bad Religion, Dharma And The Bomb 
19. The Bronx, Style OVer Everything  
20. Warm Soda, Jeanie Loves Pop  
21. Nude Beach, Some Kinda Love 
22. Low Culture, Pills 
23. Crowd, Right Time  
24. Agent Orange, Introduction by Brooke Shields/Bloodstains
25. The Simpletons, TV Love 
26. The Heartbreakers, Born to Lose  
27. Pretenders, Kid (Live) 
28. The Undertones, Teenage Kicks (Live) 
29. The Clerks, Dancing With My Girl 
30. The Strypes, Leaving Here 
31. 1313 Mockingbird Lane, The Spider and the Fly 
32. Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, Marilyn