Friday, September 26, 2014

Live Ledge #169: Replacements Review

Obviously, the September 13 appearance of the Replacements in St. PIaul, Minnesota was a big moment for me. Tonight's episode attempts to relive that evening, as  babble on and on about his experience. Included is a few tracks recorded that evening at Midway Stadium. I also talk about the previous evening's benefit for former Replacements guitarist Slim Dunlap, that included the announcement that Jon Clifford's autographed poster fetched over $5,000 on ebay!
After that, the show becomes another "blog find" episode, where I play tracks from the various online finds of the last few weeks. Included is a wonderful Pretty Things tribute album, a set of all covers, and various other "rawking" tracks.
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1. The Replacements, My Favorite Thing
2. The Replacements, Nowhere Is My Home
3. The Replacements, If Only You Were Lonely
4. The Replacements, Love You Till Friday
5. The Replacements, Unsatisfied
6. The Neighborhoods, Pure And Easy
7. The Neighborhoods, Southern Girls
8. The Creeps, Down At The Nightclub
9. The Richmond Sluts, Service For The Sick
10. The Chesterfield Kings, Rosalyn
11. The Headcoatees, Come And See Me
12. The Hydes, Big City
13. The Disciples, L.S.D
14. New Wave Hookers, Action Satisfaction
15. Jet Set, Jet Set Theme
16. Hellbenders, California Man
17. The Weaklings, One Night Stand
18. The Route 66 Killers, Murder on Beaver Street
19. The Cryptomaniacs, Vampire Bar Fight
20. Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre, Going Back to Memphis
21. Rory Storm and The Hurricanes, Brand New Cadillac
22. The Fevers, All Or Nothing
23. Magic Christian, Out In The Streets
24. Head, I'm Not Like Everyone Else
25. Devil Dogs, Palisades Park
26. Roger Alan Wade, Psycho Bitch From Hell
27. The Bad Companions, I Liked Hank Before You Did
28. The Violent Shifters, 6 Days On The Road
29. Thee Exciters, Spending Cash Talking Trash
30. Big Fuckin Skull, Skulls Dont Cry
31. The Lazy Cowgirls, Bullshit Summer Song

Friday, September 05, 2014

Live Ledge #168: Replacements Covers

It's a big week for fans of the Replacements, Besides the upcoming homecoming show in St, Paul, their first Twin Cities appearance since 1991, word also came down during tonight's show that the band would be appearing on the Jimmy Fallon show this coming Tuesday night.
Tonight's show is an appetizer for the week's festivities, as it's nothing but cover versions of the band's catalog. Every album is represented, culled from a variety of sources including the five tribute albums that have been released so far.
It's the perfect companion show for that trip to Minneapolis this week, and if you make it up on Friday please come to the Parkway Theater. I'll be helping host a benefit party for guitarist Slim Dunlap, which will include a Live Ledge taping, numerous musical performances, and a screening of a special version of Color Me Obsessed. We'll also be giving away Jon Clifford's poster of Slim that's been signed by over 140 dignitaries.
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