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That Time David Cassidy Called Me From Rehab

A few minutes ago I saw the news stories about David Cassidy being in critical condition with organ failure. It made me think back to that crazy interview he gave me a few years ago, and I thought it would be worth the repost:

For the most part, I don’t have time for nostalgia. I don’t convene my old friends every few months to reminisce about our childhood. I tend to even skip my high school and college reunions.
It’s the same with music. Over the years, bands and songs have come and gone out of favor, and those that remain in my collection to this day are present because of their artistic quality, not because I associate it with a dirt road kegger or a fumbling tumble with an early love.
Yet I do acknowledge the impact of an old favorite on my life. It’s always remarkable to attempt to connect the dots on my life’s musical journey. How does one end up liking certain songs, bands, albums, and genres?
This is why I certainly shocked more than a few people, including my editor, when I ju…

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