Friday, October 02, 2015

Live Ledge #212: New Releases

The beginning of each month means a show of nothing but brand new music. Tonight is no different, and even includes a couple of tracks from a certain album of pop covers by an acclaimed singer/songwriter. Take a listen and decide for yourself.
There's also a bunch of tracks from the Rock and Roll Manifesto's new free download, Thou Shalt Not Have a Record Collection That Sucks. Do yourself a favor and go grab it now from realpunkradio.
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1. Link Wray, Juke Box Mama
2. Ryan Adams, All You Had To Do Was Stay
3. Ryan Adams, Wildest Dreams
4. The Bottle Rockets, Monday (Everytime I Turn Around)
5. The Bottle Rockets, I Don't Wanna Know
6. Lucero, Baby Don't You Want Me
7. Lucero, Can't You Hear Them Howl
8. Tommy Stinson, Breathing Room
9. Tommy Stinson, Not This Time
10. Tommy Keene, Out Of My Mind
11. Tommy Keene, Last Of The Twilight Girls
12. Wavves, Heavy Metal Detox
13. Wavves, Way Too Much
14. Wand, Dungeon Dropper
15. Jacuzzi Boys, Happy Damage
16. Bikini Kill, Candy
17. The Blind Shake, Out Of Work
18. The Cramps, Domino
19. The Cramps, Twist And Shout
20. Le Butcherettes, Shave the Pride
21. Dirty Ghosts, Some Kids
22. The Intelligence, Sex
23. Wireheads, Boys Home
24. Faz Waltz, Kids Are All Wild
25. Giuda, Rave On
26. Dr. Boogie, Down This Road
27. The Jolts, B.K.K.
28. The Ex-Gentlemen, Judy is a Slut
29. The Stitches, Without You
30. The Nervous, Genital Panic
31. Miscalculations, Severing the Spine of Confidence
32. Keith Richards, Trouble

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cade Aid

In my former life as a snarky “Tempest” writer, one of my favorite issues of the year featured the annual “Get Out of Town” list,. The staff would pick ten people, primarily politicians and media types, that we believed had done enough damage to our fair little city.

Was it classy? Of course not, but we were young and stupid.

Towards the end of that publication’s existence, a deal was struck that brought this feature to KRRO on a weekly basis. Who better to bring the bile but this silly music writer? It was especially humorous to me given that a few former KRRO staffers had made the list in previous years.

At first, it was a bit awkward. Some morning personalities enjoyed having me on the air, while others pretty much humored me. At some point, though, I was introduced to “Cade”, who demonstrated a similar sarcastic sense of humor as me.

For close to a decade, Wednesday mornings were the highlight of my week. Cade gave me free reign to talk about anything I desired, and the “Get Out of Town” topic gradually evolved into a forum for me to complain about anything I wanted. I was guaranteed at least one smile in the room, even if Cade didn’t agree with my viewpoint.

More importantly, Cade became a friend. He went to bat for me with management multiple times over the years when I may have crossed the line a little bit in my rants. More importantly, he was one of the few people who could get me to leave the house at night.

Unfortunately, new ownership ended my weekly segment a couple of years ago, and my self-imposed seclusion meant that we had few encounters. Whenever it did happen, though, I was greeted with his patented snide smile.

You can then understand why I was devastated to hear a few weeks ago that Cade, aka Ben Anderson, had been rushed to the hospital with brain seizures. Days later, he had brain surgery to remove the majority of a mass on his right frontal lobe. He’s already recovered enough to return to work, but he’s looking at a future of uncertainty...and a mountain of medical bills.

This Sunday, The District is hosting a benefit for the much-loved radio personality. Cade Aid was created by his former on-air co-host, Ryder and We’re No Angels frontman Seth Tornow to help raise money and, more importantly, to raise the spirits of Anderson and all of his friends. Besides a silent auction, The District will be donating a portion of their proceeds. Artists appearing at the event include We’re No Angels, March In Arms, Southside Pine, The Cartwright Brothers, and The Merdtones, a new band featuring former Janitor Bob vocalist Martin Dill.

If you can’t make the show, there’s also a site set up that I hope everybody considers donating whatever they can.

If, by chance, Cade sees this, all I want to say is rock on, my friend.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Live Ledge #211: By The Numbers, Part 2

Last week's "By the Numbers" episode left off at 1988, so tonight we carry on up until the current year. Again, these aren't necessarily my favorite songs or albums of each year, but they were all a part of my soundtracks for the individual years.
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1. Bob Mould, See A Little Light
2. Babes In Toyland, He's My Thing
3. The Neighborhoods, Pure And Easy
4. The Afghan Whigs, Turn On The Water
5. Bash & Pop, Never Aim To Please
6. Freedy Johnston, Bad Reputation
7. Archers Of Loaf, Harnessed In Slums
8. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Stagger Lee
9. Supersuckers, Roadworn And Weary
10. Billy Bragg & Wilco, California Stars
11. Grant Hart, Think It Over Now
12. Ryan Adams, Come Pick Me Up
13. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros, Johnny Appleseed
14. Wilco, I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
15. Cursive, Art Is Hard
16. Drive-By Truckers, Carl Perkins' Cadillac
17. The Hold Steady, Your Little Hoodrat Friend
18. Built To Spill, Conventional Wisdom
19. The Ike Reilly Assassination, Valentines Day In Juarez
20. Paul Westerberg, Who You Gonna Marry?
21. The Jim Jones Revue, Rock N Roll Psychosis
22. Superchunk, Digging For Something
23. Fucked Up, The Other Shoe
24. Japandroids, The House That Heaven Built
25. The Replacements, I'm Not Sayin'
26. Benjamin Booker, Have You Seen My Son?
27. The Sonics, The Hard Way
28. Pow Wows, Rebel Stomp

Friday, September 18, 2015

Live Ledge #210: By The Numbers, Part 1

With another birthday out of the way, I decided to have a show where I play one song for every year I've existed. Since I'm so old, that means this will be a two-part series. Tonight's show covers 1962-1988, and next week I'll conclude with the remaining years.
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1. The Who, Cousin Kevin
2. The Beatles, Love Me Do
3. The Ronettes, Be My Baby
4. The Sonics, The Witch
5. The Who, I Can't Explain
6. The Kinks, I'm Not Like Everybody Else
7. The Velvet Underground, Heroin
8. The Monkees, Porpoise Song (Theme From HEAD)
9. MC5, Kick Out The Jams
10. The Stooges, Down On The Street
11. The Flamin' Groovies, Slow Death
12. Rolling Stones, Loving Cup
13. New York Dolls, Personality Crisis
14. Big Star, September Gurls
15. Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers, Roadrunner  
16. The Ramones, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
17. Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, Chinese Rocks
18. The Undertones, Teeange Kicks
19. The Clash, Death or Glory
20. Dead Kennedys, Holiday In Cambodia
21. The Cramps, Goo Goo Muck
22. X, The Hungry Wolf
23. Husker Du, Diane Metal
24. The Replacements, Favorite Thing
25. No Direction, Getting it On with Trudy
26. Camper Van Beethoven, (We're A) Bad Trip
27. Firehose, For The Singer Of R.E.M.
28. Dinosaur Jr, Freak Scene

Friday, September 04, 2015

Live Ledge #209: New Releases

The first Friday every month is devoted to nothing but new releases, and tonight's show is no exception. There's new tracks by the likes of Keith Richards, Fidlar, Craig Finn, Will Johnson, along with new live material by Against Me and The Jesus and Mary Chain.
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1. Dead Moon, I Hate the Blues
2. Keith Richards, Amnesia
3. Keith Richards, Trouble
4. Keith Richards, Substantial Damage
5. Craig Finn, Maggie I've Been Searching For Our Son
6. Will Johnson, Call Call Call
7. Ray Wylie Hubbard, Chick Singer Badass Rockin
8. The Connection, Labor Of Love
9. The New Trocaderos, What The Hell Did I Do
10. The Barreracudas, Promises
11. The Strypes, I Need To Be Your Only
12. Mike Krol, Suburban Wasteland
13. Mike Krol, Left Out (ATTN: SoCal Garage Rockers)
14. Fidlar, West Coast
15. Fidlar, Leave Me Alone
16. Colleen Green, TV
17. Tomorrow's Tulips, Surplus Store
18. Melvins, Captain Comedown
19. Le Butcherettes, The Devil Lived
20. Against Me, I Was a Teenage Anarchist
21. The Jesus and Mary Chain, Just Like Honey
22. Public Image Ltd., Bettie Page
23. Barrence Whitfield & The Savages, Rock and Roll Baby
24. OBN IIIs, Trash Heap
25. Royal Headache, Need You
26. Traumahelikopter, Always Being Followed
27. Hurry Up, Pick You Up
28. Uh Bones, Over It
29. Dan Melchior's Broke Revue, I Don't Know
30. Wimps, Leftovers
31. Dave Cloud & The Gospel of Power, Angelina
32. Natural Child, White Light~White Heat
33. All Dogs, That Kind of Girl

Friday, August 28, 2015

Live Ledge #208: Number Eight

I was all prepared for a certain format for tonight's show. The tracks were all chosen; notes were ready to be used to introduce the songs.
Then something extremely cool happened. I received an mention on twitter that included a blog link. Obviously, I clicked to find out what was going on here. My earlier shows devoted to a certain track number influenced Will Neville to create his own list of track nine's to commemorate September. That's so cool that I dumped my original plan and went with a show of nothing but track eight's to corrrespond with the last days of this warm, rainy August.
As always, this show is not really a "best" of track eight. Sure, there's some classic included, but for the most part it's just songs that caught my eye as I went through my iTunes library. Hopefully, you'll enjoy this little mix of punk, alternative, British Invastion, and a touch of Americana.
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1. Uncle Tupelo, We've Been Had
2. The Kinks, Holiday In Waikiki
3. The Rolling Stones, Stray Cat Blues
4. Cheap Trick, Southern Girls
5. The Velvet Underground, I Can't Stand It
6. Lou Reed, Busload Of Faith
7. David Bowie, Hang On To Yourself
8. The Stooges, Death Trip
9. The Lemonheads, Alison's Starting To Happen
10. Hindu Love Gods, Battleship Chains
11. Guided By Voices, The Best Of Jill Hives
12. The Jesus & Mary Chain, Never Understand
13. The Replacements, Buck Hill
14. Bash & Pop, Friday Night (Is Killing Me)
15. Soul Asylum, Marionette
16. Hüsker Dü, Terms Of Psychic Warfare
17. The Suicide Commandos, I Need a Torch
18. The Hold Steady, Stay Positive
19. The Jim Jones Revue, Elemental
20. The Exploding Hearts, Boulevard Trash
21. Cheap Time, Permanent Damage
22. The Cramps, Human Fly
23. Sonic Youth, Hot Wire My Heart
24. Archers Of Loaf, Plumb Line
25. Superchunk, Without Blinking
26. The Clash, I Fought The Law
27. The Clash, London's Burning
28. Sex Pistols, Anarchy In The UK
29. The Jam, Man In The Corner Shop
30. Elvis Costello, Less Than Zero
31. Ramones, Teenage Lobotomy
32. Dead Boys, I Need Lunch
33. X, Some Other Time
34. The Saints, Story Of Love

Friday, August 21, 2015

Live Ledge #207: The Good Life

Last Friday, The Good Life released their first album in over seven years. Everybody's Coming Down is one of the year's most anticipated albums, and the band featured the majority of the record in their Sioux Falls appearance earlier this week. To promote the show, leader Tim Kasher (also of Cursive) chatted with me about the band's hiatus, the new record, and the demands of leading two bands.

Along with this interview, tonight's show features nothing but tracks from vinyl purchases of the last few months. While the majority of tracks are of the "new release" variety, there's also a couple of used vinyl finds, and selections from the recently-released box set of Twin Tone-era albums from The Replacements.

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1. The Rolling Stones, Sway
2. The Good Life, Everybody
2. The Good Life, Ad Nausea
4. The Replacements, I'm In Trouble
5. The Replacements, Go
6. The Replacements, Hayday
7. The Replacements, Favorite Thing
8. Traumahelikopter, Last Night I Dreamed I Killed Myself
9. Part Time, I Saw Her Standing There
10. The Resonars, Tomorrow's Gears
11. Tomorrow's Tulips, surplus store
12. Desaparecidos, The Left Is Right
13. Ryan Adams, Cop City
14. Michael Rault, All Alone (On My Own)
15. The Forty Nineteens, Falling Down
16. The Forty Nineteens, Modern Romance
17. Jaill, Got an F
18. Warm Soda, I Wanna Know Her
19. Thee Oh Sees, Web
20. White Reaper, Make Me Wanna Die
21. Guantanamo Baywatch, Jungle Bride
22. Negative Scanner, Criticism
23. France Camp, Memory
24. Superchunk, Hello Hawk
25. Lost Sounds, Better Than Something
26. Jay Reatard, Such A Shame
27. Suburbs, Cigarette In Backwards