Friday, October 24, 2014

Live Ledge #173: Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday. No, I'm not one of those fools that dresses up like a moron and gets shitfaced drunk. I've just always enjoyed the concept of a special day that has absolutely no pressure to deliver. There's no special meal to be prepared and/or devoured. You don't have to read minds on the needs and desires of family members. You simply hand out some cheap candy to neighborhood kids.
This is where I excel. For 364 days of the year, I'm not the best neighbor. I don't attend residential gatherings. I don't meet at the mailbox to discuss the weather or politics. My wanderings around these blocks are always accompanied by ear buds. I'm also the token divorced guy that plays loud music a good portion of the time. Halloween is my night to be a good neighbor, and I make the most of it by purchasing way too much candy. Every kid at my door receives a good handful of treats...and they're good treats. None of that super cheap crap candy no kid has ever liked. 
The day is also the best when it comes to music. While the majority of Christmas music is MOR garbage, most Halloween-inspired tunes are actually pretty great. Especially when it comes to punk, garage rock, and other forms of underground music. Tonight's show marks the fourth year of Halloween-themed episodes, and it's as good as the previous broadcasts. Grab this from the usual sources, or...

1. The Gaslight Anthem, Halloween  
2. Jackie Morningstar, Rockin' In the GraveYard  
3. Billy Taylor, Wombie Zombie  
4. Screaming Lord Sutch, I'm in Love with Dracula's Daughter  
5. Ronnie Dawson, Rockin' Bones  
6. Heil Hipster, Halloween  
7. The Nimrods, I Wanna Be A Groovie Ghoulie  
8. Round Robin, I'm the Wolfman 
9. The Affected, Ghoulies Are Go! 
10. Baby Ghosts, Ghost Boyfriend  
11. Scruffy The Cat, The Ghost Song  
12. The Fall, There's A Ghost In My House  
13. Subculture, Ghost Town Daze  
14. The Creeping Ivies, Ghost World  
15. Nervebreakers, I Wanna Kill You  
16. Nashville Pussy, Till the Meat Falls Off the Bone 
17. Reverend Horton Heat, Zombie 
18. Los Straitjackets, Theme From Halloween  
19. Ramones, You're Gonna Kill That Girl  
20. The Dictators, Slow Death  
21. The Vibrators, Bleed to Death  
22. Jesus Sons, You Put A Spell On Me  
23. Wooden Shjips, Ghouls  
24. Star Chiefs, Zombie Attack  
25. The Ghouls, Monsterbilly Heaven  
26. Groovie Ghoulies, Blood Beach  
27. The Smugglers, Death At Disneyland  
28. Subhumans, Death to the Sickoids  
29. Famous Monsters, Blood of Frankenstein  
30. Pointed Sticks, The Witch  
31. The DeRellas, Kill Me Kill You 
32. Dead Bundy & The Neat Neat Neats, Werewolf In A Girl's Dormitory  
33. OFF!, Death Trip On The Party Train  
34. Memphis Morticians, Dead By Dawn  
35. The Fall-Outs, Zombie 
36. Bad Vision, Flesh, Blood and Bones 
37. The Hares, Ghoul Goes West 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Live #172: Happy Birthday RPR

It's realpunkradio's fifth birthday, and the site has celebrated with a free download! Killing the Record Industry Vol. 5 is a collection of tracks submitted by bands that regularly make the playlist of the various RPR shows, and it's the best of the five releases. Get your copy by clicking HERE!
Besides tracks from that compilation, tonight's show is highlighted by selections from a Norton Records series of 7" singles featuring garage rockers covering the Stones. Fantastic acts such as the Real Kids, Lyres, and The Dirtbombs put their own greasy take on mid-period tracks such as "Under My Thumb", "What to Do", and other tracks. Grab this from the usual sources, or...


1. The Wildhearts, Some Days Just Fucking Suck
2. The Real Kids, Out Of Time
3. Janet St Clair & The Real Kids, Ride On Baby
4. The Little Killers, Think
5. The Dartford Renegades, Off The Hook
6. Thee Shams, Doncha Bother Me
7. Dexter Romweber Duo, Heart Of Stone
8. The Swingin' Neckbreakers, It's Not Easy
9. Lyres, Now I've Got A Witness
10. The Meatmen, Dinosaur
11. The Tremors, My Baby's Gone
12. Dead Bundy & The Neat Neat Neats, Gunslingin' Man
13. Teenage Brain, Insect
14. The DeRellas, She Kissed the Gun
15. Miscalculations, Live With Myself
16. Bad Co. Project, Anthem X
17. DeeCRACKS, Charité Forever
18. Gutter Demons, Guilty
19. The A-Bones, Miss Amanda Jones
20. The's, 19th Nervous Breakdown
21. The Greenhornes, Sad Day
22. Thee Shams, Under My Thumb
23. Black Lips, What To Do
24. The Dirtbombs, No Expectations
25. Sky Saxon & The Seeds, The Singer Not The Song
26. King Khan & BBQ, Flight 505
27. The Flakes, Stupid Girl
28. Violet, Behind Bars in Austin
29. Vertebrats, Left In The Dark
30. The 101'ers, Keys To Your Heart (Pathway Demos 4th March 1976)
31. The Ugly Beats, I'll Walk Away
32. The Undertones, Family Entertainment
33. The Vibrators, London Girls
34. X-Ray Specs, I am a Poseur
35. U.K. Subs, Stranglehold

Friday, October 10, 2014

Live Ledge #171: 1999

Creating entire shows out of a year's worth of releases is generally an easy job, as exemplified by earlier broadcasts dedicated to 1984, 1989, and 1994. This show that consists of nothing but 1999 releases was much tougher than I expected. It simply wasn't a great year for music. The punk and grunge explosions of the earlier part of the decade were a memeory, and the labels were taking back control. Teen pop was starting to pop up, and computer-based production styles were beginning to take over the charts.
Every year has some great music, though, so I was able to fill up my two-hour slot on realpunkradio. Some Americana artists were beginning to widen their scope, as exemplified by Wilco's marvelous Summerteeth album. Other artists such as Tom Waits and Joe Strummer saw comebacks, and Guided By Voices actually utilized a real studio and producer (Rick Ocasek) to create their catchiest album to date.
While there is a dearth of "classics" from that year, I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a few forgotten treasures from 1999. Hopefully, you also find yourself reacquainted with some old faves on this episode. Grab it from iTunes or Stitcher, or...


1. Paul Westerberg, Best Thing That Never Happened
2. Wilco, A Shot in the Arm
3. Alejandro Escovedo, I Was Drunk
4. Drive-By Truckers, Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus)
5. Tom Waits, What's He Building In There?
6. Guided By Voices, Teenage FBI
7. The Velvet Crush, Kill Me Now
8. Grant Hart, Think It Over Now
9. Built To Spill, The Plan
10. Sleater-Kinney, Start Together
11. Supersuckers, The Evil Powers Of Rock 'N' Roll
12. The Fastbacks, Goodbye Bird
13. The White Stripes, Stop Breaking Down
14. Superchunk, Hello Hawk
15. The Promise Ring, The Deep South
16. The Get Up Kids, Red Letter Day
17. The Shods, All Kinds Of Girls
18. The Chesterfield Kings, I'm Not Like Everybody Else
19. Zen Guerrilla, Moonage Daydream
20. The Vindictives, Radio Radio
21. Rancid, Cheat
22. Cracker, White Riot
23. Unwritten Law, The Guns Of Brixton
24. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros, X-Ray Style
25. Mike Ness, Don't Think Twice
26. Mike Ness, Ball And Chain (Honky Tonk)
27. Wesley Willis, Jello Biafra
28. D Generation, Every Mother's Son
29. The Mopes, My Heart Won't Bleed for You
30. Deadly Snakes, Born To Burn
31. The Stitches, Amphetamine Girl

Friday, October 03, 2014

Live Ledge #170: New Releases

Every month begins with a Live Ledge rundown of recent and upcoming releases, and this month is no exception. There's a real treasure chest of new tunes, including full-length albums by Lucinda Williams, Jeff Tweedy, Chuck Prophet, and many more. This week also saw the announcement of the first Rancid album in five years. Honor Is All We Know will come out on October 27, and tonight's broadcast features the three tracks that were released on YouTube.
There's also some great indie music from The Growlers, Ex Hex, King Tuff, along with the returns of Sonny Vincent, The Vaselines, and The A-Bones. Reissues include a previously unreleased version of The Kinks' "Lola", and releases by Crime and Wreckless Eric.
Grab this via the usual sources, including iTunes and Stitcher, or...


1. The Replacements, Going to New York
2. Lucinda Williams, Something Wicked This Way Comes
3. Lucinda Williams, Walk On Down
4. Tweedy, I'll Sing It
5. Chuck Prophet, Ford Econoline
6. The Kinks, Lola Lola
7. Wreckless Eric, It's A Sick Sick World
8. Crime, Terminal Boredom
9. The Mahones, Teenage Kicks
10. Rancid, Collision Course
11. Rancid, Honor Is All We Know
12. Rancid, Evil's My Friend
13. Sonny Vincent and Spite, Dog On the Subway
14. Sonny Vincent and Spite, Sidewalk Cracks
15. Brian Setzer, Vinyl Records
16. The Growlers, Good Advice
17. Superdrag, Simpleton's Make-Believe
18. Ex Hex, Don't Wanna Lose
19. Ex Hex, How You Got That Girl
20. The Vaselines, High Tide Low Tide
21. Spider Bags, We Got Problems
22. The Gotobeds, New York's Alright (If You Like Sex & Phones)
23. King Tuff, Black Holes in Stereo
24. King Tuff, Beautiful Thing
25. The Number Ones, I Wish I Was Lonely
26. The Hares, Song About a Girl
27. Paul Collins, Feel The Noise
28. The Vibrators, Get Me a Beer
29. The A-Bones, Just a Little Bit of You
30. Bleached, Poison Ivy
31. Wand, Flying Golem
32. The Creeps, Leave It To Me
33. Sleaford Mods Pubic Hair Ltd

Friday, September 26, 2014

Live Ledge #169: Replacements Review

Obviously, the September 13 appearance of the Replacements in St. PIaul, Minnesota was a big moment for me. Tonight's episode attempts to relive that evening, as  babble on and on about his experience. Included is a few tracks recorded that evening at Midway Stadium. I also talk about the previous evening's benefit for former Replacements guitarist Slim Dunlap, that included the announcement that Jon Clifford's autographed poster fetched over $5,000 on ebay!
After that, the show becomes another "blog find" episode, where I play tracks from the various online finds of the last few weeks. Included is a wonderful Pretty Things tribute album, a set of all covers, and various other "rawking" tracks.
Grab this episode, or any Ledge episode, from the usual sources - iTunes, Stitcher, or The Ledge app that's available in iTunes or the android store. Or, you can...


1. The Replacements, My Favorite Thing
2. The Replacements, Nowhere Is My Home
3. The Replacements, If Only You Were Lonely
4. The Replacements, Love You Till Friday
5. The Replacements, Unsatisfied
6. The Neighborhoods, Pure And Easy
7. The Neighborhoods, Southern Girls
8. The Creeps, Down At The Nightclub
9. The Richmond Sluts, Service For The Sick
10. The Chesterfield Kings, Rosalyn
11. The Headcoatees, Come And See Me
12. The Hydes, Big City
13. The Disciples, L.S.D
14. New Wave Hookers, Action Satisfaction
15. Jet Set, Jet Set Theme
16. Hellbenders, California Man
17. The Weaklings, One Night Stand
18. The Route 66 Killers, Murder on Beaver Street
19. The Cryptomaniacs, Vampire Bar Fight
20. Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre, Going Back to Memphis
21. Rory Storm and The Hurricanes, Brand New Cadillac
22. The Fevers, All Or Nothing
23. Magic Christian, Out In The Streets
24. Head, I'm Not Like Everyone Else
25. Devil Dogs, Palisades Park
26. Roger Alan Wade, Psycho Bitch From Hell
27. The Bad Companions, I Liked Hank Before You Did
28. The Violent Shifters, 6 Days On The Road
29. Thee Exciters, Spending Cash Talking Trash
30. Big Fuckin Skull, Skulls Dont Cry
31. The Lazy Cowgirls, Bullshit Summer Song

Friday, September 05, 2014

Live Ledge #168: Replacements Covers

It's a big week for fans of the Replacements, Besides the upcoming homecoming show in St, Paul, their first Twin Cities appearance since 1991, word also came down during tonight's show that the band would be appearing on the Jimmy Fallon show this coming Tuesday night.
Tonight's show is an appetizer for the week's festivities, as it's nothing but cover versions of the band's catalog. Every album is represented, culled from a variety of sources including the five tribute albums that have been released so far.
It's the perfect companion show for that trip to Minneapolis this week, and if you make it up on Friday please come to the Parkway Theater. I'll be helping host a benefit party for guitarist Slim Dunlap, which will include a Live Ledge taping, numerous musical performances, and a screening of a special version of Color Me Obsessed. We'll also be giving away Jon Clifford's poster of Slim that's been signed by over 140 dignitaries.
Grab this via the usual sources, or...


Friday, August 29, 2014

Live Ledge #167: New Releases

The new release episode is always the first Friday of the month. With September lined up to be an extremely busy month, though, I've pushed it up a week. Well, actually a couple of days given that the month begins on Monday.
Tonight's episode features a ton of brand new music by the likes of Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams, Benjamin Booker, Ty Segall, and much, much more. It's definitely a great primer for what has been a pretty good summer for garage and roots rock.
Grab this from the usual sources, such as Stitcher or iTunes, or...


1. The Artwoods, I'm Looking For A Saxophonist Doubling French Horn Wearing Size 37 Boots  
2. Lucinda Williams, Burning Bridges
3. Robyn Hitchcock, Somebody To Break Your Heart
4. Cory Branan, The No-Hit Wonder
5. Benjamin Booker, Violent Shiver
6. Sugar Stems, Radio Heartthrob
7. Baby Ghosts, Crash Maybe
8. The Pink Tiles, State Of The Nation
9. The Muffs, Where Did I Go Wrong
10. Sonny, Vincent Part 2 Screw You
11. Deke Dickerson and the Trashmen, Claudette
12. Star Chiefs, Haunt You Honey
13. Dinos Boys, She Cut Me
14. Eureka California, Edith (One Day You'll Live in a Bunker)
15. The Orwells, Let It Burn
16. Twin Peaks, I Found A New Way
17. Gord Downie/The Sadies/The Conquering Sun, Crater
18. Reigning Sound, North Cackalacky Girl
19. Frankie Teardrop, Raiders
20. Wax Witches, Headshave
21. Biters, Saturday Night Cat Fight
22. OBN Ill's, Off The Grid
23. Lebowskis, Radio On
24. The Forty Nineteens, Falling Down
25. Ryan Adams, Change Your Mind
26. Ty Segall, It's Over
27. Street Dogs, We're Still Here
28. The Derellas, Be My Baby
29. The Mutants, Walking Wounded
30. The Boys, I Need You
31. The Dwarves, Trailer Trash
32. The Adolescents, 30 Seconds to Malibu
33. The Darlings, Little Teenage Thing
34. The Number Ones, Sixteen
35. AUSMUTEANTS, No Motivation
36. The Longshots, The Chase
37. The Up All Nights, Sleep Tight Alright