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Commentary: Record Store Day Misconceptions

It's probably no surprise that I love Record Store Day. What's not to love? It's the one (actually, one of two) day of the year that almost everybody in the area with a similar dysfunction gathers together to put a dent in their wallet.

It's such a joyous occasion that I sort of drop the curmudgeon motif for a few hours. I'm downright chipper! And I actually talk to other people! That's certainly not the Scott you love.

As much as I enjoy the couple of hours that I'm a social butterfly, I still have quite a few criticisms of the event. (Yep, that's the real Scott coming back to entertain you.) One problem is the sheer glut of junk that the record labels put out. Most (but not all) picture disc releases are worthless. Many releases that should be out as relatively cheap 7" singles are nonsensically produced on 12" records, and priced accordingly. There's also tons of regular reissues that really could come out at any time during the year.

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