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The Ledge Interview: Cairo Gang's Emmett Kelly

Nobody can say that Emmett Kelly, the leader of The Cairo Gang is a lazy person. Over the course of his career fronting the band, Kelly has also been a hired gun of sorts recording and touring with the likes of Beth Orton, Angel Olsen, Joan of Arc.
Most notably, Kelly has appeared on records by Bonnie “Prince” Billy and Ty Segall, both of whom Kelly considers mentors. In fact, this interview had to be delayed a few days as he was in Kentucky working on the next Bonnie “Prince” Billy record. “It was excellent”, he says. “I’m looking forward to the world hearing it.”
But obviously The Cairo Gang is the main focus of Kelly’s life, especially after the release of the band’s great new record, “Untouchable”. Co-produced with Segall, “Untouchable” is one of the year’s best records, filled with the DNA of rock and roll’s greatest moments. There’s a little bit of Byrds here, some Love over there, and quite a bit of Big Star in the guitar tone. Add in some of Ty’s drive and some catchy melodies …

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