Friday, September 05, 2014

Live Ledge #168: Replacements Covers

It's a big week for fans of the Replacements, Besides the upcoming homecoming show in St, Paul, their first Twin Cities appearance since 1991, word also came down during tonight's show that the band would be appearing on the Jimmy Fallon show this coming Tuesday night.
Tonight's show is an appetizer for the week's festivities, as it's nothing but cover versions of the band's catalog. Every album is represented, culled from a variety of sources including the five tribute albums that have been released so far.
It's the perfect companion show for that trip to Minneapolis this week, and if you make it up on Friday please come to the Parkway Theater. I'll be helping host a benefit party for guitarist Slim Dunlap, which will include a Live Ledge taping, numerous musical performances, and a screening of a special version of Color Me Obsessed. We'll also be giving away Jon Clifford's poster of Slim that's been signed by over 140 dignitaries.
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Friday, August 29, 2014

Live Ledge #167: New Releases

The new release episode is always the first Friday of the month. With September lined up to be an extremely busy month, though, I've pushed it up a week. Well, actually a couple of days given that the month begins on Monday.
Tonight's episode features a ton of brand new music by the likes of Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams, Benjamin Booker, Ty Segall, and much, much more. It's definitely a great primer for what has been a pretty good summer for garage and roots rock.
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1. The Artwoods, I'm Looking For A Saxophonist Doubling French Horn Wearing Size 37 Boots  
2. Lucinda Williams, Burning Bridges
3. Robyn Hitchcock, Somebody To Break Your Heart
4. Cory Branan, The No-Hit Wonder
5. Benjamin Booker, Violent Shiver
6. Sugar Stems, Radio Heartthrob
7. Baby Ghosts, Crash Maybe
8. The Pink Tiles, State Of The Nation
9. The Muffs, Where Did I Go Wrong
10. Sonny, Vincent Part 2 Screw You
11. Deke Dickerson and the Trashmen, Claudette
12. Star Chiefs, Haunt You Honey
13. Dinos Boys, She Cut Me
14. Eureka California, Edith (One Day You'll Live in a Bunker)
15. The Orwells, Let It Burn
16. Twin Peaks, I Found A New Way
17. Gord Downie/The Sadies/The Conquering Sun, Crater
18. Reigning Sound, North Cackalacky Girl
19. Frankie Teardrop, Raiders
20. Wax Witches, Headshave
21. Biters, Saturday Night Cat Fight
22. OBN Ill's, Off The Grid
23. Lebowskis, Radio On
24. The Forty Nineteens, Falling Down
25. Ryan Adams, Change Your Mind
26. Ty Segall, It's Over
27. Street Dogs, We're Still Here
28. The Derellas, Be My Baby
29. The Mutants, Walking Wounded
30. The Boys, I Need You
31. The Dwarves, Trailer Trash
32. The Adolescents, 30 Seconds to Malibu
33. The Darlings, Little Teenage Thing
34. The Number Ones, Sixteen
35. AUSMUTEANTS, No Motivation
36. The Longshots, The Chase
37. The Up All Nights, Sleep Tight Alright

Friday, August 22, 2014

Live Ledge #166: 1994 Again

Not only was last week's tribute to 1994 a lot of fun, there was also quite a few songs that I wasn't able to squeeze into the program. This week I empty the folder of those unused tunes, along with the airing of a handful of request that carry on that same theme. It's definitely a noisier show this time around, highlighted by the likes of Helmet, Shellac, and Jesus Lizard.
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1. American Music Club, It's Your Birthday  
2. Kevin Salem, Lighthouse Keeper  
3. Shane MacGowan & The Popes, That Woman's Got Me Drinking  
4. Frank Black, (I Want To Live On An) Abstract Plain  
5. Dee Dee Ramone, Chinese Bitch  
6. The Cramps, Let's Get Fucked Up 
7. The Fleshtones, Take A Walk With The Fleshtones  
8. Liquor Giants, Stick Around  
9. Backbeat Band, Money (That's What I Want)  
10. Sugar, Your Favorite Thing  
11. Nova Mob, Shoot Your Way To Freedom  
12. Soul Asylum, Can't Even Tell 
13. The Jesus Lizard, Fly on the Wall  
14. Polvo, City Spirit  
15. Shellac, The Admiral  
16. Helmet, Milquetoast  
17. House Of Large Sizes, Sox On Spot 
18. L7, Questioning My Sanity 
19. Drive Like Jehu, Golden Brown  
20. The Insomniacs, Outta Her Mind  
21. The Meices, Daddy's Gone To California
22. Gas Huffer, Mr. Sudbuster  
23. The Zeros, Baby's Gotta Have Her Way
24. The Pleasure Fuckers, Super Real Fuck  
25. Screeching Weasel, Planet Of The Apes  
26. Bad Religion, Stranger Than Fiction  
27. The Queers, We're A Happy Family  
28. Rancid, Salvation  
29. Weezer, In The Garage  
30. Killdozer, Grandma Smith Said A Curious Thing  
31. The Gories, Nitroglycerine  
32. The Devil Dogs, Burnin' Love  
33. Built to Spill, Big Dipper  
34. Johnny Cash, Delia's Gone 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Live Ledge #165: Eddie Spaghetti

Tonight's special interview was with Supersuckers leader Eddie Spaghetti, who will appear in Sioux Falls next Friday night (8/22) at Big's. Eddie talked about the band's new album, Get The Hell, plans for a sequel to 1997's Must've Been High, and various other issues surrounding the band.
The rest of the show is a look back at 1994, the year the Supersuckers released La Mano Cornuda. It was also one of the last year's that the record industry focused more on records than industry. The label consolidations that tore apart the business were still a few years away, and the management-created rise of boy bands were not yet the main mission of the promotion departments. Labels were still tossing money to bands with a bit of an edge, with the result being that acts such as the Meat Puppets actually had an impact on the charts.
Tonight is part one of two shows devoted to the year, and it's admittedly more commercial than a normal Live Ledge. Tune in next week for a noisier set of tracks from 1994. 
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1. Supersuckers, On The Couch
2. Supersuckers, Creepy Jackalope Eye
3. Supersuckers, She's My Bitch
4. Todd Snider, Alright Guy
5. The Bottle Rockets, Radar Gun
6. Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon, Love Me I'm A Liberal
7. Meat Puppets, We Don't Exist
8. PJ Harvey, Down By The Water
9. Hole, Jennifers Body
10. Liz Phair, Supernova
11. The Jesus & Mary Chain, Sometimes Always
12. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Do You Love Me?
13. Sonic Youth, Bull In The Heather
14. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Ditch
15. Sebadoh, Not Too Amused
16. The`Figgs, Slow Down
17. Velvet Crush, Hold Me Up
18. Pavement, Cut Your Hair
19. Guided By Voices, I Am A Scientist
20. Archers Of Loaf, Freezing Point
21. Superchunk, Driveway to Driveway
22. Small 23, Mona Skips Breakfast
23. Jawbreaker, Boxcar
24. Jawbox, Breathe
25. Unwound, What Was Wound
26. The Wrens, From His Lips
27. The Fall-Outs, Away for Awhile
28. Reverend Horton Heat, Baddest Of The Bad

Friday, August 01, 2014

Live Ledge #164: Ian Astbury

Last week's episode featured an interview with Jason Isbell that was tragically cut short due to his busy schedule. Tonight's episode is the exact opposite.
My interview with Ian Astbury of The Cult was slotted for the usual fifteen minutes or so, but Astbury appeared to warm up to my early questions regarding his time following around Crass. From there, it was a freeform conversation about punk, classic rock, The Doors, Rick Rubin, Lakota culture, and so much more. It was a pretty fascinating conversation, and I hope you also enjoy it.
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1. The Cult, Rain
2. The Cult, The Wolf
3. The Cult, Love Removal Machine
4. Angel City, Can't Shake It
5. The Lyres, Don't Give It Up Now
6. The Cramps, New Kind Of Kick
7. Crass, A Rock 'n' Roll Swindler
8. Siouxsie & The Banshees, Helter Skelter (Live 1983)
9. X, True Love
10. The Ramones, Psycho Therapy
11. Hüsker Dü, Pink Turns To Blue
12. Soul Asylum, Draggin Me Down
13. The Replacements, Color Me Impressed
14. Suburbs, Rattle My Bones
15. No Direction, I Don't Ever Think About You

Friday, July 25, 2014

Live Ledge #163: Jason Isbell

As much as I love my little side gig writing for the local paper, it's rare that I get to interview artists that I truly care about. Most of my assignments fall into two categories - has-been classic rockers and pretty boy country hicks. Sometimes they're still interesting, and I do my best with the material they provide me, but I always long to chat to acts that I actually listen to in the privacy of my home.
This week, I had one of those rare opportunities. I've been a fan of Jason Isbell since his days in the Drive-By Truckers, and last year's Southeastern was one of my favorite records of the year. As soon as he was booked to play in our little city on July 29, I let my editor understand that I just had to talk to him.
It almost didn't happen, though, as Isbell was travelling in Canada last week and didn't have cell service. I made some arrangements to get an extension on my story, and he was finally able to squeeze in ten minutes this past Monday. While I'd obviously have liked to chat longer, I was pleased to get even a few minutes of his time.
The article was published on Thursday, along with a full-length version of the Q&A, which you can find here. Tonight's show includes a recording of that conversation, along with a couple of tracks from Southeastern. The rest of the show consists primarily of recently-released great Americana-ish artists, along with some old favorites.
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1. Jason Isbell, Super 8  
2. Jason Isbell, Songs That She Sang In The Shower  
3. Drive-By Truckers, The Day John Henry Died  
4. Hard Working Americans, Welfare Music  
5. The Bottle Rockets, Trailer Mama  
6. Uncle Tupelo, I Got Drunk  
7. Whiskeytown, Drank Like A River 
8. The Jayhawks, Big Star 
9. Centro-Matic, Academy of Lunkers  
10. Buddy Miller & Jim Lauderdale, Vampire Girl  
11. Lydia Loveless, Really Wanna See You 
12. Nikki Lane, Sleep With A Stranger 
13. Hurray For The Riff Raff, I Know It's Wrong (But That's Alright)  
14. The Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Motorhead Girl  
15. Lone Justice, Working Man's Blues  
16. Lucinda Williams, Real Live Bleeding Fingers & Broken Guitar Strings 
17. Old 97's, Let's Get Drunk & Get It On 
18. Two cow Garage, The Little Prince and Johnny Toxic 
19. Deer Tick, The Dream's In The Ditch  
20. The Del Lords, When the Drugs Kick In 
21. Supersuckers, Roadworn And Weary 
22. Steve Earle, Creepy Jackalope Eye  
23. Jonny Two Bags, One Foot In The Gutter 
24. The Replacements, Battleship Chains  
25. Jason & The Scorchers, White Lies  
26. Green On Red, No Free Lunch 
27. Hickoids, If Drinkin Don't Kill Me, Kill Me 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Live Ledge #162: Tommy Ramone

With the death of Tommy Ramone, we no longer have any living members of one of the greatest bands in the world. That's a shame. Tonight's episode is a tribute to the man, and the band. There are covers by other artists, covers of others by Tommy, tribute songs about the man and the band, and a few songs by artists influenced by The Ramones.
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1. Tommy Ramone, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
2. Ramones, Rockaway Beach
3. Ramones, Teenage Lobotomy
4. Ramones, Blitzkrieg Bop
5. Ramones, I Wanna Be Well
6. Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio), Rock 'n' Roll High School
7. Tony Reflex (Adolescents), Cretin Hop
8. Banjoey Ramone, The KKK Took My Baby Away
9. The Clash, What's My Name
10. Redd Kross, Frosted Flake
11. Sex Pistols, Dolls (New York)
12. The Replacements, Kiss Me On The Bus
13. The Replacements, California Sun
14. Tommy Ramone, If Only You Were Lonely
15. Hüsker Dü, Something I Learned Today
16. Bob Mould, Fire In The City
17. The Junkyard Dogs, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
18. The Vapids, Tommy Ramone
19. The Fleshtones, Remember The Ramones
20. Mental Boy, She Likes The Ramones
21. The Havenots, I Love Her And She Loves The Ramones
22. Latex Novelties, I Don't Wanna Look Like No Ramone
23. The Queers, I Don't Care
24. The Paley Brothers & Ramones, Come On Let's Go
25. Full Blown Cherry, Rockaway Beach
26. Pit Ryan & The Beerbones, I Remember You
27. Jonathon E, Blitzkrieg Bop
28. Wardogs, Blitzkrieg Bop
29. Shonen Knife, Beat On The Brat
30. Danko Jones, The Return Of Jackie And Judy
31. Joey Ramone, What A Wonderful World