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My Day With "Sgt. Pepper"

“Sgt. Pepper” may be the most critically-acclaimed record ever released.
Yet it’s not the best Beatles album. In fact, it barely makes the top five. “Rubber Soul”, “Revolver”, and “The White Album” are better records. A strong case can also be made for “Abbey Road”. Personally, I’ll put “Help” above it, and on certain days I’ll even prefer “A Hard Day’s Night”.
“Sgt. Pepper” is, however, the band’s most important achievement.
How is that possible? If it’s not their magnum opus, how could it possibly of any greater significance? Simple. It changed the concept of what an album represents or how it’s created. An album was no longer just a collection of 10-14 songs randomly tossed together with little thought to ebb and flow.
“Tommy” would not have existed without “Pepper”. Nor would “Dark Side of the Moon”, “Born to Run”, “London Calling”. Beyonce’s “Lemonade” was created as a real album, which is precisely why she’s in a different world than the vast majority of today’s pop stars.
Of cour…

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