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The Ledge #415: Love Kills

You really didn't expect a "real" Valentine's Day special tonight, right? I mean, come on, a Ledge episode filled with corny love songs? Of course not.

No no no. I went the opposite direction with tonight's very special episode. With the exception of the opening track (hey, I absolutely have to play "Valentine" by The Replacements), tonight's selections are songs of bitter despair. Divorce and other kinds of breakups. Love gone wrong. Love that kills!

In some respects, the majority of tonight's tracks is a precursor to the Rural Ledge-ucation show that used to air on RPR every Sunday morning. There's over an hour of Americana and singer/songwriter selections, and that's simply because those are the artists that know how to sing about heartbreak.

But the last 45 minutes or so are filled with the more typical tunes heard on the show. The Clash, The Buzzcocks, Husker Du, before ending with the admittedly obvious Public Image LTD. tune &quo…

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