Friday, April 18, 2014

Live Ledge #152: Fantasy Festival (Pt. 1)

After uploading last week's show, I plopped myself down on my couch and fired up my AppleTV. The first night of Coachella had commenced a few hours earlier, and The Replacements were scheduled to hit the stage around 10:45 central time. There had been some conflicting information as to whether their set would be broadcast on YouTube, but a ton of Westernerds sat on social media together and hoped for the best.
Instead, we got the worst. The absolute worst. Yes, I did get to see a blistering set by The Afghan Whigs, but after that it was beyond dismal. Somebody please explain to me the appeal of electronic music. I just don't get it. (Yes, I know I'm old.)
Angered by this turn of events, I decided that for tonight's show I would create my own music festival. Since it's a fantasy, I also decided that anybody in the history of rock and roll is eligible for a spot. Everybody is alive in this scenario, so Joe Strummer is back on stage with The Clash. Lou Reed is still performing unreleased Velvet Underground tunes. Johnny Thunders is causing chaos by grabbing that last hit almost an hour after he was due on stage.
Not only is everybody still alive, but their performance reflects my favorite time of their career. David Bowie is onstage around the Ziggy Stardust era, not the cleancut Let's Dance years of hits. Elvis Costello has just formed the Attractions, and Grant Hart and Bob Mould are at their Zen Arcade height.
With these rules, I had way too many artists selected, so I have expanded this theme for next week's show. Think of this show as day one of the Hudson Live Ledge Festival, and next week we'll conclude the circus.
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1. The Replacements, Takin' a Ride
2. Chuck Berry, Let It Rock
3. Jerry Lee Lewis, Mean Woman Blues
4. Johnny Burnette, Tear It Up
5. Gene Vincent, Race With The Devil
6. Eddie Cochran, Twenty Flight Rock (Version 1)
7. Downliners Sect, Beautiful Delilah
8. The Kinks, Who'll Be The Next In Line
9. MC5, Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa)
10. Lou Reed, I Can't Stand It
11. David Bowie, Hang On To Yourself
12. Blondie, Hanging On The Telephone
13. Devo, Satisfaction (I Can't Get No)
14. Dead Boys, Sonic Reducer
15. The Heartbreakers, Born to Lose
16. The Exploding Hearts, Modern Kicks
17. F-Units, Psycho Urgency Rock Addiction
18. Descendents, I'm The One
19. Jawbreaker, Boxcar
20. The Clash, Jail Guitar Doors
21. The Damned, Neat Neat Neat
22. The Jam, All Around The World
23. The Buzzcocks, Harmony In My Head
24. Meteors, She Screams Out My Name
25. The Cramps, New Kind Of Kick
26. Alex Chilton, Can't seem to make you mine
27. Cheap Trick, Southern Girls
28. Graham Parker, Saturday Nite Is Dead
29. Elvis Costello, No Action
30. The Jesus & Mary Chain, Just Like Honey
31. Hüsker Dü, Pink Turns To Blue
32. Archers Of Loaf, Wrong
33. Circle Jerks, Put A Little Love In Your Heart
34. Babes In Toyland, Sweet '69
35. Bikini Kill, Rebel Girl
36. The Faces, Had Me A Real Good Time

Friday, April 11, 2014

Live Ledge #151: Record Company Weasels

This genesis of this show started about a month ago when my alarm clock went off at 6:00 am. You see, I have an unused iTouch, so awhile back I purchased one of those iHome contraptions.
On this particular morning, the track that woke me up was "Top of the Pops" by the Kinks, a wonderful little piece of snark that pokes at the late 60's British music industry. Hmmmm, I thought that morning, this could be a good Ledge theme. So I took it to Facebook and the Postcard music list to get some ideas, and tonight is the result of not only those suggestions but some further research.
It's actually a perfect night to complain about record company idiots, as last night those exact types of people enshrined non-rockers such as Hall & Oates and Cat Stevens in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The likes of Patti Smith, The Clash, Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, and so many more are included in tonight's festivities, and there's even a twang set featuring Robbie Fulks, Kathleen Edwards, and a few others with their perspectives.
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1. The Patti Smith Group, So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star
2. The Kinks, Top Of The Pops
3. The Kinks, The Moneygoround
4. The Replacements, Talent Show
5. Chris Mars, Radio Hook Word Hit  
6. The Clash, Complete Control
7. The Clash, Capital Radio Two
8. Sex Pistols, EMI
9. Dead Kennedys, Pull My Strings
10. Minor Threat, Cashing In
11. ALL, Empty
12. Robbie Fulks, Fuck This Town
13. Kathleen Edwards, One More Song The Radio Won't Like
14. Supersuckers, The Captain
15. Dan Baird, Younger Face
16. Mudhoney, Generation Spokesmodel
17. The mr. t experience, I Wrote A Book About Rock And Roll
18. NOFX, Dinosaurs Will Die
19. Graham Parker & The Rumour, Mercury Poisoning
20. Nick Lowe, I Love My Label
21. Rockpile, They Called It Rock
22. Elvis Costello, Radio Radio
23. The Nervebreakers, Hijack the Radio
24. Hot Snakes, Kreative Kontrol
25. The Ramones, This Business Is Killing Me
26. Stiff Little Fingers, Rough Trade
27. The Saints, Know Your Product
28. The Rezillos, Top Of The Pops
29. Poster Children, MusicOfAmerica
30. The Records, Starry Eyes
31. Wild Man Fischer, Music Business Shark
32. The Replacements, Treatment Bound (Alternate Version)

Friday, April 04, 2014

Live Ledge #150: New Releases

It's really been a great year for new music, which makes these First Friday Live Ledge episodes really easy to put together. Tonight's collection includes recently released tracks by artists such as The Baseball Project, Peter Buck, The Hold Steady, and Stiff Little Fingers, along with previews of upcoming records by Old 97's, Afghan Whigs, Bob Mould, and Off!
Also included is the world premiere of a brand new track by Minneapolis rockers High on Stress. Their upcoming album, Leaving Mpls., was funded through kickstarter (including a contribution from me), and will be released in early May. Future Live Ledge episodes will include more tracks from the album.
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1. Joseph Arthur, Walk On the Wild Side
2. The Baseball Project, 13
3. The Baseball Project, The Day That Doc Went Hunting
4. Peter Buck, (You Must Fight To Live) On The Planet Of The Apes
5. Peter Buck, Ride That Road
6. High On Stress, Windy City Endings
7. Hart Lake Mystery, Innver Voices
8. Curtiss A, Call My Name  
9. Bill Dankert and The Real Austinaires, Drop Down  
10. The Afghan Whigs, Parked Outside
11. Old 97's, Longer Than You've Been Alive
12. Bob Mould, Hey Mr. Grey  
13. The Hold Steady, The Only Thing
14. The Hold Steady, Records & Tapes
15. OFF!, Void You Out
16. OFF! Red White and Black
17. OFF!, Legion of Evil
18. OFF!, No Easy Escape
19. Jonny Two Bags Then You Stand Alone
20. Jonny Two Bags,, One Foot In The Gutter
21. Stiff Little Fingers, Liar's Club
22. Stiff Little Fingers, Full Steam Backwards
23. I Am The Avalanche, Two Runaways
24. Fucked Up, Disorder Year of the Dragon
25. The Coathangers, Shut Up
26. Jesus Sons, I Wanna Be Your Man
27. Brody Dalle, Don't Mess With Me  
28. The Creeping Ivies, What Would Joey Ramone Do?
29. HEIL HIPSTER, Menage a Trois
30. The Runaways, I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are
31. Little You Little Me, Yer Skin
32. The Baseballs, My Baby Left Me for A DJ

Friday, March 21, 2014

Live Ledge #149: RIP Scott Asheton

The music world lost another legend this last Sunday, as Stooges drummer Scott Asheton passed away due to an unspecified illness at the age of 64. Tonight's show pays tribute to Asheton, consisting primarily of covers of the Stooges. The artists come from all over the world, including Sweden (Nomads, Hellacopters), Australia (Radio Birdman, Feedtime), and the UK (Sex Pistols). There's also a set that consists of bands that Asheton worked with during the Stooge's 1974-2003 hiatus (Sonic's Rendezvous Band, Destroy All Monsters, Sonny Vincent).
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1. The Stooges, Search And Destroy
2. Uncle Tupelo, I Wanna Be Your Dog
3. Alejandro Escovedo, I Wanna Be Your Dog
4. The Feelies, Real Cool Time
5. The Fuzztones, Down On The Street
6. Exploding White Mice, Down On The Street
7. These Immortal Souls, Open Up & Bleed
8. Feedtime, Ann
9. Sex Pistols, No Fun
10. The Black Keys, No Fun
11. Joey Ramone, 1969
12. Mission Of Burma, 1970
13. Sonic's Rendezvous Band, Dangerous
14. Destroy All Monsters, You're Gonna Die
15. Sonny Vincent and His Rat Race Choir, Roky
16. Iggy And The Stooges, Kill City
17. Iggy And The Stooges, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell
18. Iggy and The Stooges, Sex & Money
19. Misfits, I Got A Right
20. Dictators, Search and Destroy
21. Radio Birdman, TV Eye
22. D-Generation, I Got Nothing
23. Pansy Division, Loose
24. 7 Year Bitch, Shake Appeal
25. The Hellacopters, I Got a Right
26. The Nomads, Real Cool Time
27. Iggy and the Stooges, Louie Louie

Friday, March 14, 2014

Live Ledge #148: Compilations

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite music blogs, Ramone To the Bone, unleashed a giant compilation mix (All About Girls, Vol. 2) featuring primarily unknown punk band s playing songs about the ladies. Inspired by the great quality of so many of these tracks, I decided to put together a show based around nothing but various artists records of these sorts.
Too bad I ended up having little time for tracks from this collection. Who knew that in recent weeks I had gathered so many other compilatons? The show begins with acoustic covers of primarily punk favorites (PV Undercover) before spinning tracks from a new Doors tribute record (A Psych Tribute to The Doors) and some great garage rock from a relatively old blog find (The Rebel Kind).
From there, we head all over the globe, stopping in Wisconsin (Radio Ready Wisconsin: Lost Power Pop Hits 1979-1982), Canada (Sympathetic Sounds of Montreal), Texas (Deep In the Throat of Texas), before heading to London for some fairly obscure blasts from the early days of the legendary punk rock scene (Punk 45, Volume 2). Finally, a couple of All About Girls tracks makes the playlist, but the rest of the planned material from this album must wait for another day.
As always, grab this from the usual sources, or...


1. Alturos, Rock N Roll Girl
2. Fighting Fiction, Oliver's Army
3. VRGNS, Attitude
4. The Flatliners, Maximum Piss & Vinegar
5. Camera, People Are Strange
6. Psychic Ills, Love Me Two Times
7. The Black Angels, Soul Kitchen
8. The Nomads, Have Love Will Travel
9. Fuzztones, Ward 81
10. Miracle Workers, Infected With You
11. The Long Ryders, And She Rides
12. Sidewalks, Whoever Said That You Was Cool
13. The Haskels, Daddy's Girl
14. The Minors, Another Stupid Love Song
15. Spooner, You're The Lucky One
16. Valiants, Shake Baby Shake
17. The Cheating Hearts, Horse Fever Blues
18. Stack O'Lees, Masked Marvel
19. The Sunday Sinners, Loretta Lynn
20. BBQ, Debra Lee
21. AK47, The Badge Means You Suck
22. Really Red, Corporate Settings
23. The Next, Mr.Wonderful
24. Uncalled 4, Grind Her Up
25. Vast Majority, God's Groin
26. Mekons, 32 Weeks
27. The Users, Sick of You
28. The Jermz, Powercut
29. Now, Development Corporations
30. Swell Maps, Real Shocks
31. The Scabs, Leave Me Alone
32. The Nerves, TV Adverts
33. The Killjoys, Johnny Doesn't Want to Go To Heaven
34. The Sheckies, She Kicked Me Off Facebook
35. The Havenots, I Love Her And She Loves The Ramones

Friday, March 07, 2014

Live Ledge #147: New Releases

Generally speaking, I don't spend a lot of time these days describing the contents of the shows. I upload them, and write a paragraph or two, and hope that people discover and enjoy them.
While this week's show is another of my monthly broadcasts dedicated to new releases, it's also a bit more special than usual. This is immediately evident with the first track, Matthew Ryan's "An Anthem For the Broken". Besides being a teaser for his upcoming still-to-be titled album which also features Kevin Salem and Brian Fallon (Gaslight Anthem) on guitars, this uplifting track is a benefit for a friend in need. As Ryan says on his webiste, "my friend John (Anderson) is nearing the final stages of his battle with ALS. John and his wife repesent a lot of us to our circle they have been a center. Now not only are they emotionally distressed by the changes in what the future and the present would be, they are also under the gigantic and daunting financial pressures ALSO brings." Please spend the buck it costs for this track, as all money raised goest to the Andersons.
After Ryan's emotional song, the show moves on to another old friend in need. Many past shows have documented Slim Dunlap's ongoing needs after his devastating stroke. Last November saw the release of the entire Songs For Slim series, but his friends haven't stopped helping the former Replacements' guitarist. In December, Slim Town Singles began issuing a weekly release. I played five wonderful contributions tonight, and each of these songs are available for the cost of whatever you decide to contribute. Please do.
One of those bands, High on Stress, are currently in the studio putting the final touches on their fourth album, Leaving Mpls. They recently put together a Kickstarter campaign to help with the final sessions and post-production of the record, so check their site for further information on how you can help.
Thanks to my good buddy, Jason Loeb, I was also able to debut the first releases on the Merge Records 25th Anniversary subscription series. Along with new songs by Superchunk and Mikal Cronin, these first seven-inches include a Neil Young cover by Mount Moriah and Mountain Goats remaking Ozzy Osbourne's "Shot In the Dark".
There's also recent releases by Drive-By Truckers, Habibi, Johnny Foreigner, Minneapolis legend Johnny Rey, and The Men, along with teasers of upcoming records by Fucked Up, Cloud Nothings, and Black Lips.
Oh yeah, one more important thing happened tonight. My good friend Jools came into the chat from Asia, and informed me that Live Ledge has been banned in Thailand! That's the coolest thing ever!
There's many ways to listen to tonight's show. You can download my app, The Ledge, in iTunes or the Android store. You can subscribe to The Ledge in iTunes. You can stream it in Stitcher, or play it on the Stitcher box on the side of this page. Or...


Here's tonight's playlist:

1. Matthew Ryan, An Anthem for the Broken
2. Mammy Nuns, Slim Songs  
3. The Mad Ripple, Sworn Member of the Slim Dunlap Club
4. The Bluefields, When Things Was Cheap
5. The Bremen Riot, Big Star Big
6. High On Stress, Little Shiva  
7. Johnny Rey, And Then She Was Gone
8. Drive-By Truckers, Grandpa Rock City
9. Cheap Girls, New Madrid
10. Courtney Barnett, Lance Jr.
11. Habibi, Far From Right
12. Johnny Foreigner, Stop Talking About Ghosts
13. Sultan Bathery, Satellite
14. Superchunk, Good Morning
15. Mount Moriah, Revolution Blues
16. Mountain Goats, Shot in the Dark
17. Mikal Cronin, Takin' it Easy
18. The Men, Different Days
19. The Men, Dark Waltz
20. Black Lips, Smiling
21. Black Lips, Drive By Buddy
22. Cloud Nothings, Now Here
23. Cloud Nothings, I'm Not Part Of Me
24. Eagulls, Nerve Endings
25. New Coke, I Am Drunk I Have A Gun I Want Names
26. Fucked Up, I Wanna Be A Yank
27. Fucktard, Ladder of Pigs
28. Geri X, Love Her Madly
29. The Raveonettes, The End
30. The Art Attacks, Neutron Bomb

Friday, February 28, 2014

Live Ledge #146: Blog Finds

Not only do I scour local and reginal record stores for new music, but I also spend way too much time checking out various blogs. I'm a big fan of the types of blogs that "rescue" forgotten, long out-of-print albums, or those that feature live recordings of my favorite bands.
In the past, many of these "blog finds" have been a part of my monthly "new release" episodes. A sort of filler, I guess. Lately, though, there have been enough new tunes that I've been forced to ignore these other types of new items. Tonight rectifies that problem, as the entire show consists of rarities found on various blogs. There's plenty of revved-up covers of old classics, along with reunions, live tracks, side projects, and a good half hour or so of female rock 'n' roll.
Oh yeah, I take a few minutes to talk about the uselessness of Facebook, especially when they're used to take private fights into a public forum.
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1. Mark Lanegan, Satellite of Love
2. Scruffy the Cat, You Dirty Rat
3. Grand Champeen, Paid Vacation
4. Sand Rubies, (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone
5. The Doughboys, Route 66
6. Rachael Gordon, Rock'n'Roll Girl
7. Love Me Nots, Karen (Get Yourself Out)
8. Thee Headcoatees, Don't Wanna Hold Your Hand
9. Blaire Bitch Project, Shut The Fuck Up
10. Demolition Girl And The Strawberry Men, Punk Is Dead
11. The Bangs, Chocolate Cobwebs
12. Holly Golightly, Run Cold
13. The Friggs, Bad Word for a Good Thing
14. The Maybellines, No Jive
15. The Bobbyteens, Baby Doll
16. The Pristeens, Wild Man
17. Question Mark And The Mysterians, Satisfaction
18. Rolling Stones, Reelin' And Rockin'
19. Screaming Lord Sutch, London Rocker
20. Nozems, Wasted Time
21. The Nimrods, I Wanna Be A Groovie Ghoulie
22. The Art Attacks, I Am A Dalek
23. The Slickee Boys, What Ya Gonna Do 'Bout It
24. Dirty Face, Too Young
25. The Replacements, He's A Whore
26. The Replacements, Some Kind Of Wonderful
27. The Replacements, Nowhere Man
28. Paul Westerberg, Live Forever
29. Pipeline Pete, I'm in Trouble
30. The Hitmen, Kicks Right Now
31. London Cowboys, Girl That I Love
32. Hijackers, When I Get Home
33. Cheap Trick, California Man
34. The Last, She Loves
35. Untamed Youth, Hey Elly May
36. The Jesus and Mary Chain, Head On