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Live Ledge #292: The Cairo Gang

Earlier this week, I published portions of my interview with Emmett Kelly, the leader of The Cairo Gang. Tonight's Live Ledge features the entire interview, along with music from tourmates CFM. Both bands will be in Sioux Falls tomorrow night (June 24).

The rest of the show is musically similar to those two bands, including tracks from the latest Ty Segall album that features both Kelly and CFM leader Charles Moothart. The latest controversy surrounding Warm Soda/Dream Machine leader Matthew Melton is also a topic, and the show winds up with a few bands that have also played Total Drag in recent months.

Grab this from the usual sources, or click that little player on the left side of this site. Or...


1. The Cairo Gang, Broken Record
2. The Cairo Gang, In the Heart of Her Heart
3. The Cairo Gang, What Can You Do?
4. The Cairo Gang, Be What You Are
5. CFM, Lethal Look
6. CFM, Rise and Fall
7. CFM, Dead Weight
8. Ty Segall, Break A Guitar
9. Ty …

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