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Live Ledge #355: Gorman Bechard's Sarah Shook Documentary

It's always a pleasure to chat with my friend Gorman Bechard. The director of films about the Replacements, Grant Hart, Lydia Loveless, and the Archers of Loaf concert video has another new movie available for rent or purchase. This time the subject is the great Sarah Shook and her band, The Disarmers. "What It Takes: Film En Douze Tableaux" documents the creation of Sarah's latest Bloodshot album, "What It Takes"; a record that's destined to be in the upper portions of my best of list for the year.

Gorman talks about how he discovered Shook, why he made this movie, and provided plenty of other tidbits about the creation of this film. Did you know that one of the band members was naked during their interview segments? That's the kind of exclusive info you get from a Live Ledge interview.

We also get updates on other upcoming projects, including the Jay Bennett project and the long-awaited documentary on New Haven pizza. And like he always does, Bec…

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