Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lisa's Blog - STP doing some lip synching last night at PNC Pavilion?

Lisa's Blog - STP doing some lip synching last night at PNC Pavilion?

Talk was rampant at the show last night about lip synching and playing to an audio track or two...and the talk was only exacerbated when Scott Weiland fell on stage, yet oddly enough, still managed to sing through it in perfect pitch!
So, I didn't see the fall. I must've fallen down at the same time. No, just kidding...I had gone to grab a beer. But I heard about it when I got back to my seat. And apparently, he fell really hard. Yet somehow sang through the fall, never missing a beat...and it was all pitch-perfect. His voice never wavered.
That's interesting...because I fall down a lot. And I know when I do it, there is some form of accompanying audio...usually an expletive...but most always a grunt, groan or, depending on how bad it hurt, a giggle or two. But not Scott Weiland. Being the consummate professional he is, he didn't even so much as falter with his lyrics. I looked for it on YouTube today, but so far, there isn't any video of his great fall...Anybody got it? I'd love to see it and judge for myself what happened.
Later, during another song (can't remember which one!) it was pointed out to me that "the CD is skipping" by a man in front of me who had visibly lost a tooth at some point in his life...perhaps when Scott Weiland fell? Anyway, he continued to yell this and point at the stage...which made me pause for a moment and listen. Truth be told, I DID hear something "skip"...something in the the drummer screwed up and missed a beat or two. It was definitely obvious. Yet the band kept going like nothing happened. Anyone else hear that stuff last night??
Either way, as I pointed out to my friend in need of a tooth, I was still a happy concert goer. I told him if I was going to enjoy seeing anyone doing "Stone Temple Pilots karaoke" on was going to be Stone Temple Pilots. Lip synching, using tracks or whatever, Scott Weiland and crew still know how to perform and I still had a great time.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Ledge, Episode 36: Random Crap

Because I made a weekend trip to Minneapolis to see the Twins play the Angels, I didn't have the usual time to focus on a huge them for this episode. Instead, I just compiled a bunch of the new and old music I've acquired the past few weeks, including items from my extended visit to Roadrunner Records in the Uptown area.

Tune in to Realpunkradio this Friday at 8 pm central time to hear a streamed version of the show, or download it here. As always, you can also access it through iTunes, or via the android Ledge app.

1. Paul Westerberg, MPLS from 2003's Dead Man Shake

2. Bare Wires, Seeking Love from Seeking Love

3. Jaill, One the Beat from That's How We Burn

4. The Friends Inside, Where Are You Sleeping from A Real Cool Time Revisited: Swedish Punk, Pop and Garage Rock 1982 - 1989

5. Screaming Dizbusters, This Ain't The Summer of Love from A Real Cool Time Revisited

6. Brian Jonestown Massacre, That Girl Suicide from Spacegirl and Other Favorites

7. Derek Lyn Plastic, She's Got a UTI from Something In the Water

8. Best Coast, Each and Everyday from Crazy For You

9. Admiral Radley, I'm All Fucked on Beer from I Heart California

10. The Wrens, Crescent from Dear New Orleans

11. Paul collins, Don't Blame Your Troubles On Me from King of Power Pop

12. Code Blue, Modern Times from S/T debut

13. The Raincoats, Fairytale in the Supermarket from s/t debut

14. The Creeps, She's Gone from A Real Cool Time Revisited

15. The Slammers, Don't Push Me Around from A Real Cool Time Revisited

16. The Jim Jones Revue, Big Hunk o'Love from Here to Save Your Soul EP

17. Mystery Girls, Autumn turns to Fall from Something In the Water

18. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Afro from Extra Width/Mo' Width

19. The Guards, Resolution of One from new mastered version of S/T EP

20. Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus from 1969 S/T

21. The Tidal Waves, Action (Speaks Louder Than Words) from Where You Gonna Go? (Motor City Garage Bands 1965 - 1969)

22. T.Rex, Honey Don't from Spaceball - The American Radio Sessions

23. Iggy Pop, I Wanna Be Your Dog from California Hitch-hike SF '79

24. Maryland Cookies, Don't Lie To Me from A Real Cool Time Revisited

25. Sator, Pigvalley Beach from A Real Cool Time Revisited

26. Grinderman, Heathen from Grinderman 2

27. Dax riggs, Gravedirt On My Blue Suede Shoes from Say Goodnight To the World

28. 99ers, Minnesota Boy from Minnesota Day

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Ledge, Episode 35: Guest Host Craig Ellerbroek

Twenty-one years ago, I was running a little record store in Aberdeen, SD. Every week or so, I'd receive a box of product from our Sioux Falls location, which occasionally included a new publication called Tempest. As much as I appreciated the existence of an independent voice in my hometown, I felt there was room for a bit of passionate snark in the music section.
I wrote a letter to the magazine, and was pleasantly surprised to be invited to participate. There began an eleven-year association with Tempest, with most of those years holding the title as Music Editor. More importantly, I gained quite a few long-term friends, most notably publisher Craig Ellerbroek.
While Ellerbroek sold Tempest in the late 90's, we remained pals, and would routinely meet up at local shows or little gatherings at his home. It was at one such small gathering that the genesis for The Ledge came about. While quite a few silly ideas come out of whiskey-cokes, this was one that actually received further thought and this past December came to fruition.
Obviously, when the concept of guest hosts came about this past spring, Ellerbroek was one of the first that came to mind. This week, he finally made the journey to The Ledge Studios, bringing along with him his favorite early 80's quirky power pop tunes that continue to influence him to this day. Drinks were poured, old stories were shared, and music was heard at loud volume. The way life should be every day.
Ellerbroek will be back in a few weeks for a second episode, this time devoted to the music that was our lifeline during the Tempest days. The music that we covered; the bands that we saw at the Pomp Room (and other venues); the tunes that were the soundtrack to long, long nights creating a magazine that actually had an impact on Sioux Falls culture.
As always, there are numerous ways to listen to this episode (and the 34 that came before it). Subscribe via iTunes, tune in to this Friday at 8 pm central time, or download it here.

Here's the tracklist:

1. Clash, (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais

2. The Jam, Going Underground

3. Squeeze, If I Didn't Love You

4. Split Enz, Never Ceases to Amaze Me

5. Mental As Anything, Ready For You Now

6. XTC, No Thugs In Our House

7. Gang of Four, Return the Gift

8. The Boomtown Rats, Never Bite the Hand That Feeds

9. The Kingbees, My Mistake

10. The Producers, Dear John

11. The Sinceros, Take Me To Your Leader

12. The Vapors, Waiting For the Weekend

13. The Vipers, Cheated and Lied

14. Rockpile, When I Write The Book

15. Ry Cooder, Look at Granny Run Run

16. Suburbs, Spring Came

17. The Flamin' Oh's, That's Just Fine With Me

18. The Replacements, Favorite Thing

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Ledge, Episode 34: Drugs

The illicit side of life has always been a part of rock 'n' roll, so here's two hours of some of my favorite odes to pills, powders, and other substances. This show does not necessarily endorse the thoughts of the performers, nor does it condemn those who may find these substances a respite from their dismal life. 

The show can be downloaded here, or can be heard this Friday evening at 8 pm cst on realpunkradio.

1. Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptions, "Tell Me About Your Drugs"

2. Velvet Underground, "I'm Waiting for My Man"

3. Ramones, "I Just Wanna Sniff Some Glue"

4. Heartbreakers, "Chinese Rocks"

5. New York Dolls, "Pills"

6. 20/20, "Yellow Pills"

7. Translator, "Favorite Drug"

8. Ted Leo, "Ativan Eyes"

9. Atlas Sound, "Ativan"

10. The Hold Steady, "Ask Her For Adderall"

11. The Jazz Butcher, "She's Got Drugs"

12. Rancid, "Dope Sick Girl"

13. Social Distortion "Drug Train"

14. X, "Johnny Hit and Run"

15. Rev. Horton Heat, "Bales of Coke"

16. The Mekons, "Cocaine Lil"

17. Joseph Arthur, "Cocaine Feet"

18. Eddie Spaghetti, "Cocaine Blues"

19. The Supersuckers, "I Want the Drugs"

20. Zeke, "Let's Get Drugs"

21. Replacements, "Dope Smokin' Moron"

22. Yo La Tengo, "Drug Test"

23. House of Large Sizes, "Big Bag of Dope"

24. Camper Van Beethoven, "Good Guys and Bag Guys"

25. The Lemonheads, "My Drug Buddy"

26. Jesus & Mary Chain, "Just Like Honey"

27. The Fall, "Totally Wired"

28. The Godfathers, "Cold Turkey"

29. Naz Nomad, "Cold Turkey"

30. Morphine, "Cure For Pain" 

31. Velvet Underground, "Heroin"

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Ledge, Episode 33: Singer/Songwriter Ben Weaver

Singer/songwriter Ben Weaver played in Sioux Falls last week, and a couple of hours before his performance he sat down with The Ledge to play a few tunes and discuss his favorite "summer" songs. If you're not a subscriber through iTunes, you can download it here . 

Note: This show will not be streamed on realpunkradio this week, as I will be participating in their "Slammin' For Support" live marathon (which commenced this morning). I'll be live from 8 - 10 pm cst this Friday, and any donation of $20 or more will receive a Ledge t-shirt (along with the stash of goodies they're shipping with any donation).

Here's what Ben chose to air in this episode:

1. Gun club, "Carry Home"

2. Pavement, "Summer Babe (Winter Version)"

3. Destroyer, "Dry Foam Hands"

4. Bob Dylan, "I Was Young When I Left Home"

5. Fillup Shack, "Down Roads"

6. Why?, "By Torpedo Or Crohns"

7. The Congos, "Fisherman"

8. Joanna Newsom, "Go Long"

9. Shlipa Ray & Her Happy Hookers, "Beating St. Louis"

10. The National, "Anyone's Ghost"

11. Eels, "Things the Grandchildren Should Know"

12. Gil Scott-Heron, "I'm New Here'

13. Doris Duke, "I Don't Care Anymore"

14. Brownie McGee, "Barbeque Any Old Time"

15. Roscoe Holcomb, "The Hills of Mexico"

16. Ben Weaver, "White Snow"