Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Ledge #78: Corey Vilhauer's Defense of Early Emo

Although "emo" is a derogatory term associated with any annoying song with the smallest hint of punk rock, there was a time when it was a clearly defined punk subgenre noted primarily for its melodic structure and confessional lyrics. The rise of that music style coincided with former Ledge guest Corey Vilhauer's entrance into local underground music, and months ago he stated his desire to make a case for this almost forgotten high point in the Sioux Falls scene.

Of course, when you get two loudmouths together, it's not just the actual music that's discussed. We complain about NBA basketball, satellite radio, The Monkees, and so much more. Download it now via iTunes, the android/iPhone Ledge app, or here.

Here's Corey's music choices:

1. Sunny Day Real Estate – “47” (Diary, Sub Pop 1994)
2. Engine Kid – “Windshield” (Angel Wings, Revelation 1994)
3. Elliott – “Calm Americans” (False Cathedrals, Revelation 2000)
4. Mineral – “Gloria” (The Power of Failing, Epitaph 1997)
5. Split Lip – “Street Singer” (Fate’s Got a Driver, Doghouse 1995)
6. Rainer Maria – “Broken Radio” (Look Now Look Again, Polyvinyl 1999)
7. Jejune – “Morale is Low” (This Afternoon’s Malady, Big Wheel Recreation 1998)
8. Braid – “First Day Back” (Frame and Canvas, Polyvinyl 1998)
9. The Promise Ring – “Is This Thing On?” (Nothing Feels Good, Jade Tree Records 1997)
10. The Blacktop Cadence – “Cold Night in Virginia” (The Emo Diaries, Chapter 2, Deep Elm 1998)
11. Samiam – “Ordinary Life” (The Emo Diaries, Chapter 1, Deep Elm 1997)
12. Piebald – “Grace Kelly with Wings” (If it Weren’t for Venetian Blinds it Would Be Curtains For Us All, Big Wheel Recreation 1999)
13. The Anniversary – “The D in Detroit” (Designing a Nervous Breakdown, Vagrant 2000)
14. Reggie and the Full Effect – “Girl, Why’d You Run Away?” (Greatest Hits 1984-1987, Vagrant 1999)
15. Jets to Brazil – “The Frequency” (Perfecting Loneliness, Jade Tree 2002)
16. Jimmy Eat World – “Thinking, That’s All” (Static Prevails, Capitol 1996)
17. The Get Up Kids – “Alec Eiffel” (Where Is My Mind? A Tribute to the Pixies, Glue Factory Records 1999)
18. Seven Storey Mountain – “So Soon” (Based on a True Story, Jade Tree 2000)
19. Texas is the Reason – “The Magic Bullet Theory” (Do You Know Who You Are?, Revelation 1995)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rural Ledge-ucation #15: World Premieres

I was at a loss for what to do for this week's Rural Ledge-ucation...until yesterday. First the Jayhawks announced a free download of "She Walks In So Many Ways" from their upcoming Mockingbird Time album. Oh yeah, I need to add that track. Then Wilco handed out a 7" single of "I Will", a track from the tentatively titled Get Well Soon, Everybody album that's scheduled for a September release. Oh yeah, now we have a show in the making.

So here are these new songs, along with some old favorites by Blue Rodeo, American Music Club, and so many  others. Stream it on the android/iPhone Ledge app, or download it here.

Here's the playlist:

1. Wilco, I Might
2. Uncle Tupelo, Give Back the Keys to My Heart
3. Son Volt, Looking at the World Through a Windshield
4. Dave Alvin, Dirty Nightgown
5. The Blasters, Marie Marie
6. Whiskeytown, 16 Days
7. Ryan Adams, Firecracker
8. The Jayhawks, She Walks In So Many Ways
9. My Morning Jacket, Outta My System
10. The Beat Farmers, Powderfinger
11. Green on Red, Keep On Moving
12. Steve Earle, The Gulf of Mexico
13. Blue Rodeo, Till I Am Myself Again
14. American Music Club, If I Had a Hammer
15. Wilco, I Love My Label

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Live Ledge #21: Rarities and Obscurities

Way back in my college radio days, I often used a rare Soul Asylum b-side for my bathroom breaks. "James at 16" was a twelve-minute live medley of (mostly) cheesy pop songs that was a typical encore treat. Ever since that EP disappeared from the KAUR studios, I've been searching for said song. It's never been attached to a Soul Asylum reissue; it's never made it to the download services. I had basically given up.

This past week, though, I finally did find it on a music blog, and the discovery set in motion this week's Live Ledge. While the track honestly isn't as great as I remembered, many other obscure finds highlight this week's show - pre-fame bands featuring Shane MacGowan and Billy Bragg, split singles of Sweet and Boomtown Rats covers by Chixdiggit, Groovie Ghoulies, and the Donnas, early 80's indie/punk compilations, etc.

Along with these relatively unheard tracks are the typical tunes that make Live Ledge semi-popular - a few old faves mixed with brand new releases. Nab this bastard now through iTunes, the android/iPhone app or here

Here's the setlist:

1. Soul Asylum, James at 16
2. Husker Du, Eight Miles High
3. Replacements, Kiss Me On the Bus (Demo)
4. Bob Dunlap, Loud Loud Loud Loud Guitars
5. Halo of Flies, Rubber Room
6. The Pistons, She Got Sex
7. The Suicide Commandos, Weekend Warriors
8. The Hypstrz, 6654321
9. The Stereotypes, Perfect Girl
10. The Direct Hits, Ever Ready Plaything
11. Black Lips, Family Tree
12. Chixdiggit, A Tonic For the Troops
13. Groovie Ghoulies, I Don't Like Mondays
14. The Donnas, Wig Wam Bam
15. Two Tears, I'm So Outta It I Can't Get In
16. Avengers, Cheap Tragedies
17. T.S.O.L., Sounds of Laughter
18. Bad Brains, How Low Can a Punk Get?
19. Riff Raff, Rumford Girls
20. Billy Bragg, The Milkman of Human Kindness
21. Fucked Up, The Recursive Girl
22. The Shods, Igno Sally
23. Nervebreakers, Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls
24. The Mainliners, She's an Overdose
25. Hoodoo Gurus, I Was a Kamikaze Pilot
26. Silencers, Policeman (Demo)
27. Rancid, Backslide (Demo)
28. The Clash, Pressure Drop
29. Sex Pistols, (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone
30. The Nips, All The Time in the World
31. The Modern Lovers, She Cracked
32. Times New viking, Don't Go To Liverpool

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Ledge #77: Ash Masters

Easily the greatest, and most welcome, surprise of the eighteen months of podcast production is the great people that have come into my life. I've been in contact with people from all over the world who for some reason find something worthwhile in my silly little shows.

A particular great new friend actually came into contact with The Ledge by accident. I have various twitter accounts for different types of posts, and one of these accounts is to promote the Big Brother site where I'm a contributor. I used to keep Ledge news off that account, but one week I didn't notice that Tweetdeck was sending the link to the latest episode to that account.

Ash Masters was one person who saw this post, and she quickly became a great friend of the show. Not only did she download the shows, she also began reviewing them on her site. She was also primarily responsible for hooking me up with Big Brother stars Matt Hoffman and Ragan Fox; two shows that until recently were in my top three most downloaded episodes.

It's only natural that at some point Ash would have to be a Ledge guest, and this is that week! Besides picking out some great tracks, we talked about the importance of music in her life, her fish breeding business, her work with the local dog rescue, and, of course, Big Brother. Ash's passion for the show has resulted in her being added to the staff of Big Brother Gossip, and we also discuss plans for a weekly podcast devoted to the show. Stay tuned for more info on that!

The drill is the same as always to hear the show. Subscribe in iTunes, download it on the Android/iPhone app, or directly download it here

Here are Ash's musical selections:

1. The Clash - Janie Jones 
2. The Pixies - Caribou
3. Self - Resume  
4. Rancid - Radio  
5. Sonic Youth - Screaming Skull 
6. Nirvana - Sappy 
7. X-Ray Spex - I'm a Cliche  
8. Naked Aggression - Your Nightmare, My Life 
9. The Vandals - And Now We Dance  
10. The Subhumans - Susan  
11. The Misfits - She  
12. Screeching Weasel - My Right 
13. Circle Jerks - The Crowd 
14. Alkaline Trio - As You Were 
15. Bad Religion - No Control  
16. Dead Kennedys - I Am The Owl 
17. Cain and Abel - Sing It With Some Soul 
18. Fifteen - My Congressman 
19. Social Distortion - Dear Lover 
20. The Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen In Love 
21. The Silencers - Policeman
22. Choking Victim - 500 Channels 
23. The Offspring - Jennifer Lost The War 
24. Tiger Army - Santa Carla Twilight 
25. Operation Ivy - Jaded 
26. Violent Femmes - American Music

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rural Ledge-ucation #14: Father's Day

For that very special day for daddies, Rural Ledge-ucation gathered together almost two hours of father-related tunes. Besides the music, my son, Alec, took the mic to talk about the John Prine show he saw this past week in Sioux City. Download this now via The Ledge app, or directly here.

1. Charles Bukowski, My Father
2. Chuck Berry, Dear Dad
3. Woody Guthrie, My Father (Flies a Ship in the Sky)
4. Bob Dylan, Father of Night
5. Neil Young, Old Man (Live)
6. Paul Westerberg, My Dad
7. John Prine, Fish and Whistle
8. Drive-By Truckers, Daddy's Little Pumpkin
9. Drive-By Truckers, Daddy Learned to Fly
10. The Takeovers, Father's Favorite Temperature
11. Wonderer, It's Hard to Be a Dad
12. Fistful of Mercy, Father's Son
13. Big Dipper, Father's Day
14. Rob Stoner, Let Daddy Drive
15. Middle Brother, Mom and Dad
16. The Civil Wars, My Father's Father
17. Wall of Voodoo, Me and My Dad
18. Hamell on Trial, Father's Advice
19. Paul Kelly & the Messengers, Going About My Father's Business
20. Frank Turner, Father's Day
21. The New Amsterdams, My Old Man Had a Pistol
22. Sloan, Your Daddy Will Do
23. Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers, My Old Man
24. Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers, Father's Day
25. Rev. Horton Heat, It Hurts Your Daddy Bad
26. Howlin' Wolf, Rockin' Daddy
27. The Monkees, Daddy's Song

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Live Ledge Saturday Surprise Show

I had nothing going on late this afternoon, so I was sitting around listening to Drazzles' excellent Music From the Farside show on Realpunkradio. Around the time that he normally would be concluding his show, he announced that the following show, Happy Hour With Heather Hellkitten, would not be airing that night and he had enough material to run another half hour or so. Since I had some free time, I agreed to take over for him.

The majority of the show are leftover tracks from previous Live Ledge's, along with a handful of tracks that I loaded up in the few minutes I had to prepare. There's also plenty of "Blog Finds" and other fine rarities. Download the show via The Ledge app, subscribe in iTunes, or download it here.

1. Mission of Burma, That's When I Reach For My Revolver
2. Pixies, Bone Machine
3. Frank Black, I Want to Live On an Abstract Plain
4. Violet, Loaded Gun
5. Wire Train, She Comes On
6. Moondogs, Who's Gonna Tell Mary?
7. Lurkers, Whatever Happened to Mary?
8. The Meteors, Chainsaw Boogie
9. The Condors, Spare Time
10. Newtron Neutronics, Get Up and Fight
11. Paul Westerberg, Between Love and Like
12. The Replacements, Bastards of Young (Live)
13. Alex Chilton, Take It Off
14. Big Star, Thank You Friends (Live)
15. The Prisoner, I Am the Fisherman
16. Agent Orange, Secret Agent Man
17. Husker Du, Ice Cold Ice
18. X, Johny Hit and Run Pauline
19. Jason & the Scorchers, Broken Whiskey Bottle
20. The Kinks, Sunny Afternoon
21. Face to Face, Disconnected
22. Wire, 1 2 X U
23. The Clash, Guns of Briston
24. The Hussy, Pavement
25. Swingin' Utters, (You've Got To) Give It All To The Man
26. Black Lips, Bicentennial Man
27. The White Wires, Your Mother Says  Your Ugly
28. Ron Frannklin, You Talk I Listen (Goin' to Get High)
29. The Strange Boys, The Girls Taught Me a Dance
30. Nuisance, Brown Eyed Girl
31. New York Dolls, Give Her a Great Big Kiss

Friday, June 17, 2011

Live Ledge #20: RIP Pat

This past Tuesday, Patrick Mussell (aka Irish Alkey) tragically passed away. One of the funniest motherfuckers I ever had the pleasure of meeting, this loss has rocked not only the Ron and Fez community but hundreds (if not thousands) of friends around the world. Live Ledge pays tribute to Alkey in a couple of segments with the help of some classic clips from SiriusXM's Ron and Fez show. Alkey's great wit can also be found on 72 episodes of The What Show, which are all worthy of downloading. He leaves behind a wonderful wife, Arelis, and three beautiful children. If you have a few bucks, please paypal them to to help with burial expenses.

Besides the tribute to Pat, Live Ledge carried on as usual with typical noisy garage and punk tracks. Please give a listen to it via the android/iPhone app, or directly download it here. Oh yeah, and check out the new remixed Goddess intro!

1. The Stooges, No Fun
2. The Cult, Nirvana
3. Dinosaur Jr., They Always Come
4. Sebadoh, Magnet's Coil
5. Descendents, Rockstar
6. Surfer Blood, Box Elder
7. Pavement, Stereo
8. The Nerves, Hanging On the Telephone
9. Bram Tchaikovsky, Girl of My Dreams
10. The Beat, Walking Out On Love
11. X, When Our Love Passed Out on the Couch
12. The Blasters, American Music
13. Dave Alvin, Johnny Ace Is Dead
14. The Nipple Erectors, King Of the Bop
15. Flogging Molly, Don't Shut 'em Down
16. The Damned, Perfect Sunday
17. The Buzzcocks, Fast Cars
18. Japanes Motors, Single Fins & Safety Pins
19. Times New Viking, It's a Culture
20. Paul Westerberg, Making Me Go
21. The Replacements, Customer (Alternate Version)
22. The Bottle Rockets, Gas Girl
23. Gaza Strippers, Sheer Heart Attack
24. Supersuckers & Electric Frankenstein, She's My Bitch
25. Supersuckers, Born With a Tail
26. Inspector 12, Just What I Needed
27. Golden Arms, Little T&A
28. Southern Culture on the Skids, Double Shot
29. Nervebreakers, My Girlfriend Is a Rock
30. The Right There, Zombies Ate My Neighbors
31. Ty Segall, You make the Sun Fry
32. The Only Ones, Peter and the Pets

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Ledge #76: The Right Here

On Friday, June 17, Minneapolis punkers The Right Here headlines at show at Boonie's in Sioux Falls. Also appearing that night are Narcoleptic Autopilot, Evasive Maneuver, and The Broken Resolve. To help promote the show, the entire band are the special guests of this week's episode of The Ledge. Besides choosing the playlist (which includes three tunes from their Trolleys EP, they also performed a live acoustic tune. You can hear this show by subscribing to iTunes, or stream it via The Ledge android/iPhone app. Oh yeah, you can also directly download it at here. For more information, check out their page at Reverbnation.

Here's the tracks chosen by The Right Here (and yes, I did tease them on a couple of their choices):

Freddie Mercury Poisoning - The Right Here
Theme to the Munsters
One Night in Bangkok - Murray Head
Bleeder - Alkaline Trio
100 Resolutions - The Lawrence Arms
Hopeless Romantic - The Bouncing Souls
Linoleum - NOFX
Aside - The Weakerthans
All This and More - The Dead Boys
Stay With Me - The Dictators
Astro Zombies - The Misfits
Saturday Night - The Misfits
Separate Ways - Journey
Dead Flowers - The Rolling Stones
Ball and Chain - Social Distortion
Make Like A Tree - The Right Here
Double Shot of My Baby's Love - The Swinging Medallions
Forever in Blue Jeans - Neil Diamond
Only the Good Die Young - Billy Joel
Whiskey + Gin - Pretty Boy Thorson and the Falling Angels
Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen
Zombies Ate My Neighbors - The Right Here

Rant a Bit #8: Theresa Stehly & Cheryl Rath

For this episode of Rant a Bit, Ehrisman and I were definitely outsmarted by our wonderful guests, citizen activists Theresa Stehly and Cheryl Rath. We discussed not only the insanity behind the marathon Event Center vote, but also water rates, snowgates (yes, in June!), pool fees, and the plans to rewrite the pawn shop ordinance. This show can be heard on the android/iPhone app, or directly download it here.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rural Ledge-ucation #13: New Stuff (Again)

The music just keeps piling up, so this week's Rural Ledge-ucation features some of the highlights of the quieter acquisitions. Besides brand new music by the likes of Centro-Matic, Tim Easton, and Joseph Arthur, there's also archival tunes by Nick Cave, Neil Young, and The Flying Burrito Brothers. Nab this show via iTunes, the android/iPhone app, or directly download it here.

1. Neil Young, Are You Ready For the Country (Live)
2. Joe Ely, Live Forever
3. Jimmie Dale Gilmore, In the Pines
4. Thurston Moore, Circulation
5. J. Mascis, Circle (Daytrotter Session)
6. Middle Brother, Portland (Daytrotter Session)
7. Band of Heathens, Polaroid
8. Tim Easton, Looking Out (For Joe Strummer)
9. Centro-Matic, Only In My Double Mind
10. Gruf Rhys, Conservation Conversation
11. Frank Turner, Wessex Boy
12. Peter Case, Good Times Bad Times
13. Okkervil River, White Shadow Waltz
14. Bill Callahan, America!
15. My Morning Jacket, First Light
16. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Babe I Got You Bad
17. The Flying Burrito Brothers, Six Days On the Road (Live)
18. Levon Helm, The Weight (Live)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Live Ledge #19: Still Sick of Being Sick

Yes, I'm still suffering from an unbearable cough...although it's much better than last week. I still loaded the ol' broadcast machine with tunes, though, and (barely) made it through the two hour show. Besides the usual old faves, this week features a ton of new releases...along with a couple of Double Cover Challenges and some blog finds.

Stream it here or through the iPhone/Android app...or directly download it here.

1. Frank Turner, I Still Believe
2. Against Me!, Unprotected Sex With Multiple Partners
3. Flogging Molly, Revolution
4. J. Mascis, Listen to Me (Daytrotter Session)
5. Black Lips, Dumpster Diving (Daytrotter Session)
6. The Breeders, Cannonball (Demo)
7. The Pixies, Nimrod's Son
8. Thee Headcoats, We Hate the Fuckin' NME
9. Close Lobsters, Firestation Towers
10. Primal Scream, Velocity Girl
11. The Mighty Lemon Drops, Another Girl Another Planet
12. Electric Shadows, Another Girl Another Planet
13. The Replacements, Another Girl Another Planet
14. Husker Du, It's Not Funny Anymore
15. Suburbs, Cig Machine
16. The Phones, Back In Time
17. Times New Viking, Fuck Her Texas
18. The Stereotypes, I Miss
19. Thee Oh Sees, A Wall A Century
20. The Wildebeests, Suzi is a Headbanger
21. The White Wires, Just Wanna Be With You
22. Let's Wrestle, The One I Love
23. Butthole Surfers, The One I Love
24. The Fall, Spoilt Victorian Child
25. Crass, Deadhead
26. Mars Classroom, Man.Wine.Power!
27. Robert Pollard, Garden Smarm
28. Social Distortion, Orange County Jail (Demo)
29. Jello Biafra, Dot Com Monte Carlo
30. Dwarves, You'll Never Take Us Alive
31. Fucked Up, The Recursive Girl
32. Redstockings, Unrequited Love
33. The A-Bones, Betty Lou Got a New Tattoo
34. The Untamed Youth, Doin' Me In
35. Lords of the New Church, Open Your Eyes
36. Television, Venus
37. Rocket From the Crypt, Trouble

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Rural Ledge-ucation #12: The Unofficial Start of Summer

According to the beautiful and talented Goddess, Memorial Day Weekend was the true unofficial start of summer. Unfortunately, there was no Rural Ledge-ucation last weekend, so the celebration had to be delayed a week. This week's show celebrates the return of warm temps with over 90 minutes of summer-related tunes. Download it now here or stream it via the droid/iPhone app.

Here's the setlist:

1. The New Salem Witch Hunters, (It Seems Like) Summer's Here At Last
2. The Jayhawks, Waiting For the Sun
3. Wilco, Summer Teeth
4. The Kinks, Wait Till the Summer Comes Along
5. The Kinks, Sunny Afternoon
6. The Velvet Underground, Who Loves the Sun
7. Galaxie 500, Summertime
8. The Stranglers, Always the sun
9. The Fleshtones, Let's See the Sun
10. Adorable, Sunshine Smile
11. Elvis Costello, The Other Side of Summer
12. The Rolling Stones, Summer Romance
13. The Undertones, Here Comes the Summer
14. Grandaddy, Summer Here Kids
15. The Afghan Whigs, Summer's Kiss
16. The Del-Lords, Some Summer
17. Beat Rodeo, In the Summertime
18. Comateens, Summer in the City
19. The Junk Monkeys, Today Is Summer
20. Chris Stamey w/Yo La Tengo, The Summer Sun
21. Felt, I Worship the Sun
22. Best Coast, Summer Mood
23. Jaill, Summer Mess
24. Pavement, Summer Baby (7" Version)
25. The Ramones, California Sun
26. Husker Du, Sunshine Superman

Friday, June 03, 2011

Live Ledge #18: Sick of Being Sick

After a great Memorial Day weekend, I found myself feeling like shit the rest of the week. A stuffed nose, a cough that would threaten to dislodge my entire insides, and a nagging headache that all the ibuprofen in my house couldn't relieve.

My good friends on Facebook gave me tons of fantastic ideas to cure my ailment - Vicks on my feet, honey/Schnapp's cocktails (tasty!), and this silly gadget called a Neti Pot. None of these great ideas worked, though, and I finally made my way to acute care on Thursday night. The diagnosis? Bronchitis.

Despite feeling like shit, I still fulfilled my Live Ledge duties tonight, and created a show based on the theme of feeling like shit. So here's two hours of songs about headaches, illness, and medication. Listen via the iPhone/Android Ledge app, or download here.

Here's this week's music selections:

1. Lenny Bruce, Bronchitis
2. Metric, Sick Muse
3. Big Audio Dynamite, The Medicine Show
4. Oxford Comma, Took My Medicine
5. Son Volt, Medicine Hat
6. John Wesley Harding, Sick Organism
7. Cracker, Sick of Goodbyes
8. The Flaming Lips, Guy Who Got a Headache & Saved the World
9. Butthole Surfers, Cough Syrup
10. Iggy & the Stooges, I'm Sick of You
11. Aerosmith, Sick as a Dog
12. Hollywood Brats, Sick On You
13. Mudhoney, Touch Me I'm Sick
14. The Flamin' Oh's, I'm a Medical Mess
15. The Replacements, I Bought a Headache
16. The Junk Monkeys, Medicine
17. The Primitives, Sick of It
18. The Muffs, Sick of You
19. The Distillers, Sick Of It All
20. Rancid, Dope Sick Girl
21. Descendents, Sick-O-Me
22. Black Flag, Fix Me
23. Social Distortion, Sick Boys
24. The Ramones, You Sound Like You're Sick
25. The Damned, Sick of Being Sick
26. Boston Spaceships, Headache Revolution
27. Frank Black, Headache
28. The Humpers, Sick of Tomorrow Today
29. The Makers, Sicko Sexual
30. D Generation, Sick On the Radio
31. Superchunk, European Medicine
32. The Eyeliners, Headache
33. The Diodes, Headache

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Ledge #75: Vice Squad Leader Beki Bondage

A few weeks ago, our fearless leader at Real Punk Radio, Jason Snyderman, asked me if I'd be interested in interviewing Vice Squad's Beki Bondage. My answer should be obvious to everybody. A few emails later, Beki was connected to the Ledge studio setup via Skype, along with bandmates Paul Rooney and Wayne Firefly.

If you're not acquainted with the explosive sounds of Vice Squad, you need to check out the show. The band was formed in the UK city of Bristol during the first wave of British punk. After a few D.I.Y. releases, they signed to EMI and in 1981 hit the UK Top 40 with their debut album, No Cause For Concern. A tour of America followed the release of their second album, Stand Strong, but the initial lineup fell apart shortly after their return to Britain.

Bondage reformed the band in 1997, and they've put out a steady stream of material ever since. Four tracks from recent Vice Squad albums highlight this episode, and the conversation includes every aspect of her career. You can hear this episode via the usual methods, including The Ledge iPhone/Android app or a direct download here.

Besides the conversation, Beki also chose the tunes for this episode:

1. Vice Squad, Defiant
2. Motorhead, Overkill
3. AC/DC, High Voltage
4. The Clash, Complete Control
5. UK Subs, Rockers
6. Alter Bridge, Ties That Bind
7. Buckcherry, Lit Up
8. Vice Squad, Sniffing Glue
9. Vice Squad, Ordinary Girl
10. Little Richard, Lucille
11. AC/DC, Let There Be Rock
12. Heart, Barracuda
13. David Bowie, Moonage Daydream
14. Agnostic Front, Self Pride
15. Discharge, Blood of the Innocent
16. Motorhead, Runaround Man
17. Poly Styrene, Thrash City
18. Vice Squad, Princess Paranoia