Friday, April 24, 2015

Live Ledge #195: Record Store Day

Theoretically, Record Store Day is Christmas, Easter, and the best birthdays all rolled into one day. Honestly, while cruising record stores is a fantastic way to spend a Saturday, it's not quite THAT great of a day. Limited quantities of most titles spread across the entire country is a major bummer, and it's a nightmare for those of shut-ins who hate large crowds.
Yet there I was on Saturday morning, hitting all three of our local participating stores. I ended the morning with an impressive haul, but the real story of the day has little to do with the actual pieces of wax. It's the bonding of those who share this crazy lifestyle, and what we do to help each other out.
I'm a case in point. There were only three titles I HAD to have - a Lydia Loveless 7", a Replacements 10", and the Slim Dunlap double vinyl reissue. As of Friday, it didn't look good for me to obtain any of these titles.
After a little Facebook rant about the situation, I was immediately contacted by a record store owner in another city who promised to set aside the Slim and Replacements releases. This was followed by a direct message from a Dunlap family member offering to send me one. I was able to grab both of them at Ernie Novembers on Saturday, though, but I sooooo appreciated their help.
Nobody in town had the Lydia Loveless single, though, but a complete stranger grabbed one for me in Michigan, and it arrived at my door on Tuesday. Thanks so much, Chris!
The biggest news of the day, however, occured in Minneapolis. My friend Jon Clifford, who owns Hifi Hair and Records, put together a day for music fans to celebrate the life and music of Slim Dunlap, who suffered a stroke a few years ago. Much to shock and tears, Slim showed up for the festivities. It was an extremely emotional day for everybody in attendance, and those of us Slim fans who live hundreds and thousands of miles away.
Today's show celebrates the finds of the day, from rare 7" reissues of classic punk and alt-rock to full-length compilations of rare outtakes and radio session. There's also brand new music by the likes of Built to Spill, Todd Snider, and many others.
Plus, there's a few tracks from the first 2015 performance by The Replacements, along with a discussion of the possibility of new music and video in the near future. Grab this episode from the usual sources, or...


1. The Replacements, The Ledge
2. The Replacements, Seen Your Video
3. The Replacements, Treatment Bound
4. The Replacements, Kissin In Action
5. Slim Dunlap, Rockin' Here Tonight
6. Slim Dunlap, Busted Up
7. Slim Dunlap, Not Yet/Ain't No Fair (In A Rock 'N' Roll Love Affair)
8. Slim Dunlap, Times Like This Times
9. Todd Snider, Backlash
10. Todd Snider, Shattered
11. Blitzen Trapper, Are You Ready for the Country
12. Lydia Loveless, I Would Die 4U
13. Twin Peaks, In the Morning (In the Evening)
14. Twin Peaks, Got Your Money
15. Lucero, Boom Boom Boom
16. Lucero, Midnight Special
17. Built To Spill, All Our Songs
18. Built To Spill, On The Way
19. Built To Spill, Never Be The Same
20. The 101'ers, Letsgetabitarockin
21. The 101'ers, Keys To Your Heart (Version 2)
23. Shoes, She Satisfies
24. The Kinks, Milk Cow Blues
25. The Lemonheads, Mallo Cup (Peel Session)
26. The Lemonheads, Clang Bang Clang (Peel Session)
27. X, Adult Books
28. X, We're Desperate
29. OFF!, Void You Out
30. OFF!, Red White and Black
31. OFF!, Over Our Heads
32. OFF!, Legion of Evil
33. The Replacements, Route 66

Friday, April 10, 2015

Live Ledge #194: Track 4

In the midst of my "trio of trios" shows, Gorman Bechard came up with an interesting idea. His suggestion was a series of shows where every song was the same track number from their respective albums. Doesn't that sound right up my alley?
Tonight is the first of these types of shows, and since April is the fourth month of the year that seemed like a natural choice. But halfway through the show, my friend Nick posted a screencap from an article that Elvis Costello wrote for Vanity Fair years ago. Discussing how he picked his choices for the best tracks off the 500 albums he deemed necessary for everybody to hear, he stated that if no songs were listed to check out the title track, or "when in doubt, play track 4 - it is usually the one you want".
The selections range from classics and personal faves to a set devoted to recent releases. There really is no reason why you shouldn't check out this episode. Grab it from Stitcher or iTunes, or...


1. Dave Edmunds, Here Comes the Weekend
2. Lydia Loveless, Boy Crazy
3. Wilco, Outtasite (Outta Mind)
4. The Bottle Rockets, Radar Gun
5. Blue Mountain, Soul Sister
6. The Sonics, You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover
7. Swami John Reis and the Blind Shake, Kooks On The Face
8. Pow Wows, I Can See But You Don't Know
9. Jesse Malin, Oh Sheena
10. The Aquadolls, Tweeker Kidz
11. Superchunk, Crossed Wires
12. The Exploding Hearts, You're Black and Blue
13. Hot Snakes, Kreative Kontrol
14. Supersuckers, On The Couch
15. The Replacements, Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
16. Paul Westerberg, Silent Film Star
17. Bash & Pop, One More Time
18. Goo Goo Dolls, There You Are
19. Hüsker Dü, Sorry Somehow
20. Sugar, Helpless
21. Soul Asylum, Cartoon
22. Suburbs, Goggles On
23. Babes In Toyland, Sweet '69
24. The Ramones, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
25. The Heartbreakers, I Wanna Be Loved
26. X, Your Phone's Off The Hook But You're Not
27. The Cramps, What's Inside A Girl?
28. The Clash, White Riot
29. The Clash, Complete Control
30. Sex Pistols, Liar
31. Elvis Costello, Blame It On Cain
32. The Drones, Be My Baby
33. The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Hardest Walk

Friday, April 03, 2015

Live Ledge #193: New Releases

As always, another new month means a show of nothing but new music. Well, there are a couple of exceptions, as recent vinyl acquisitions of Curtis Harding and David Dondero also warrant an inclusion. But otherwise, it's been a great few weeks of releases, and some great stuff coming out in the near future. My highlight of this set is the return of The Sonics after 49 years. Yes, 49 years since their last album, the garage rock legends are back!
There's also the long-awaited new albums by Courtney Barnett, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Jesse Malin, and many more. The Biters preview their summer release with a new song, "Restless Heart", and psycho-rockers such as Male Gaze, King Khan & The BBQ Show, and Criminal Hygiene highlight this episode.
Grab this via Stitcher, iTunes, or...


1. Curtis Harding, I Don't Wanna Go Home
2. Courtney Barnett, Elevator Operator
3. Courtney Barnett, Pedestrian at Best
4. Houndstooth, Bliss Boat
5. Nevermores, I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend
6. David Dondero, Jesus From 12 To 6
7. Nic Hessler, Expel Me
8. Young Guv, Kelly, I'm Not A Creep
9. Turbo Fruits, Don't Let Me Break Your Heart Again
10. The Mountain Goats, The Legend of Chavo Guerrero
11. Jesse Malin, Turn Up the Mains
12. Jesse Malin, Boots of Immigration
13. Ryan Adams, I Lost My Fucking Mind
14. Biters, Restless Hearts  
15. The Sonics, I Don't Need No Doctor
16. The Sonics, Bad Betty
17. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Betty Vs The NYPD  
18. Criminal Hygiene, Sold In The City
19. Alvvays, Adult Diversion
20. Soko, Who Wears the Pants??
21. Go Betty Go, By Your Side
22. Slutever, Smother
23. The King Khan & BBQ Show, Alone Again
24. The Prefab Messiahs, College Radio
25. JEFF the Brotherhood, Black Cherry Pie
26. Wand, Self Hypnosis in 3 Days
27. Teenage Bottlerocket, Nothing Else Matter (When I'm With You)
28. Tenement, Sitcom Moms
29. Mean Jeans, Stoned 2 The Bone
30. The Miseries, Skinflint
31. Male Gaze, Smog Dawn
32. Weed, Stay in the Summer
33. Pow Wows, Car Cemetery