The Ledge #444: Compilations

The last few months have seen a ton of great compilation records come out. Some have been all covers. Many have been label or genre samplers. Others have been benefits for great causes. What unites them all is that so many of them have been full of great tunes.

Today sees the release of one of those records. Stardumb Records is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, and they have just released a compilaton consisting of 28 artists covering another of the great bands that have been on the label over the last two decades. This is a comp all Ledge fans should own!

After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! These great artists deserve to be compensated for their hard work, and every purchase surely helps not only pay their bills but fund their next set of wonderful songs. You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher...or


1. The Forty Nineteens With Tony Valentino, Late Night Radio

2. Ty Segall, Don't Lie (The Mantles Cover)

3. Titus Andronicus, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Cover)

4. Colleen Green (Feat. Emmett Miller), On My Mind (Damone Cover)

5. PUP, Plea From A Cat Named Virtute (The Weakerthans Cover)

6. Joan Jett, Jeepster

7. King Khan, I Love to Boogie

8. The Decemberists, Death-Defying (Hoodoo Gurus Cover, Live in Australia 2016)

9. Superchunk, Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing (Minutemen Cover)

10. Thurston Moore, L’Ephemere

11. The Walk Offs, See You At The Bar

12. The Genzales, Don't Smoke In Bed

13. Basement Noise, Electric

14. The Guillotines, Somethin'

15. Muscle Car, Gravel

16. Kurt Baker Combo, Wayna

17. Geoff Palmer, Beast With Five Hands

18. Travoltas, I Like Murder Too

19. Mikey Erg, In A Letter Never Sent

20. Lucy and The Rats, The Summer I Fell In Love With Sebby

21. Local Drags, Make You Mine

22. The Peawees, I Wanna Dance With You

23. Starter Jackets, Say Goodbye To Your Generation

24. Tiger Touch, Problems

25. Fret Rattles, Thanks For Nothing

26. JJ & the Real Jerks, Split Decision

27. Missile Studs, Spazz Out

28. Popular Creeps Detroit, Blue

29. Psychotic Youth, I'm Still Waiting

30. Baby Scream, I Wanna Be Famous (Samantha 7 Cover)

31. The Melmacs, Record Store

32. Brand New Luddites, The Internet Took My Baby

33. The Plastic Pals, Plastic Pal

34. Nick Frater, Cocaine Gurls

35. Vista Blue, I Think Cathy Is Crazy (About You)


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