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The Ledge #627: New Releases (Pt. 2)

The second episode of this month's new release series focuses heavily on single releases. I'm talking the traditional sort of single, with an a-side and b-side. Not the modern streaming-era lone song that doesn't even necessarily promote an upcoming album. Nope, this week we have quite a few two (or more) track singles, and the majority of them are available on traditional 7" vinyl. There's a split single feauring two tracks from The Drolls and Gentlemen Rogues. There's an all-covers "supergroup" that sees members of the U.K. Subs and The Dead Boys covering a trio of 60's classics. There's fabulous punky garage-rock from The Legendary Swagger. You also get to hear the first new tunes in four years from Wyldlife. And you also get a trio of releases from a fantastic label called I-94 Recordings . Their series of releases features a brand new A-side, along wiht a cover of a Detroit artist on the flip. This is a perfect format for fans of The Slee

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