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The Ledge #522: Covers

As I've stated before, I have a special folder where I toss in various great cover tunes as I come across them. It was pretty much perfect timing that my folder became "show-length" just in time for this holiday weekend. What better way to begin the summer with revved-up remakes of some of our favorite tunes? Plus, I'll take any opportunity to give more airplay to my pal Dave Scarbrough, especially when the one remake on his brand new album, Happy Ever After, is a Paul Westerberg tune! You all should check this album out! Also included in this broadcast are tracks from Steve Earle's new tribute to his friend and mentor, Jerry Jeff Walker, Eric Ambel and Greg Hoy's remakes of Neil Young tunes, The William Loveday Intention's teardown of Bob Dylan tunes, and a few of our friends (The Short Fuses, New Rocket Union) from Minneapolis! Oh, and we have the exclusive covers by the Hoodoo Gurus that are only found on the vinyl version of their new Chariot of the Go

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