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The Ledge #561: More Home Plays

Just like last week, this episode is primarily based around what I've been listening to in the Ledge home base over the last few days. Some of it is brand new material. Much of it has been old faves that span almost 60 years of great rock and roll. Overall, though, this show is primarily a showcase for old and new power pop. In the new category, there are fabulous new tracks by The Whiffs, Sharp Pins, Uni Boys, and The Trouble Seekers, along with "excavated" recordings by The Bings and Popsicko.  As for old faves, it's a history lesson of sorts. There's The Monkees and The Kinks from the 60s. The Jam, The Flamin' Groovies, Nick Lowe, Graham Parker, and The Rubinoos from the 70s. The 80s are represented by the likes of The Barracudas,  Dwight Twilley, The Bongos, and Camper Van Beethoven. Maybe the 90s aren't as highly represented, but there is "Tayter Country" by The Cavedogs, quite possibly my favorite song of 1980. As for the "52 Weeks of

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