Al-Jazeera's US Bias?

I hate daylight savings time. I don't get enough sleep as it is, and now midnight feels like 11 pm. So last night I couldn't sleep. I turned on the tube and there was actually something going on with the war. I stayed up until 2 watching the troops entering Hussein's palace and the rest of the circus. As usual, I switched around a lot between the three news channels. I know it goes without saying, but Fox is by far the worst. I'll grant them one scoop last night - they actually had a phone-cam inside the palace. Nobody else had that. But they had to make sure we knew time and time again that they had an exclusive. And that didn't stop the disinformation. Right away they reported that the troops had raised an American flag inside the joint. Well, they didn't but that didn't stop Fox from running it even after their own live report stated that they didn't!

Iraqi's Minister of Information is quickly becoming the country's best comedian. Here's the American troops inside at least two palaces, and they're fighting Iraqi's all through downtown. Literally seconds after the Americans blew up a Hussein statue, he's on the tube claiming the Americans are not in Baghdad! Wait, it gets better. He goes on a rampage at how al-jazeera has a pro-American bias that won't show what's really happening in Iraq. That's right, al-jazeera. I guess this clown now has someting in common with the typical talk radio caller who expects the media to represent their personal opinion 100% of the time.

Tonight I actually sat through Bill O'Reilly's show. It's his opinion that after he compalined about the biased war coverage in certain papers that they changed their coverage. I guess nobody realized how influential O'Reilly is. He followed that with a former NPR DJ who claims that he was fired because he's pro-war. WTF?! It turns out that this guy refused to allow news updates and instructed his listeners to turn to Fox. That's not a reason for termination? Whatever.

Ok, next funniest thing I've heard in awhile. I was chatting with one of my employees about another employee who hasn't been treating his babymama very well. The opinon of this employee? "Just because you cheat doesn't mean you don't love her." And get this - "the only way anyone is hurt by cheating is if she finds out." Hmmm.


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