I'm Back

Ok, I've ignored my blog for quite a few months. I don't really have an excuse...it's equal parts computer problems, time, and laziness. And, quite frankly, I have no clue if anybody even reads this thing. If you are one of the few and proud, send me an email (hudson@iw.net or paulisded@yahoo.com).

A bit of a recap of my life for those who may stumble upon this thing. I live in Sioux Falls, SD, population 130,000. I've lived here all but 18 months of my 41 years. Throughout most of my life, I've been involved in our city's fledgling music scene. I've worked in record stores, DJ'd at clubs and on college and commercial radio. I've co-promoted concerts, and was also the music editor for Tempest Magazine for close to 12 years. Currently, I have a dayjob with my family's business, but I also contribute to Etc. Sioux Falls, a publication that's much tamer than Tempest. I also have a weekly segment on KRRO, a local hard rock station, where I play a song of my choice and have a weekly rant titled "Get Out of Town".

I'm divorced, with a 16 year old son, Alec, who just got his driver's license.

My plan for this blog is to check in every couple of days with typical blog stuff - political rants, music and movie reviews, and anything else that I feel like ranting about. I'd like to include MP3 links, but I'm not completely sure how to do that. Send me an email if you can help.

So let's start with some babbling about the most recent movie I attended. I had to see Anchorman, not only because I'm a bit of a Will Ferrell movie but also because of my hatred for our local TV news affiliates. While certainly not a great movie, I must say that I enjoyed most of it - I guess I'd call it a good stupid movie. The story is a bit light, and it's take off on local news could have been a bit more hard-hitting, but it is amazing how little things have changed since the 70's timeframe this movie references. The stars of local TV are nothing more than big fish in a small pond, stars in their own mind working for little more than the person who takes your order at McDonalds.

The best scene is easily the one that is also the most unrealistic. About halfway through the movie, Ferrell and his cohorts go shopping for new suits. They take a wrong turn into an alley, where they're confronted by the number two news team, headed by Vince Vaughan. Just as they're about to fight, here comes the number three team, along with PBS and the local Spanish channel. While the scene (over)played out, all I could think about was the assclowns at our three affiliates.

As for the cast, Ferrell is excellent as usual, as is Paul Rudd (Man on the Street Brian Fantana) and Steve Carrell (dolt-head weatherman Brick Tamland). And Christina Applegate still has it - I've loved her since Married With Children (the greatest sitcom in history).

Let's move on to some music. I'd have to say the best album I've bought in the past two weeks is the new one by Jesse Malin. He's the former leader of D Generation, and he's recast himself as a singer/songwriter. Ryan Adams produced his first solo album, which was in my opinion so-so, but on this album he bests the buddy's recent meandering releases. More rocking than his last album, this is the power pop album of the year...so far.

I also recommend the new Roots albu, although it's not as strong as Phrenology. Also worthy buying are the comeback albums by the Cure and Morrissey, and the latest releases by Wilco, Jay Farrar, The Killers, The Veils, The Soviettes, Paper Chase, and Marah.

That's it for now. Please check in from time to time.


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