Ipod Holiday Playlist Sample

A few months ago, Apple unveiled their new 160 gig Ipod. Of course, I had to have one. After two months of loading most of my archives to my new toy, I was finally ready to start using it. Here's a few songs it recently chose for me to hear.


With a few exceptions and only because I haven't heard them yet, I could totally do this playlist :-)
Just wanted to share this with you... I stopped at a record store today in Buffalo that I've been wanting to check out. Bought a crap load of music, including "Pleased to Meet Me" which is the next to the last Mat's cd that I need to complete my collection. While the guy was ringing me up, a 'Mat's song came on the PA. I commented that that was kind of a coincidence. He said he had his iPod hooked up to the PA. I said "Only the greatest band ever..." and he replied, "The only band that ever counted..."
Scott said…
Very nice!

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