Stupid KSFY


Anonymous said…
And continue to obsess over a network that no one is watching or quoting in intelligent social circles anyway. 'So easy a caveman can use it.'

On a more important note, I found a forum opinion that's worth noting.

"Bryann Becker’s Dec. 13 Argus article entitled, “Small Clubs Handcuff Music Scene “, was an incoherent rant of assumptions. What conclusions should readers reach when so much information was excluded to promote pandering propaganda?
Becker failed to explain why the new Orpheum Theater is unacceptable to the brats interviewed in her article, when almost 700 seats are available there. Did the Sioux Falls taxpayers finance this facility, just so local “artists” could whine about unsatisfactory venues in Sioux Falls? Allow me to point out to Bryann Becker that none of the “artists” or “promoters” have ever been able to fill the 700 seat Orpheum. These critics need proof to justify their claims that a 1000 seat venue is warranted, when they can’t even fill a 700 seat theater.
The Pavilion Belbas Theater wasn’t even mentioned in the Becker article. This was another careful omission - which ironically the taxpayers paid for the Pavilion facility also. This is why the private sector won’t fund a private club with 1000 seats. The people that perform and promote don’t know what they’re talking about. The “thousands” of alleged rock/hip hop fans in Sioux Falls can pay for the construction of their own club. I want a newspaper that reports legitimate stories."


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