Inspired by last week's KRRO rant, Scott Ehrisman and I put this little piece of silliness together.


Anonymous said…
I don’t get it. So far your political view on municipal issues has paralleled Stagger’s. If you slam his debate positions, aren’t you mocking yourself? And when these Council members find common consensus for agreement, aren’t you the first to chastise them for collectively steering the city in the wrong direction. Still waiting for your candidacy announcement.
Scott said…
It's a satire on the little skirmishes the past couple of weeks where Litz and his cronies have had their panties hurt by Stagger's comments.
Anonymous said…
good. I thought maybe you hated Staggers.
Anonymous said…
Regarding the Argus article of Newsweek’s Portrayal of Palin in Jogging Outfit: This Argus article was almost as bizarre as the Newsweek cover. First I have no problem with a politician as attractive as Sarah getting her picture taken in workout attire. She stays fit and deserves to show off. That’s just basic human nature, and I appreciate the fact that Sarah acts more human than some of these politicians that are more stone faced than Mount Rushmore. And you’re hearing this from someone who voted the straight Democratic ticket in ’08.
I had a big problem with the cheeky Neanderthal comment printed to the left of picture. “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sarah?” What idiot sees her as problem? She’s an asset to her party. Then here’s the other wink and nod sarcasm. “She’s Bad News for the GOP – and For Everyone Else too. That’s good ‘ol boy for: ‘Check out the little lady get’in more attention than the serious contenders.’ If she ran against my friend O’bama in the next election, I’ll vote for her. At least she wouldn’t give billions to the banks, which made me throw up.
Then there was the Argus analysis, which made no sense. Mikel Finch commented: “I know a lot of those outfits are skimpy.” And he heard comments that the shorts were too short. According to whom? The Ladies Aid conference of 1900? Pretty average work out attire for a woman who might be a little too attractive for the overactive male imagination. That’s not her fault, and that’s how I define sexist.

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