The Ledge, Episode 9: Goddess Goodness

It's a dream come true - the beautiful Goddess visited the Hudson compound and chose an hour of her favorite music. Tune in to on Friday at 9 am/pm or download it here.

1. Paul Westerberg, "Seein' Her"

2. House of Love, "Love You Too Much"

3. Jawbreaker, "I Love You So Much It's Killing You"

4. Adorable, "Vendetta"

5. Voxtrot, "The Start of Something"

6. Ted Leo, "Hearts of Oak"

7. Libertines, "Boys In the Band"

8. Frank Black, "I Could Stay Here Forever"

9. Close Lobsters, "Just Too Bloody Stupid"

10. Coffinberry, "Smashed On Honey"

11. Dark Mean, "Happy Banjo"

12. Replacements, "Can't Hardly Wait (Tim Version)"


The Goddess said…
Best show yet! If I were going to put together THE perfect podcast (or, as I call it, radio show), this would be it. It was an absolute pleasure, Music Guru! Your library is inspirational. Every song here makes me stop and say, "Oh my GOD! I LOVE this song!" Brilliant!
ThomG said…
Another great podcast. Great songlist, top to bottom. Can't Hardly Wait is a fave.

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