Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rural Ledge-ucation #90: Nicky Hopkins

From the very beginning of my record collecting geek days, I was one of those people who read every word of the liner notes. I wanted to know who wrote the songs, who produced the single and/or album, and all of the musicians involved. One name that constantly showed up on my collection was pianist Nicky Hopkins. Dubbed "Session Man" by Ray Davies, Hopkins was a constant presence on the vast majority of Britain's great singles and albums of the 60's and 70's. Besides the Kinks, he was instrumental in some of the best moments of the Stones and The Who, and besides appearing on The White Album he can be found on solo releases of all four Beatles members.
Born Nicholas Christian Hopkins on this day in 1944, Nicky was a part of the London blues scene that ultimately spawned the Rolling Stones. His first recording was on "Country Line Special", a single released by legendary blues harmonica player Cyril Davies. Illness prevented him from being a full-time band member, but he became one of producer Shel Talmy's favorite studio musicians.
Although he ultimately released a number of solo albums, and worked on the soundtracks of many movies in his latter years, complications from Crohn's disease ultimately cut short his life. He died on September 6, 1994, not long after undergoing intestinal surgery.
Today's show includes just a glimpse of the classic tracks that include his wonderful playing. For more info on Hopkins, you should pick up And On Piano...Nicky Hopkins: The Extraordinary Life of Rock's Greatest Session Man.
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1. Rolling Stones, Loving Cup
2. Cyril Davies & His Rhythm & Blues All Stars, Country Line Special
3. The Who, A Legal Matter
4. The Kinks, Session Man
5. The Pretty Things, Midnight To Six Man
6. The Move, Wild Tiger Woman
7. Jefferson Airplane, Somebody To Love
8. The Beatles, Revolution 1
9. John Lennon, How Do You Sleep?
10. Jackie Lomax, Sour Milk Sea
11. Jamming With Edward, The Boudoir Stomp
12. Graham Parker, Stupefaction
13. The Jayhawks, Martin's Song
14. Nicky Hopkins, Waiting For The Band

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Live Ledge #100: Falls Landing

If you follow me on various social media, you were bound to already be tired of my self-promotion for this very special episode of Live Ledge. Being that it was my 100th Friday night broadcast, I wanted to do something special. Thanks to my fellow Argus Leader cohort Cory Myers, we were able to convince Falls Landing to allow me to attempt a broadcast from that wonderful bar.
It turned out to be a lot of fun. While this recording from that night may be a bit rough, and I did have a whiskey or two (and a shot of bourbon, thanks to Barb and Jess), it was a great night of playing nothing but the cornerstones of the whole Ledge series. One can predict the vast majority of tunes that I aired, but I also included a couple of sets of vintage Sioux Falls rock 'n' roll classics.
The best part of the night, though, was the number of faces I haven't seen in years. I even met a few "friends" in person that I had only known in the past via social media. Thanks to them, and everybody else who showed up, for making this a great night. We may do this again!
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1. The Replacements I Will Dare
2. The Undertones, Teenage Kicks
3. Dead Boys, Sonic Reducer
4. The Damned, New Rose
5. Sham 69, Borstal Breakout
6. Sex Pistols, Pretty Vacant
7. The Buzzcocks, Orgasm Addict
8. The Jam, Going Underground
9. The Modern Lovers, Roadrunner
10. New York Dolls, Looking For A Kiss
11. Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, Chinese Rocks
12. T.Rex, Raw Ramp
13. The Flamin' Groovies, Shake Some Action Shake
14. The Only Ones, Another Girl Another Planet
15. Myron Lee & The Caddies, Homicide
16. No Direction, Reaganomics
17. Charles Luden Attack, Sioux Falls Resolution Blues  
18. Ill Bill and the Spinal Chills, Play With Me
19. The Habitual Groove of It, Just Another Little Problem
20. Flag With Hank, Bruce I'm Not Feeling Fine
21. The Suicide Commandos, Attacking the Beat
22. The Phones, Modern Man
23. Suburbs, Cows
24. Husker Du, Green Eyes
25. Soul Asylum, Sometime To Return
26. Wreckless Eric, Whole Wide World
27. Big Star, September Girls
28. The Real Kids, All Kindsa Girls
29. Vince Taylor, Brand New Cadillac
30. The 101'ers, Keys To Your Heart
31. The Clash, (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
32. The Drones, Be My Baby
33. The Ramones, Baby I Love You End
34. The Cramps, Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?
35. The Saints, (I'm) Stranded
36. Television, See No Evil
37. Jawbreaker, Boxcar
38. Archers Of Loaf, Web In Front
39. Guided By Voices, Teenage FBI
40. Descendents, I'm The One
41. The Jesus & Mary Chain, I Love Rock 'n' Roll

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tomorrow's Live Ledge #100

From my Argus Leader blog:
A little less than two years ago, my cohorts at realpunkradio convinced me that I should attempt to “go live”. I had created The Ledge podcast a little over a year earlier, but so far had just edited together songs and chatter into a hour or so long audio file.This was a different proposition, and I was scared to death. It didn’t help that a couple of previous attempts had been a bust. Doing an internet radio show is not as simple as one may think. One must have adequate bandwidth and RAM, for example, and the old laptop with Windows XP just couldn’t keep up.
After a few adjustments, and assistance from former RPR head honcho Jason Snyderman, Live Ledge was created. Like the rest of the shows on the realpunkradio network, Live Ledge is a return to the freeform radio of the past. Instead of highly-paid consultants, scripted “bits”, and automated playlists, our shows are a return to the days when radio personalities did what they did because of their musical knowledge and passion.
Not that Live Ledge isn’t silly at times. Or that mistakes aren’t made. Trust me, a drinking game based on mistakes would cause even Lindsay Lohan to pass out. Yet that is also the beauty of live internet radio.
I’m babbling about all of this because Friday night (February 22) marks the 100th episode of Live Ledge, and I’m taking the show on the road. A simple comment on Facebook a few weeks ago led to a meeting with the wonderful folks at Falls Landing (200 E. 8th St.), and they have graciously given me the ok to record this special episode in their bar from 6-8 pm.
Musically, I have planned for this episode to be a “greatest hits” of sorts. If you know me at all you can probably figure out a good portion of the playlist. Yes, classic bands like the Replacements, Clash, Social Distortion, and others of that sort will be aired, along with quite a few others that aren’t as well known.
It also could very well be a disaster. Will I find enough “server juice” to stream this show? Will my broadcaster program have some hiccups? There’s a good chance those who show up will see me bash my head against the wall if things don’t work out as well as planned. What better entertainment could there be?
At the very least, you can down a drink or two while listening to the songs that have made me what I am today. You may even end up on the mic with me. Be careful, though, as there’s no 30 second delay. Oh yeah, RPR is also uncensored internet radio. Say whatever you want!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rural Ledge-ucation #89: Bitter Tears

Bitterness has been a rock 'n' roll theme from the very beginning, but it truly became an art form in the 60's as honesty infused songwriting. In America, we had Bob Dylan, who moved from pointing fingers at politicians to anybody that failed to live up to his standards. In the UK, almost all of the top acts had at least a song or two aimed at people they left behind.
A decade later, the "angry young men" movement that developed from punk rock brought forth songwriters such as Elvis Costello and Graham Parker where seemingly every tune was a poison arrow. These types of songs continue to this day, and so it is a natural followup to Friday's "lonely boy" episode to spend some time on the "bitter" side of the tracks.
Grab this one from the usual suspects, or...


1. Harry Nilsson, You're Breaking My Heart
2. The Beatles, Run For Your Life
3. The Kinks, Who'll Be The Next In Line
4. Rolling Stones, Out Of Time
5. Big Star, Femme Fatale
6. The Jam, The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)
7. Graham Parker & The Rumour, Local Girls (Live)
8. Elvis Costello & The Attractions, I Hope You're Happy Now
9. Joy Division, Love Will Tear Us Apart
10. Marianne Faithfull, Why'd Ya Do It
11. Amy Rigby, Are We Ever Going To Have Sex Again?
12. The Smiths, Unhappy Birthday
13. Wilco, Box Full Of Letters
14. Bob Dylan, Idiot Wind

Friday, February 15, 2013

Live Ledge #99: Lonely Boy

Valentine's Day sucks. There I said it...and I realize I've said it before. Previous years have seen shows dedicated to how much this day is worthless, and tonight's episode is no exception. Every song tonight deals with loneliness; primarily about life as a lonely boy (although there's also a few songs about lonely girls). This show is also dedicated to a wonderful dog named Killer.
Don't forget next week's episode #100 celebration at Falls Landing in Sioux Falls. Come down and watch your favorite internet DJ get drunk as he plays his favorite songs of all time!
Download this and turn it up loud from the usual sources, whether it be the iTunes store, Stitcher, my iPhone/android app, or...


1. The Replacements, Valentine (Studio Demo)
2. Cheap Trick, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
3. Thin Lizzy, Romeo And The Lonely Girl
4. Old 97's, Lonely Holiday
5. Willie Nile, Heaven Help The Lonely
6. Police, So Lonely
7. The Whigs, So Lonely
8. The Wylde Mammoths, In My Lonely Room
9. Wanda Jackson, Lonely Weekends
10. Me First & The Gimme Gimmies, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
11. Hi Ho Six Shooter, If Only You Were Lonely
12. Ups & Downs, Solitary Man
13. Gentleman Jesse, I'm Only Lonely
14. Young Fresh Fellows, Miss Lonelyhearts
15. The Sorrows, Lonely Girl
16. The Quakes, Streets Are So Lonely
17. Husker Du, Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely
18. Supersuckers, Alone & Stinking
19. Social Distortion, Alone And Forsaken
20. The Nomads, It's Lonely Down Here Too
21. The Spits, Tired and Lonely
22. The Lurkers, God's Lonely Men
23. The King Khan & BBQ Show, Lonely Boy
24. Violet, So Lonely
25. Naked Ted, Lonely Night
26. F-Units, Alone In Babylon
27. Lonesome Kings, Born to Be Lonely
28. Sex Pistols, Lonely Boy
29. Sham 69, What About the Lonely
30. The Buzzcocks, I Look Alone
31. Thee Headcoats, Alone
32. The Heartbreakers, All by Myself
33. The Voodoo Dolls, This Town Makes Me Feel So Lonely

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rural Ledge-ucation #88: More New Finds

Simply put, this is a followup to Friday's new release/blog finds broadcast, except it focuses on the quieter new releases. Besides already-released albums such as those by Eels, Camper Van Beethoven, and Yo La Tengo, there's also upcoming new tunes by Nick Cave and former Smiths' guitarist Johnny Marr.
Hopefully, iTunes is being more cooperative today and you can immediately find this episode in their store. Otherwise, stream it via Stitcher, or...


1. Pere Ubu, Mandy
2. Eels, Bombs Away
3. Eels, Summer In The City (Live At Kexp)
4. Ron Sexsmith, Nowhere to Go
5. Tim Easton, Broke My Heart
6. Camper Van Beethoven, Too High For The Love-In
7. Low, Plastic Cup
8. Yo La Tengo, Stupid Things
9. Matt Pond, Starlet
10. Johnny Marr, The Messenger
11. Johnny Marr, The Right Thing Right  
12. Frightened Rabbit, Backyard Skulls
13. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Jubilee Street
14. The Jam, Alfie (Demo 2)

Friday, February 08, 2013

Live Ledge #98: New Finds

It's that time of the month once again, boys and girls. Tonight's show is nothing but new releases and blog finds. Honestly, though, I didn't have much of a choice as my buddy Aaron is still working to soften the effects of the Great Hard Drive Meltdown of 2013. Things are looking good, though, so by next week I should be at full strength!
There's another reason why I need my library as soon as possible. On tonight's show, I announced that the 100th Live Ledge episode will be recorded at a local pub - Falls Landing on East 8th Street. So if you are in town on February 22nd, and have a need to hear some of my favorite tunes, please stop down between 6-8 pm. I'll probably buy you a drink if you do! (Plus, you'll see the drunk "master" at his work!)
Back to tonight's show. The year is shaping up to be a great one when it comes to new music, and tonight's show reflects that belief. There's new material by Nick Cave, Bad Religion, The Bronx, The Night Marchers, and so many other typical Live Ledge bands, but there's also strong debuts by bands such as FIDLAR, Parquet Courts, Warm Soda, and Al Bundie's Army. Add to that some great blog finds that included bootleg live tracks by The Clash, Social Distortion, and The Replacements, and you have one of the better Ledge episodes in quite some time.
At the end of the show, we also pay our respects to former Troggs' leader Reg Presley, who died earlier this week on February 4. That day was also the 4th anniversary of Cramps leader Lux Interior's death, and a couple of tunes were also played in his honor.
Find this episode in iTunes, Stitcher, or on The Ledge iPhone/android app, or...


1. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Wide Lovely Eyes
2. Shoes, She Satisfies
3. Three O'Clock, Lucifer Sam
4. Parquet Courts, Stoned and Starving
5. Hart Lake Mystery, Ice Cream Heaven
6. The Joy Formidable, Cholla
7. Nude Beach, Radio
8. California X, Spider X
9. Warm Soda, Lola
10. Desaparecidos, Anonymous
11. The Replacements, Darlin' One
12. Gun Club, She's Like Heroin to Me
13. The Clash, Clash City Rockers
14. Social Distortion, Ring Of Fire
15. The Suburban Nightmares, Brand New Cadillac
16. The Drones, American Pie
17. Sky "Sunlight" Saxon & The Original Seeds, Born To Be
18. The Shods, All Kinds of Girls
19. Al Bundie's Army, Vacation
20. The Kaisers, Talking About You
21. The Beat Merchants, She Said Yeah
22. The Night Marchers, All Hits
23. The Bronx, The Unholy Hand
24. FIDLAR, Stoked And Broke
25. Bad Religion, Land Of Endless Greed
26. The Devil Dogs, Lost Girl
27. The Muffs, You Can Cry If You Want To
28. Dwarves, Strange Movies
29. Miracle Workers, Wild Thing
30. The Cramps, Twist and Shout
31. The Cramps, New Kind of Kick
32. The Jam, Just Who Is The 5 O'Clock Hero? (Demo)

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Rural Ledge-ucation #87: Kurt Neumann From The BoDeans

In anticipation of their February 8 appearance at The Vault in Sioux Falls, BoDeans leader Kurt Neumann sat in on the show today to talk about not only the band's history but the thriving 80's Milwaukee scene. We also chatted about producer T-Bone Burnett, touring with U2, and their excellent new album, American Made. Check out this Thursday's Argus Leader for excerpts from this interview.
You can obtain this wonderful episode from the usual suspects, including iTunes, Stitcher, The Ledge android/iPhone app, or...


1. BoDeans, She's A Runaway
2. Bodeans, Good Work
3. BoDeans, Fadeaway
4. Bodeans, Flyaway
5. E-I-E-I-O, This Time
6. Fire Town, Carry The Torch
7. Violent Femmes, Gone Daddy Gone
8. BoDeans, Still The Night