Live Ledge #418: New Releases

The monthly new release shows are easily my favorite episodes, and this month's is no exception. As always, it's a great mix of brand new bands, returning veterans, and some great recent discoveries. There's so much great new music that this month's episode even goes into overtime!

After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher...or


1. Puss N Boots, It’s A Wonderful Lie
2. Close Lobsters, Johnnie
3. Capricorn One, Hey Garcon
4. Tuff Guac, Mr Hidden
5. Luke Haines;Peter Buck, Ugly Dude Blues
6. Guided by Voices, Year of the Hard Hitter
7. The Forty Nineteens, Tell Me
8. The GoAllTheWays, Silly Girl
9. The Morning Line, Nostradamus
10. Dolph Chaney, The Handling
11. Shadow Show, Charades
12. The Globs, Taco Tuesday
13. Thick, Sleeping Through the Weekend
14. ShitKid, Always Amber
15. Habibi, Bad News
16. Archers of Loaf, Raleigh Days
17. Dead Stars, Dreams Don't Come True
18. Martyr Privates, Grand Mal
19. Notches, Room Upstairs
20. Wasted Shirt, The Purple One
21. Slander Tongue, Salmon Skies
22. The Artakees, Rush
23. The Suitesixteen, Every Sign I See
24. Pavid Vermin, Come Together
25. Pavid Vermin, Please Don't Stab Me
26. Danny Dysentery, Cut the Night
27. North By North, Rock & Roll Funeral
28. The False Positives, The Real You
29. Ken Fox & Knock Yourself Out, One Less Step
30. The Hi-End, The Way She Moves Me
31. The RATBOYS, Swimming With the Sharks
32. Marc Platt, Joe Strummer
33. Faz Waltz, Grown Up Guy
34. Starter Jackets, Bad Application
35. Gulag Beach, Thing Called Love
36. Sick Bags, Only The Young Die Good
37. The Professionals, Kingdom Come
38. The Professionals, Curl Up And Cry
39. TV CRIME, Hooligans
40. The Chatham Singers, The Good Times are Killing Me


Dolph said…
Thanks for including "The Handling," Scott! The REBUILDING PERMIT album is it now on Big Stir.
Scott said…
Thanks, Dolph. It's a great record!!! I should have thrown on another track during last night's New Release show.

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