The Ledge #425: Rock 'n' Roll Women

When I was putting together this month's new release episodes I decided that it was time to also do another all-female episode of The Ledge. Both of those episodes had multiple sets of nothing but rocking women, as did previous months this year.

The surprise release of X's first album in over 35 years, along with today's new albums by Lucinda Williams and Alice Bag, were the icing on that great cake. Plus tonight's show features the world premiere of Hayley and the Crushers' upcoming Jacaranda EP, which comes out on June 2. It's a fantastic show featuring all sorts of different styles of rock and roll from all over the world.

After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! These great artists deserve to be compensated for their hard work, and every purchase surely helps not only pay their bills but fund their next set of wonderful songs. You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher...or


1. Lucinda Williams, You Can't Rule Me
2. Lucinda Williams, Pray the Devil Back to Hell
3. The Obscuritones, Runnin for the Train
4. Waxahatchee, Hell
5. Cherry Chrome, Bent to Break
6. X, Alphabetland
7. X, Water & Wine
8. Alice Bag, Spark
9. Alice Bag, Identified
10. Beach Bunny, Cuffing Season
11. Eliza & The Delusionals, Pull Apart Heart
12. The Lovely Eggs, I Wanna
13. Hazel English, Wake Up!
14. Shadow Show, Trapeze Act
15. Habibi, Bad News
16. Green / Blue, With That Face
17. Beat Angels, Terminal love
18. Hayley and the Crushers, Jacaranda
19. Hayley and the Crushers, Angelyne
20. The Exbats, Immediate Girl
21. The Exbats, I Got The Hots For Charlie Watts
22. Color TV, Anybody's Girl
23. Child's Pose, Ella's Fate
24. Patsy's Rats, Looking At Yr Phone
25. Kamala & The Karnivores, Tiny Steps
26. The Rumours, Never Comin' Back
27. The Flytraps, Sunset Strip R.I.P.
28. Smalltown Tigers, Just Friends
29. Cable Ties, Tell Them Where To Go
30. Roaches, Teenage Starlet
31. Thick, Sleeping Through the Weekend
32. Sick Bags, Only The Young Die Good
33. Les Deuxluxes, Down on the Street | Loose


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