Welcome to Tea, Olivia's!

A couple of years ago, I had a lot of fun when a certain vocal minority created a media-driven uproar over the planned opening of Annabelle’s Adult Super Center. Despite the fact that this business couldn’t have picked a more obscure location, these idiots whined and whined about how this business would lead to high crimes and moral decay. They even threw in the “what about the children” defense, despite the fact that few residential homes were within blocks of the facility.
Despite the uproar, the business was not violating any local ordinances, and opened as planned. Of course, the world didn’t end. With the exception of some added chuckles at a few silly bachelorette parties, little has changed in the years since.
History is now repeating itself as a similar store, Olivia’s, recently opened a mile or so outside of Tea. Again, we’re hearing how this discretely decorated business is going to be the ruin of thousands of people who don’t live anywhere near the retailer.
According to a recent story in the daily paper, somehow this little store is going to encourage “sexual predation, (devalue) property and” (this is the one that kills me) “(encourage) drunken driving”.
What? How does a store that sells lingerie, massagers, candles, and DVD’s encourage drunk driving? Is there something in the air in that store that turns an otherwise sober person into a raging drunk? (Raging may not have been the proper word to use there – hehehe). I’m sure the idiotic explanation is that people may decide to go check out the store after indulging in a few drinks, but how does that differ from people who have the sudden urge to hit the Fryin’ Pan after a night on the town, or a quick run to a convenience store for smokes? Exactly, there is no difference, and these morons are stretching to make that connection.
It gets worse. Leave it to my friends at KELO to interview probably the dopiest person in Lincoln County. In a story aired last week, Tasha Weber had this to say about Olivia’s – “It just upsets me because then I have to explain to my kids every time we drive to town, they ask what that is, I have to explain to them and I don’t want that environment around my children”. Ugh.
Besides the fact that this woman needs to learn proper English, this is the dopiest comment I’ve ever heard. As Todd Epp comments on his S.D. Watch blog, “this prompts several questions…are your kids stupid and you have to repeat your explanation to them over and over again? Why are you driving by the store so much? What do you tell your kids when you drive by a bar? A casino? A cigarette outlet? Those are all things that aren’t good for you but, like sex toys, are legal”.
Epp’s conclusion – if they’re obeying the law, “get over it. No one is forcing you to go in. Avert your eyes when you drive by. It’s not like people are having an orgy out in the open”. Not that there would be anything wrong with that.
I really don’t understand at all why people are so fired up by the existence of this store. Annabelle’s, which is loosely affiliated with Olivia’s, is very tastefully and discretely decorated and furnished, and the majority of the products sold can be found at “regular” retailers. Even Target sells “personal massagers”. The owners of both of these stores have also purposely kept their locations far away from churches, school, and residential neighborhoods.
Plus, even the most religious family has sex. Well, the healthy ones do. There’s a reason these products are called “marital aids”. They’re primarily designed to enhance a couple’s sex life. There’s absolutely nothing depraved at spicing up what goes on when the lights are off. Not that I would know anything about that...unfortunately.


Anonymous said…
As I was driving past Annabelle’s Adult Super Center, (I didn’t stop. This is what the internet is for.) I pondered this thought. Why is Annabelle’s Adult Super Center being singled out? An individual could have a business that is the leading cause of fraud in the United States, send 10,800 individuals to the emergency room each year, employ illegal aliens and be a major source of air pollution and no one would raise an eye brow over it. Wait! These businesses exist along the same road. I wonder if Tasha Weber explains this to her children when she passes buy. I’m sure she doesn’t. One can not explain what they do not understand.
Anonymous said…
What about the commercial on KSFY? Does she cover her kid's eyes when that airs? I know I do, well after it airs and that might before something totally different.
timleonore said…
I know, let's pretend we live in Absentia, USA and The Constitution that protects these idiots doesn't exist. Let's also vote against those who wave the wrong color flag. We can go on all night long. Try being a good parent, then you don't need a "special people's club" to raise your kids.
Anonymous said…
You all demonstrate a severe lack of understanding of the situation. What was presented to the Tea City Council was based on 30+ years of studies done throughout the country on Sexually Oriented Businesses (SOBs) that have been presented to the Supreme Court and consistently upheld by the courts. The courts have ruled that because of the secondary effects (increased criminal activity, property devaluation, and urban blight) that do occur to communities where an SOB exists, communities therefore, have the right to regulate them to the fullest extent of the law. Citizens of Tea are asking that the city create ordinances to zone and license these businesses. Citizens of Lincoln County are asking the same. If you want to be fully informed here are the Land Use studies with some pretty startling statistics. Read them for yourself and be able to intelligently discuss the issue.
Please keep in mind that this isn't just a store, but also contains private viewing booths that is a bigger concern.
Submitted by a concerned citizen of Tea. (A parent and property owner.)
Anonymous said…
since we don't understand, please tell us what increased criminal activity, property devaluation, and urban blight, that studio one and annabelles has caused.
Ryan said…
We had the same issue in Sioux City about 2 years ago... A new strip mall across the street from a new Wal-mart was being built in a former industrial area. One of the stores to enter that "strip" mall was Dr. John's, an adult themed store.

Despite NO residences near the area, and a complete lack of zoning restrictions to prevent it, our City Council went to work to try to enact some quick zoning changes that would stop Dr. John's from opening.

It turned out that the owner of Dr. Johns has experience with the law (he opened the store from the inside of a jail), and was able to successfully sue the city for $500,000+ for violating his rights.

The world hasn't ended, the strip mall is still full of stores, and I know I chuckle when I see the giant pink and purple phallic sign erected in front of this store, paid for mostly by Sioux City taxpayers.
Anonymous said…
A church that I don't believe in and will have nothing to do with, just opened up a block from my house. I feel that these people don't believe in the correct God.
But, here in America people have a right to do what they want, as long as it doesn't cause injury to others.
If you don't like the place, don't go in. I know I won't go into the new church, But they continue to come by and bother me and invite me in. I dought Olivias sends people around to houses to invite then into a store you don't want to go into.
Olivias does not try to force you to come into its place, unlike others.
Anonymous said…
ggI'm guessing this Tasha person who considers herself Mother Of The Year isn't really as "disgusted" about the store as she lets on. No, I'm actually betting that she's just trying to figure out how she can go check out all the "marital aids" and such without her kids finding out. Or perhaps she's already been in there a time or two (or twenty) and her kids are asking her "Mommy, why can't we go in with you this time?" "What are you buying?" Why can't you bring me a treat?" and she's too embarrassed to tell them that she's on the mailing list and recieves a frequent shopper discount! Wow, really Tasha! You know most people who don't like those kinds of adult stores simply don't talk about it and some probably have no idea it even exists! You on the other hand can't seem to get it off your mind! What's up with that, girl? You know it's just like men or women who constantly accuse their spouse or partner of cheating on them and it usually turns out that the one doin the accusing is guilty as a fox in a hen house! You say you're offended, but yet you won't stop talking about it? I say just let the lying dog, uh I mean let the sleeping dog ly!

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