Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Get Out of Town, Local News Crews!!!

A few weeks ago, Cade forwarded an email from an anonymous city employee who was upset after seeing a local news story regarding our wonderful, supposedly fiscal conservative mayor. The story in question was a puff piece about the Christmas lights at Falls Park, and how the final cost was only just over thirty grand.
The writer found it hilarious that the so-called reporters did no fact-checking. In his estimates, the final bill for the two year project was “at least six digits”, and that “just having the electricians at the park for the better part of the summer blows that 30k out of the water!” Furthermore, the nitpicky mayor was reportedly a fixture during the construction, constantly ordering people to “add more lights, move deer, put bows on that, as he’s creaming in his pants.”
I meant to follow up on these allegations, but after weeks of hammering one of our local stations, I felt it was right to give it a rest for at least a week or two. After a series of Argus Leader articles outlining city spending running wild, I thought it was time to reveal this story, and spend a few moments whining about our useless television news teams.
In case you haven’t heard the story, our city, under the Mayor’s direction, spent over three million dollars more than was allocated in the year’s budget. The official story is that Mayor Munson signed agreements to complete the Phillips to the Fall project and a railroad underpass at Pasley Park. When the City Council later discovered these agreements, they passed motions to approve these allocations to “honor the commitments”.
Simply put, Munson’s actions were illegal; our city charter, the local equivalent of the state’s constitution, bans any official from spending or committing to spend money beyond the level appropriated annually by the City Council. If he wasn’t considered such a nice guy, there would probably be a real investigation that could lead to his ouster. But that obviously won’t happen.
My problem today isn’t with the Mayor. Trust me, that will come another day. My beef is with our local television news crews. They simply do not report news. They never investigate; they never fact check. They treat unscientific web polls as if they’re gospel. They’re an unpaid P.R. firm for the local Chamber of Commerce. I would say the last time I ever saw any real news reporting on any of the three stations was when Bill Janklow’s campaign manager walked into a live shot and yanked the microphone from Downtown Vernon Brown. That was over ten years ago.
What do they call news these days? Weather, safety tips, weather, police press conferences, weather, Skyforce/Storm/Vikings/Twins scores, weather, Si Tonka, weather. My favorite is the standard shocking revelation that a small town drug bust is only blocks from a school. In most South Dakota communities, how could this not be the case?
My earlier comment about running P.R. for the city is what bothers me the most. They simply accept the official city statements regarding any issue. They don’t raise objections, or put together their own investigation, when the police refuse to comment about any issue…and that extends outside of our city. One reliable source at a station informed me that news crews were under no obligation to stay over a mile away from the Janklow crash site. Sure, they had to give the police and EMT’s room to do their job, but they also had a story that needed coverage. Rumors of a third passenger, alcohol, loose-lipped EMT’s and a mysterious tossed briefcase could have been immediately answered. Instead, they have become fodder for an ever-growing number of conspiracy theorists.
Munson has been the biggest beneficiary of this televised oral sex. From day one, they’ve treated him like a beloved elder statesman; never tossing him anything harder than a lobbed softball. Anything to do with Phillips to the Falls has been treated like Department of Tourism training seminars, even though the end result is a two-block, single-lane entrance to a parking lot.
The various problems with our infrastructure, from the upcoming water shortage to flooding and sewer damage, rarely varies from the official statements…except for the occasional footage of Clems hauling water-damaged belongings out of their basement. The opening of the Falls Park restaurant was a top story on all three channels, but nobody was given the opportunity to voice their disappointment that instead of a cool little café we got Arena-quality hot dogs and pizza.
And then there’s the whole Events Center situation. There’s never a negative word uttered concerning the need or location of this building. Members of the task force have never been asked a tough question by a television reporter. Apperances on KELO’s First Monday and KSFY’s awful Mitch Krebs talk show by task force members and other city officials are unchallenged by opponents. Whether you’re in favor of this plan or not, when you’re talking about a hundred million dollars you must have room for a real debate.
Just like newspapers and magazines, local television news has an obligation to act as watchdogs, to ensure that our government doesn’t run amuck. They’re supposed to question authority; they have to act as unbiased outlaws endlessly searching for the truth. That’s not happening in this city. Sadly, that’s rapidly becoming the norm all across the country. In many cities, a good percentage of the local news is produced by the head station in a completely different city. Hell, they’ve even been caught using pre-packaged news compiled by the government. Hmm, knowing how Munson loves to meddle, maybe he’s writing the local scripts. Nah, he’s not that clever.

Monday, March 28, 2005

A Silly, Yet Revealing, Profile Test I Just Found
Highlight those activities you have never experienced.

I've Never Smoked Pot
I've Never Kissed A Member Of The Opposite Sex
I've Never Kissed A Member Of The Same Sex
I've Never Crashed A Friend's Car
I've Never Been To Japan
I've Never Been In A Taxi
I've Never Been In Love
I've Never Had Sex In Public
I've Never Been Dumped
I've Never Done Cocaine
I've Never Shoplifted
I've Never Been Fired
I've Never Had Group Intercourse
I've Never Snuck Out Of My Parent's House
I've Never Been Tied Up
I've Never Regretted Having Sex With Someone
I've Never Been Arrested
I've Never Made Out With A Stranger
I've Never Stolen Something From My Job
I've Never Celebrated New Years In Time Square
I've Never Gone On A Blind Date
I've Never Lied To A Friend
I've Never Had A Crush On A Teacher
I've Never Celebrated Mardi Gras In New Orleans
I've Never Been To Europe
I've Never Skipped School
I've Never Slept With A Co-Worker
I've Never Cut Myself On Purpose
I've Never Had Sex At The Office
I've Never Been Married
I've Never Been Divorced
I've Never Had Sex With More Than One Person Within The Same Week
I've Never Posed Nude
I've Never Gotten Someone Drunk Just To Have Sex With Them
I've Never Killed Anyone
I've Never Received Scars From My Sex Partner
I've Never Thrown Up In A Bar
I've Never Purposely Set A Part Of Myself On Fire
I've Never Eaten Sushi
I've Never Been Snowboarding
I've Never Had Sex At A Friend's House While They Were Throwing A Party
I've Never Had Sex In A Dressing Room
I've Never Flashed Anyone
I've Never Met Anyone From Online

Coming Soon to ABC!!!
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If Spill Canvas Spent As Much Time With Their Music As They Do With Their Press Kit, They'd Be Famous

""So I'd collapse to the grass with your notes ringing in my head / let the rain fill my mouth / and in a couple hours I'll be dead"

"And incase you were wondering / you're like a sunset to me / you're all kinds of beautiful as you end my day / and you sweetly retire as the stars chase you away"

The words of the young soul are endless wonder, caught in the elements between the certain makeups of life’s long turn and the uncertainty of early-borne vitriol. We were all once so wide eyed, so entrenched in the beaming enthusiastic glow. Yet, we often find that once the calendars become faceless, so does this once bright gleam. Replaced with the slow smolder of routine and consequence, we are but compelled to oblige with bitter tongues and casual imprudence. We don the faces of others, hiding colors we so want to shine and in turn, bask in the camouflage of grey; our favorite shade of irrelevance.

And in fear, we are at our most vulnerable; until time itself, graces us with the presence of a deeply buried thought. The very glow we covered under the thick cold is once again whispering, a faint but calling hand, a reach we are so dying for. And it is but a fleeting moment, because as the sparkle is blinding, the colors slowly recede; and in time and words and wealth; it is sure to fade to grey. Now as the sound is but a whisper, The Spill Canvas is that faint tapping, enveloped in soft spoken youthful appeal and acoustic burdened naiveté.

From the twilight fleeting of “Sunsets and Car Crashes” to the distorted hum of “All Hail the Heartbreaker”, the wonderment is but timeless. It hides not its simplistic veneer, crafted merely to touch, to move – not to change. It is reminding us that during this arduous and often lifeless flight, we tend to let our guard down, showing our weakness and vulnerability; but as Nick Thomas’ hallowed voice echoes amongst the unadorned auditory souvenirs, it reminds us that it is okay to feel."

Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Easter Sunday Driving-the-son-home Ipod Mix

Travis, "Love Will Come Through" (Singles)
The Moaners, "Water" (Dark Snack)
Pixies, "Dig For Fire" (Bossanova)
Elvis Costello & The Attractions, "Posession" (Get Happy!!)
Clem Snide, "God Answers Back" (End Of Love)
The Ramones, "She Talks To Rainbows" (Hey! Ho! Let's Go: The Anthology)
The Weakerthans, "One Great City!" (Reconstruction Site)
Otis Redding, "I'm Depending On You" (The Complete Stax / Volt Singles: 1959-1968)
Vic Chesnutt, "Duck In A Tree" (Is The Actor Happy?)
The Replacements, "Answering Machine" (Let It Be)
The Saints, "(I’m) Stranded" (No Thanks! the '70s Punk Rebellion)
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, "And The Rest Will Follow" (Worlds Apart)
The Adverts, "One Chord Wonders" (No Thanks! the '70s Punk Rebellion)
Vic Chesnutt, "Kick My Ass" (Drunk)
Pinback, "Soaked" (Summer In Abaddon)
Suburbs, "Music For Boys" (Ladies And Gentlemen, The Suburbs Have Left The Building)Bloc Party, "Luno" (Silent Alarm)
Paul Westerberg, "Self-Defense" (Suicaine Gratification)
Radiohead, "Exit Music (For A Film)" (OK Computer)
R.E.M., "Catapult (Live)" (Murmur)
The Who, "My Generation" (Thirty Years Of Maximum R&B)
Peter Bruntnell, "Lay Down This Curse" (Normal For Bridgwater)
Yesterday's Ipod Mix

Bruce Springsteen, "Where The Bands Are" (Tracks)
The Delgados, "Sink Or Swim" (Universal Audio)
Whiskeytown, "16 Days" (Faithless Street)
Replacements, "Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out" (Let It Be)
The Jam, "Rain" (Direction, Reaction, Creation)
Elvis Costello & The Imposters, "The Delivery Man" (The Delivery Man)
The Who, "Long Live Rock" (Odds & Sods)
X, "The World's A Mess; It's In My Kiss" (X)
Josh Rouse, "It's The Nighttime" (Nashville)
The Replacements, "Little Mascara (Tim demo)" (Flowers in the Dark)
The Rolling Stones, "Soul Survivor" (Exile On Main Street)
Paul Westerberg, "Live Forever" (Henry Fonda Theatre, LA 2/23/05)
Alternative TV, "Action Time Vision" (No Thanks)
Cursive, "Sierra" (The Ugly Organ)
The Velvet Underground, "Oh Gin" (Peel Slowly and See)
Pavement, "Perfume-V" (Slanted & Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe)
Billy Bragg & Wilco, "She Came Along To Me" (Mermaid Avenue)
Replacements, "Temptation Eyes" (Let it Be Plus Outtakes)
Camper Van Beethoven, "The Poppies Of Balmorhea" (New Roman Times)
The Kinks, "Who'll Be the Next in Line" (Ultimate Collection)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Does the Department of Tourism know about this porno?
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Important Info!!!!

The track listing for "Besterberg - The Best Of Paul Westerberg" (out May 17 on Rhino) is:
1. Dyslexic Heart
2. Knocking on Mine
3. World Class Fad
4. Runaway Wind
5. Things
6. Seein' Her ("World Class Fad" b-side)
7. Man Without Ties("World Class Fad" b-side)
8. A Star is Bored ("Melrose Place" soundtrack)
9. Stain Yer Blood ("Friends" soundtrack)
10. Love Untold
11. Once Around The Weekend (Alt. Mix)
12. Angels Walk
13. It's A Wonderful Lie
14. Lookin' Out Forever
15. Nowhere Man ("I Am Sam" soundtrack)
16. High Time
17. Let The Bad Times Roll
18. What A Day (For A Night)
19. All That I Had ("Eventually" outtake)
20. C'mon, C'mon, C'mon ("Eventually" outtake)

Ok, I must be honest here. This is not the compilation I'd release. For the most part, it works - there's enough rarities for hard-cores like me and most of the better-known tracks are present. But it's much too heavily focused on the Warners era - not surprising since Rhino is part of the Warners empire. I would leave off Runaway Wind, Angels Walk, and Nowhere Man and add Born For Me, Waiting For Somebody, Two Days 'till Tomorrow, and something from Folker. I'd probably take off the unreleased version of Once Around the Weekend and add Everything Goes Wrong, the great track that's found only on the Come Feel Me Tremble DVD. And where's Crackle and Drag?
On the other hand, I'm pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of Things and Seein' Her.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

This Week's Rant - Congress!

Consider this week’s rant a continuation of last week’s rambling piece concerning our wonderful Congress wasting taxpayer money on the inevital passing of a new obscenity bill that will tear off a big piece of the First Amendment.
But the obscenity bill is just a small part of this week’s rant. I’ve got a lot to say about all of the members of both the House and Senate – and both Republicans and Democrats. None of them, including our state’s three elected officials, deserves their job. They should just give up now and become the highly paid lobbyists that is their destiny.
Let’s start with the obscenity bill. No, there is yet to be a vote on this bill. They’ve had more important subjects to decide. Yeah, right. Anyway, Kansas Senator Sam Brownback held a subcommittee meeting that was nothing more than a P.R. meeting for his controversial buddies. Only one other Senator, Russ Feingold, made it to this meeting, and he quickly escaped without offering any testimony.
Senator Brownback doesn’t appreciate any differing opinions, so he didn’t allow his opponents to attend. Many organizations, including the porn industry’s Free Speech Coalition, were told to stay home. Instead, only those whose hard-ons rise from the idea of prosecuting so-called “obscene materials” were present.
Brownback used his friendly environment to preach that the indecency bill should include a few other industries, including cable television, the internet, and even hotel rooms that offer pay-per-view adult movies…despite the fact that much of his campaign contributions came from these very industries.
Although he’s not a household name, Brownback is a very scary guy. He makes Rick Santorum seem like a liberal. He’s a member of The Fellowship, a very secret ultra-conservative group that follows the teachings of Opus Dei, an offshoot of the Catholic Church. This organization even subsidizes his housing in Washington – he, along with six other Congressmen, pays just nominal rent for a multi-million dollar townhouse just two blocks from the Capitol building.
Here’s what I don’t get about their calls for so-called family hours on every cable channel. There’s already a number of 24-hour family-oriented channels that I’m forced to pay for. Channels such as Pax, ABC-Family, the handful of religious channels, Nickleodeon, Disney – even HBO and Showtime have family channels. Why should Spike, MTV, Trio, and everybody else have to sugar-coat their programming for a token prime-time hour? Plus, nearly all cable boxes and televisions now have features that allow you to block any channel or program that you find offensive.
Enough on that topic. Let’s move on to the dog and pony show our representatives put on last Thursday. With steroids in the papers, it was time for Congress to act tough…or at least look like they were acting tough. So they called a handful of former and current baseball players to bombard them with idiotic questions about their personal use. The only thing that came out of this circus was that imbecile Jose Canseco sold a few more books.
Don’t get me wrong; many of these players, particularly Mark McGuire, looked like idiots. But why wasn’t Barry Bonds called? Most of the rumors involve him. And why just baseball? I would bet that a much larger percentage of football players take steroids, and we all know that track and field is full of needles. PTI’s Tony Kornheiser raises a good point as to why baseball was singled out. Until Major League Baseball picked D.C. as the new home of the Expos, Virginia was one of the leading candidates to host that team. This hearing was chaired by Virginia Congressman Tom Davis. Coincidence?
I believe it was this goofball that supplied my favorite quote. “We can commence hearings on any subject at any time”. Ok, that’s not word for word, but it raises a lot of questions. Why was it so hard to put on the 9/11 hearings? Where were the hearings after the California Energy Crisis? Why aren’t they focusing on gas prices, health care, Iraq, Abu Ghraib, and dozens of other issues? Oh yeah, as Oprah say it’s all about the children. Please. Steroid use probably will now increase due to the increased publicity.
As if this wasn’t enough, Congress made history again this weekend by ignoring local and state’s rights in the Terri Schiavo situation. Until last Friday, I had never heard of this woman. Now she’s replaced Michael Jackson and Martha Stewart as the never-ending story.
I’ll admit right now that I don’t know much about this case. My understanding is that after years and years of being in a vegetative state, the husband has wanted to pull the plug but her family disagrees. Every court, including the Supreme Court, has ruled in his favor, and court-appointed doctors have agreed that she’s brain-dead and will never recover. That video of her supposedly responding to her father is a short edit from over six hours of footage.
No matter which side you’re on, Congress had no right to step in. They first jumped in last week when they sent a subpoena for her to testify in a Congressional matter. Then they were called in last Sunday to vote on a law begging a Florida judge to look at the case once again. The Democrats are such a bunch of pussies that most of them, at least in the Senate, went along with this sham.
Is this a precedent? Will every individual case be appealed to their favorite Congressman and result in a law just for their case? I’ve got a few ideas. Maybe I’ll call Ms. Herseth. I’d like to see bans on Nascar, Oprah, Julia Roberts, reality shows, anybody named Simpson. And how about a law compelling Jenna Jameson to live in my home?
To ensure that I’m never in the situation of the Schiavo family, I am proclaiming right here to everybody listening that if I’m being kept alive by machines, please please please put on the Replacements Tim album, pull the plug, and take a big shot when Mr. Westerberg sings “I’ll drink a great big whiskey to you anyway”. Hell, why wait until then? Let’s just put me out of my misery right now.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

This Week's Rant - F the FCC!!!

Ever since Janet Jackson flashed her flabby middle-aged breast for less than a second last February, the fine folks governing our nation have pledged to decide just what you and I can hear or see on the public airwaves. Instead of banding together to fix our country’s problems – from rising gas prices to the ever-growing disparity between the upper and lower classes, it’s become their duty to use scare tactics to dumb down all forms of media to the level of a second grader. Hell, even second graders are too advanced for the mindset of these do-gooders.
With a news media more concerned with Michael Jackson’s pajamas and Lindsay Lohan’s hookups with mediocre actions stars old enough to be her grandfather, few noticed that on February 16, the House of Representatives passed the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2005 by a vote of 389 to 38, including a favorable vote by our own Stephanie Herseth. I’ve never been more disappointed in the beautiful Ms. Herseth.
This legislation would impose vastly higher fines – up to $500,000 per incident – on broadcaster who air so-called indecent material.
Now I’m not a person who believes that anything goes at all hours of the day. Although I personally may enjoy some material that others find disgusting, I understand that there should be some limits. But this bill does absolutely nothing to fix the vague standards that the FCC, particularly under former chairman Michael Powell, arbitrarily applied to broadcasters. What was fine for one channel on one day would suddenly be obscene the next on another station. This makes it next to impossible for stations, particularly small broadcasters, to self-censor themselves.
Long before the House even began to ponder this bill stations were running scared. There are incident after incident of seemingly innocuous bits of dialogue or plot points being edited out of prime-time sitcoms or reality shows. At the Academy Awards, much of Chris Rock’s planned opening monologue was taken away from his, as was a satirical song written for Robin Williams that poked fun at the Spongebob Squarepants controversy. An embrace between two lesbian contestants on Survivor was also edited out of the show. Howard Stern, the main target of the FCC, has suddenly had words and sound effects that he has used for close to 30 years suddenly attracting the dump button from his producers. These are incidents from big-time programs that can afford a fine or two. Just imagine how it’s affecting local programming, particularly if this bill becomes law and on-air talent that earn poverty wages are suddenly subject to the same fines.
Why censorship has become a cornerstone of conservative politics is a mystery to me. Even some conservatives agree. Adam Thierer, the director of telecommunications studies at the Cato Institute – a very conservative think tank – recently commented, “censorship on an individual/parental level is a fundamental part of being a good parent. But censorship at a government level is an entirely different matter because it means a small handful of individuals get to decide what the whole nation is permitted to see, hear, or think. I’ve always been particularly troubled by the fact that so many conservatives, who rightly preach the gospel of personal and parental responsibility about most economic issue, seemingly give up on this notion when it comes to cultural issues.”
Carrying on that line of thought, there are a lot of Congressman and Senators who talk about “freedom” and complain about the intrusive role of “government regulators” but wan government regulators to make us a less free society when it comes to the public airwaves. Some, including Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, even wants to go a step further and regulate cable and satellite radio and television. Look, nobody has ever said that we have to like what a person says. God knows I rant about what idiotic people say every week. But I, along with every freedom-loving American, should defend the rights of even our worst enemies to say what they feel is right without worrying about having to declare bankruptcy. Oh yeah, thanks to our elected officials we won’t be able to do that.
The Senate is likely to begin debate on their version of this bill any day now. I urge all “true” Americans to contact their Senators and voice their opinion on this subject. Remember, we all have our form of self-censorship. It’s called the on/off button. If you don’t like what you’re hearing or seeing, shut the damn thing off. If enough of us do this simple task, maybe we can finally get that truly offensive Jim Belushi sitcom off the air.
Today's Ipod Mix:

1. Bob Dylan, "Po' Boy" (Love & Theft)
2. Frank Black, "Olé Mulholland" (Teenager Of The Year)
3. Kings of Leon, "King of the Rodeo" (Aha Shake Heartbreak)
4. Pixies, "Planet Of Sound" (Trompe Le Monde)
5. Elliott Smith, "Cupid's Trick" (Either/Or)
6. Big Star "September Gurls" (A Little BIG Star)
7. R.E.M., "Hyena" (Life's Rich Pageant)
8. Yo La Tengo, "Cast a Shadow"(Genius + Love = Yo La Tengo)
9. Morrissey, "We Hate it When Our Friends Become Successful" (The Best of Morrissey)
10. Jeff Tweedy, "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart" (Vic Theater, Chicago 3/5/05)
11. Modest Mouse, "3rd Planet" (The Moon And Antartica)
12. Hole, "Northern Star" (Celebrity Skin)
13. The Jayhawks, "Nothing Left To Borrow" (Tomorrow The Green Grass)
14. Jeff Tweedy, "Someday Some Morning Sometime" (Vic Theater, Chicago 3/5/05)
15. Billy Bragg & Wilco, "Walt Whitman's Niece" (Mermaid Avenue)
16. Tim Easton, "Poor, Poor LA" (Break Your Mother's Heart)
17. Big Star, "O Dana" (A Little BIG Star)
18. Paul Westerberg, "Making Me Go" (Pantages Theatre, 11/7/04)
19. Neil Young, "Walk On" (On The Beach)
20. Earlimart, "Hold On, Slow Down" (Treble & Tremble)
21. The Rolling Stones, "Some Girls" (Some Girls)
22. R.E.M. Feat. Q-Tip, "The Outsiders" (Around The Sun)

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Four Days of Ipod Mixes

1. Archer Prewitt, “O, KY” (Wilderness)
2. Colin Meloy, “I Know Very Well How I Got My Name” (Sings Morrissey)
3. Green Day, “Letterbomb” (American Idiot)
4. Steve Earle, “If You Fall” (El Corazon)
5. Green Day, “St. Jimmy” (American Idiot)
6. Joy Division, “Shadowplay” (Heart and Soul)
7. Whiskeytown, “Inn Town” (Strangers Almanac)
8. Pixies, “No. 13 Baby” (Doolittle)
9. Bob Dylan, “She Belongs to Me” (Bringing It All Back Home)
10. Brian Jonestown Massacre, “Just For Today”
11. Super Furry Animals, “Do Or Die” (Songbook)
12. Richard Buckner, “A Chance Counsel” (Dents and Shells)
13. Joy Division, “Exercise One” (Heart and Soul)
14. The Cure, “All I Want” (Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me)
15. Velvet Underground, “Stephanie Says” (Peel Slowly and See)
16. Yo La Tengo, “Ultra-Powerful Short Wave Picks Up Music From Venus” (Genius + Love = Yo La Tengo)
17. The Slits, “Typical Girls” (No Thanks)
18. Elvis Costello, “Poisoned Rose” (King of America)
19. Echo & the Bunnymen, “I Want to Be There (When You Come)” (Crystal Days)
20. Chuck Berry, “I Got to Find My Baby” (Anthology)

Wednesday – demonstrating once again how this silly machine reads my moods.
1. Brian Jonestown Massacre, “Servo” (Retrospective)
2. Paul Westerberg, “Androgynous” (Troubadour 9/17/96)
3. Paul Westerberg, “Lush and Green” (Pantages Theatre 11/7/04)
4. Elliott Smith, “A Fond Farewell” (From a Basement On the Hill)
5. American Music Club, “Kathleen” (1984-1995)
6. Paul Westerberg, “Makin’ Me Go” (Henry Fonda Theatre, 2/2/05)
7. Soft Boys, “(I Want to Be An) Anglepoise Lamp” (No Thanks)
8. Echo & the Bunnymen, “Never Stop” (Crystal Days)
9. The Undertones, “Get Over You” (No Thanks)
10. Grandpaboy, “Vampires & Failures” (Dead Man Shake)
11. Whiskeytown, “If He Can’t Have You” (Faithless Street)
12. Replacements, “Lovelines” (Hootenanny)
13. Paul Westerberg, “Best Thing That Never Happened” (Suicaine Gratifaction)
14. Elvis Costello, “Eisenhower Blues” (King of America)

1. Jesus & Mary Chain, “April Skies” (21 Singles)
2. Kinks, “This Is Where I Belong” (Face to Face)
3. Suburbs, “The Best is Over” (Ladies and Gentlemen, the Suburbs Have Left the Building)
4. Uncle Tupelo, “Wipe the Clock” (March 16-20, 1992)
5. New Order, “Waiting For the Siren’s Call” (Waiting For the Siren’s Call)
6. Paul Westerberg, “I Will Dare” (Henry Fonda Theatre 2/23/05)
7. Whiskeytown, “What May Seem Like Love” (Faithless Street)
8. Jayhawks, “Falling Star” (Bunkhouse)
9. Golden Smog, “Glad & Sorry” (Down By the Old Mainstream)
10. Sex Pistols, “God Save the Queen” (Never Mind the Bollocks)
11. Elvis Presley, “Trouble” (Ultimate Collection)
12. Grandpaboy, “Homelessexual” (Grandpaboy EP)
13. Jason & the Scorchers, “I Really Don’t Want to Know” (Are You Ready For the Country)
14. Pernice Brothers, “7:30” (The World Won’t End)
15. Buzzcocks, “Boredom” (No Thanks)
16. Bob Mould, “Poison Years’ (Workbook)
17. Jason & the Socrchers, “Help There’s a Fire” (Are You Ready For the Country)
18. Replacements, “Rattlesnake” (Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash)
19. Morrissey, “I Like You” (You Are the Quarry)
20. Tim Easton, “Poor, Poor LA” (Break Your Mother’s Heart)
21. The Cure, “Untitled’ (Disintegration)
22. Paul Westerberg, “Let the Bad Times Roll” (Stereo)
23. Jayhawks, “Save It For a Rainy Day” (Rainy Day Music)
24. Paul Westerberg, “Footsteps” (Mono)
25. Liz Phair, “Divorce Song” (Exile in Guyville)
26. Razorlight, “To the Sea’ (Up All Night)
27. Stiff Little Fingers, “Alternative Ulster” (No Thanks)

1. The Who, “Pictures of Lily” (Thirty Years of Maximum R&B)
2. Brian Jonestown Massacre, “In My Life” (Retrospective)
3. Bright Eyes, “Landlocked Blues” (I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning)
4. Low, “Death of a Salesman” (The Great Destroyer)
5. X, “Universal Corner” (X)
6. Echo & the Bunnymen, “The Puppet” (Crystal Days)
7. Patti Smith, “Dancing Barefoot” (Land)
8. Wilco, “Kamera”
9. Echo & the Bunnymen, “Fuel” (Crystal Days)
10. Replacements, “Torture” (All Shook Down)
11. White Stripes, “The Same Boy You’ve Always Known” (White Blood Cells)
12. Lucinda Williams, “Metal Firecracker” (Car Wheels on a Gravel Road)
13. Descendents, “Suburben Home” (Left of the Dial)
14. Decemberists, “The Infanta” (Picaresque)
15. Tommy Keene, “Tattoo” (The Real Underground)
16. Ryan Adams, “Answering Bell” (Gold)
17. Bruce Springsteen, “Wages of Sin” (Tracks)
18. Colin Meloy, “I’ve Changed My Plea to Guilty” (Sings Morrissey)
19. Son Volt, “Loose String” (Trace)
20. Robert Pollard, “Love is Stronger Than Witchcraft” (From a Compound Eye)
21. Magnolia Electric Co., “Ring the Bell” (Trials & Errors)
22. Earlimart, “808 Crickets” (Treble & Tremble)
23. Bruce Springsteen, “Meeting Across the River” (Born to Run)
24. Replacements, “Bent Out of Shape” (All Shook Down)
25. Neil Young, “Human Highway” (Comes a Time)
26. Velvet Underground, “New Age” (Peel Slowly and See)
27. Camper Van Beethoven, “Hippie Chix” (New Roman Times)
28. R.E.M., “Green Grow the Rushes” (Fables of the Reconstruction)
29. Scud Mountain Boys, “Sweet Sally” (Pine Box)
30. Kathleen Edwards, “Somewhere Else” (Back to Me)
31. The Smiths, “Sweet and Tender Hooligan” (Louder Than Bombs)
32. Bright Eyes, “Another Travelin’ Song” (I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning)
33. Spoon, “Vittorio E” (Kill the Moonlight)
34. Echo & the Bunnymen, “Ship of Fools” (Crystal Days)
35. Ryan Adams, “Don’t Ask For the Water” (Heartbreaker)
36. X, “Just Another Perfect Day” (The Best)
37. Elvis Costello, “(What’s So Funny About) Peace, Love and Understanding?” (Armed Forces)
38. Bob Dylan, “You Changed My Life” (Bootleg Series)
39. Pixies, “Oh My Golly” (Surfer Rosa)
40. Kinks, “Funny Face” (Something Else)
41. Guided By Voices, “Game of Pricks” (Human Amusements at Hourly Rates0
42. Sleater-Kinney, “Let’s Call it Love” (The Woods)
43. Paul Westerberg, “MPLS” (Pantages Theatre 11/7/04)
44. Decemberists, “The Engine Driver” (Picaresque)
45. Paul Westerberg, “I Got a Mind to Give Up Living” (Henry Fonda Theatre)
46. Joy Division, “Ice Age” (Heart and Soul)
47. New Order, “Hey Now What You Doing” (Waiting For the Sirens’ Call)
48. Paul Westerberg, “I.O.U.” (Henry Fonda Theatre, 2/22/05)
49. Jayhawks, “Bad Time” (Tomorrow the Green Grass)
50. Tommy Keene, “Don’t Sleep in the Daytime” (The Real Underground)
51. Son Volt, “Route” (Trace)
52. Mission of Burma, “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver” (Left of the Dial)
53. Bettie Serveert, “Have a Heart” (Log 22)
54. The Who, “Substitute” (Thirty Years of Maximum R&B)
55. Replacements, “Favorite Thing” (Let it Be)
56. Public Image Limited, “Usls 1” (Plastic Box)
57. Bruce Springsteen, “Does this Bus Stop at 82nd Street” (Tracks)
58. The Cure, “Icing Sugar” (Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me)
59. Velvet Underground, “What Goes On” (Peel Slowly and See)
60. Centro-Matic, “Supercar” (Love You Just the Same)
61. Arcade Fire, “Wake Up” (Funeral)
62. The Byrds, “Everybody’s Been Burned”
63. The Clash, “Clampdown” (Clash on Broadway)
64. John Doe, “She’s Not” (Forever Hasn’t Happened Yet)
65. Big Star, “I Don’t Know” (A Little Big Star)
66. Wilco, “I’m Always in Love” (Summer Teeth)
67. Kinks, “Starstruck” (Ultimate Collection)
68. Spoon, “Metal School” (Series of Sneaks)
69. R.E.M., “letter Never sent” (Reckoning)
70. Uncle Tupelo, “Black Tie” (March 16-20, 1992)
71. Bob Mould, “One Good Reason” (Black Sheets of Rain)
72. Paul Westerberg, “Someone Take the Wheel” (Henry Fonda Theatre 2/23/05)
73. Chuck Berry, “Back in the U.S.A.” (Anthology)

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Get Out of Town - Martha Stewart and KELO-Land (Again)

Today is a special day. For the price of one get out of town, you’re going to get two victims.
We’ll start off on the national….hell, even the international front. The other day while driving to Kansas City, my travel companion mentioned that although she never before thought that Martha Stewart was cool, now that she’s a jailbird she’s way cool.
I must admit that I’ve never really given a lot of thought to this convicted felon. I’ve only stumbled upon her television show on one occasion, and quickly changed the channel after she gave a lesson on shoveling snow that included a tidbit about leaving a light coating on the sidewalk for a “festive look”. Obviously, she had no clue what she was talking about, so I never again paid her any attention.
Over the past few days, though, I have had no choice but to notice her. In the days leading up to her release from prison both the print and television media wasted plenty of time and space debating her future. This wasn’t just on the business news shows and publications; this happened everywhere – from Access Hollywood to Fox News; from Time to People.
But these stories were just a blip on the screen compared to the past five days. Her release from prison was covered live on seemingly every television channel. Her speech to her company’s employees was also simulcast everywhere. Screamaholics on the cable news channels shifted their focus from Robert Blake and Michael Jackson to Martha Stewart. Satellite trucks found a home in her front lawn, angling for a shot of her walking in front of her picture window.
The most ridiculous item I saw came from whatever silly show Deborah Norville is now hosting. To show us what house arrest is like, this bimbo put on one of those ankle bracelets and hung around her home all day. We got to see her cook, clean, and, what should have been most exciting, apply lotion to her supple legs. There was one main difference, though. Norville could take off the shackles at any time. Stewart can’t.
Not that Ms. Martha has it that tough. I wouldn’t mind spending five months in her palatial mansion, with servants, celebrities, business associates, and politicians constantly dropping by. Trust me, I know some people on house arrest, and their confinement is nothing like what Stewart is going through.
I must say, however, that I still don’t have much of an opinion of this person. I take issue at the media. They’re the ones turning this situation into a non-interrupted story. More troubling, they’re the ones who have transformed her from a not-so-friendly-but-rich bitch into Mother Theresa. It’s like they’ve all been hired to become her public relations firm. Has she really changed that much? I doubt it.
As long as I’m once again ranting about the media, I must turn my attention to the clowns who run the television station across the street from this studio. I’ve tried to ignore them like I’ve always ignored Ms. Stewart. After all, it has been at least three weeks since I’ve bitched about them.
But I must return to one of my oldest beefs about these idiots. Time after time I have ranted and raved about their overuse of the term “KELO-Land”. It’s one thing to use this as a marketing term, but their use of it in their actual newscast is pure evil. Hell, they can’t even define the boundaries of this term. Sometimes it’s only used for those in the Sioux Falls area; other times it extends to sexually-challenged Andy Harvey’s daily West River stories. And if somebody in a neighboring state gets some national notoriety, then suddenly they’re also one of their own.
For the most part, there’s no real harm in this practice. A few days ago, however, they went beyond what should be anybody’s sense of good taste. When three area residents were killed in incidents in Iraq, they were identified as “KELO-Land soldiers”. This is an insult to those soldiers, any other residents in the military, and every one of their family and friends. They are American soldiers, and I can’t believe a station that prides itself on it’s patriotism would put their marketing department ahead of the details of lives taken away in defense of our country.
Look, I’m the first to admit that in the eyes of most people I’m no super-patriot. I’m still firmly against the mess that this country’s administration has forced these men and women into, and I’m even angrier at how close-minded people on both sides of the fence are when it comes to any political issue.
But I have nothing but respect and love for those people who have left their jobs, family, and friends to travel halfway across the world to risk their lives in a country that doesn’t even want us. Reducing their tragic tales to fit their station’s advertising budget is something I would expect from Thune’s blogging buddies, not from the region’s number one rated television station. Until Colonel Jorgensen, Sgt. Kenneckee, Head Nurse Whitney Beam, and Private Beavis form their own army they must refrain from addressing military personnel as KELO-Land residents. Wait a second, KELO forming their own army? I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet. Or has it?

Monday, March 07, 2005

Five Minutes With God – Paul Westerberg in Kansas City, 3/4/05

I'm so ugly in this photo that I had trouble transferring it to this blog.
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Kansas City, here we come! After a swing through the West Coast, Westerberg began his Midwest tour last Thursday in Denver. With Kansas City only five hours away, it was obvious that I had to make another pilgrimage.
We hit the city around two, and decided to scope out the venue to ensure that we knew where we were going. We were a little shocked to discover Paul’s tour bus already parked out front!
After checking into our hotel and scoping the highly lauded Westport area, we headed to the Emporium around 6. A handful of people were already camped out front. Let’s just say that the entire Midwest was represented. I had already met Jane three years ago at the Guthrie shows. She had traveled down from Minneapolis for both the K.C. and Columbia shows. There were also fans from Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas present to hear Paul and “His Only Friends” tear through their soundcheck.
After a half hour of playing, the band walked out of the club. I said hello to Paul, who replied “hey, how ya doing?” Drummer Michael Bland waddled over to the pizza joint next door before retiring to the bus.
A few minutes after seven, we were finally allowed into the club. The Emporium is a tiny little venue that only holds around 300 people. Obviously, it was sold out. Since we were the fifth and sixth people into the club, we were able to scope out exactly where we wanted to be. With everybody else heading to spots right in front of the stage, we decided to grab stools on the other side of a little wall that divided the club in two. Since these seats were eye level from the stage yet only a foot or two off the front corner of the club, it was like we were also in the front row…except with seats!

"Rip out the tables, we need room to move!"
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A few minutes after eight, the band finally hit the stage. Here’s the setlist:

Merry Go Round
Someone Take the Wheel
Live Forever
Final Hurrah
Kiss Me On The Bus
Knockin' On Mine
Making Me Go
Let The Bad Times Roll
No Place For You
As Far As I Know
Little Mascara
Born For Me
High Time
Skyway ( solo )
Here Comes A Regular ( solo )
What A Day ( For A Night )
Achin' To Be
Love Untold
I Will Dare
Alex Chilton
Left Of The Dial
Kansas City Star ( about 1-2 minutes worth )
Can't Hardly Wait

As you can see, there were very few surprises in the set. Sure, there were a few changes from the Pantages shows of last October (less Folker material, more ‘mats), but none of the goofy covers and obscurities that dazzled fans on the West Coast.
Yet there are no complaints from this crazed lunatic. A week on the road has been very good for the band, as they seemed to be able to completely read Paul’s mind (not an easy task). He may have flubbed a lyric or two, but otherwise he was spot on. Former Son Volt bassist Jim Boquist seems to be having the time of his life, and Michael Bland is a complete madman on drums.
Best of all, our vantage point and the intimacy of the club revealed Westerberg to be a very underrated guitarist. It was his guitar leads that would kick the songs into overdrive, not Kevin Bowe’s. Quick glances from Paul to Bland would signal time changes and song endings, with Bowe and Boquist quickly following suit.
What was probably most surprising is that it was on the solo material that was the most inspiring. Sure, “I Will Dare”, “Can’t Hardly Wait” and the other classics ‘mats songs were well executed, but it was on songs such as “Psychopharmacology” and “High Time” that found the band escalating into overdrive. In fact, the musical highpoint of the evening may have come from the newest song in the setlist. “As Far As I Know” has turned into a modern day power pop classic. If this song had been recorded and released in the late 80’s, it would have been a modern rock radio standard.
The acoustic ballads were probably the most emotional portion of the night. “Born For Me” may be one of his most underrated songs, and after seeing it performed live twice in the last five months I now understand why Nick Hornsby included it in his “Songbook” collection. “Here Comes a Regular” brought tears to my eyes, and it’s always an emotional moment to hear an entire audience sing along to “Skyway”.
I must say, however, that the show was a bit short. Some have said that the show was only ninety minutes long, which is a bit of a disappointment after hearing about his two hour plus marathons in L.A.
After returning home, I discovered the main reason why the show was cut off after one encore. Sometime before his Denver appearance, Westerberg ended up in the emergency room after injuring his right hamstring. He had actually dropped his pants at one point at that concert to show off his new injury. Those in line before this show had told us that he was using a cane when he entered the club for the soundcheck.
He didn’t show any signs of injury during his performance. He was all over the place, jumping around during his guitar leads, stomping his feet when Bowe took his leads. But it was clearly bothering him after the show, as we were about to find out.

"Here Comes a Regular"
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When we exited the club, we found a line to the door of his tour bus. He was accepting visitors, so of course we had to take our place in line. Although extremely nervous, I had already decided what I wanted to say.
We stepped into the bus to find Bland on the right hand seat, and Paul on his left. Spread out on the seat, Paul had an ice pack under his right thigh. After asking permission to take photos, Paul pointed down and told me to have a seat.
”I’m not going to sit between your legs”, I said with a laugh.
“You’re gonna have to, as I can’t move”.
So I did, and Traci took a quick shot.
I went into my script. “You know, Paul, Sioux Falls is only four hours away from home. You should come down some time”.
“Sioux Falls? I think I played there once”.
“Yes, you did…and I co-promoted it.”
Westerberg smiled, but didn’t really respond. I turned my attention to Bland. “I gotta ask you, Mr. Bland. Do you know a guy by the name of Greg McDonald, who goes by the name of Zapp?”
“No, can’t say I have.”
Zapp is now on my shitlist, as he has long claimed to be the buddy of all the great black Minneapolis musicians, including Mr. Bland.
We asked Bland if we could also take photos with him, and he reluctantly agreed. Traci noted that his arms move so fast while he plays he looks like a hummingbird flapping his wings.
Paul’s face lights up, and says he needs to write that down.
“Don’t you use that in a song,” screams Traci. “That’s my line”. I cringe; I’d die to have one of my one-liners end up in a Westerberg tune.
After a bit more small-talk and an autograph, we finally depart the bus. Both of us were beaming, and I’ll bet I haven’t lost that smile ever since.

Why does her photo look so much better than mine? Maybe it's the photographer.
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Traci and Michael Bland.
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The infamous Folker insert photo.
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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Westerberg on Craig Ferguson

Dressed as a rock 'n' roll Unabomber, Westerberg and His Only Friends (as he's calling this band) ripped through a version of "As Far As I Know" this past Monday evening.

Watch it HERE

Paul is currently on a short tour of the West and Midwest (including a Friday night performance in Kansas City that I will be attending). A two night stand in Los Angeles featured haphazard duets with Lucinda Williams, including this version of "Born For Me".

Today’s Ipod Shuffle

A good day for hearing new releases – for the first time Tegan & Sara, Kings of Leon, and British Sea Power are heard, along with a nice selection of other relatively new albums.

1. The Wrens, “Hopeless” (The Meadowlands)
2. Shane MacGowan, “The Snake With Eyes of Garnet” (The Snake)
3. Pixies, “Wave of Mutilation” (Doolittle)
4. Young Fresh Fellow, “Power Mowers Theme” (The Fabulous Sounds of the Pacific NW)
5. The Germs, “Lexicon Devil” (No Thanks)
6. Earlimart, “It’s OK To Think About Ending” (Treble & Tremble)
7. R.E.M., “Drive” (Automatic For the People)
8. Tegan & Sara, “You Wouldn’t Like Me” (So Jealous)
9. Kings of Leon, “Where Nobody Knows” (Aha Shake Heartbreak)
10. Bob Mould, “Disappointed” (Black Sheets of Rain)
11. Paul Westerberg, “$100 Groom” (Folker)
12. Modest Mouse, “What People Are Made Of” (The Moon and Antartica)
13. Jayhawks, “Five Cups of Coffee” (Blue Earth)
14. M. Ward, “Paul’s Song” (Trnasister Radio)
15. Paul Westerberg, “Soldier of Misfortune” (Come Feel Me Tremble)
16. Billy Bragg & Wilco, “Jo DiMaggio Done It Again” (Mermaid Avenue, Vol. 2)
17. Lou Barlow, “The Ballad of Daykitty” (Emoh)
18. Guided By Voices, “My Valuable Hunting Knife” (Human Amusements at Hourly Rates)
19. The Shins, “Pressed in a Book” (Oh, Inverted World)
20. British Sea Power, “North Hanging Rock” (Open Season)

Yesterday’s Ipod Mix

Again, the damn machine read my mind. Going through a sort of rough day at work, the Ipod picked quite a few classic tunes along with a few introspective folk-rockers.

1. The Cure, “Love Song” (Disintegration)
2. Steve Earle, “All My Life” (Transcendental Blues)
3. Paul Westerberg, “Call That Gone” (Stereo)
4. Tim Easton, “Carry Me” (The Truth About Us)
5. The Velvet Underground, “Beginning to See the Light” (Peel Slowly and See)
6. Replacements, “Achin’ to Be” (Don’t Tell a Soul)
7. Eddie Floyd, “Raise Your Hand” (Complete Stax/Volt Singles)
8. R.E.M., “The Flowers of Guatemala” (Life’s Rich Pageant)
9. Public Image Limited, “Home” (Plastic Box)
10. Ryan Adams, “La Cienega Just Smiled” (Gold)
11. Hole, “Jennifer’s Body” (Live Through This)
12. Visqueen, “Houston” (Sunset on Dateland)
13. The Velvet Underground, “Some Kinda Love” (Peel Slowly and See)
14. Whiskeytown, “Empty Baseball Park” (Faithless Street)
15. The Creation, “How Does it Feel to Feel” (Nuggets II)
16. Modest Mouse, “Ocean Breathes Salty” (Good News For People Who Love Bad News)
17. Crooked Fingers, “Sleep all Summer” (Dignity and Shame)
18. Echo & the Bunnymen, “Watch Out Below” (Crystal Days)
19. R.E.M., “7 Chinese Bros.” (Reckoning)
20. Whiskeytown, “Black Arrow, Bleeding Heart” (Faithless Street)
21. The Kinks, “Holiday in Waikiki” (Face to Face)
22. The Wrens, “She Sends Kisses” (The Meadowlands)

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I've had a lot of arguments with my friends regarding the supposed beauty of that lame-brained Simpson woman. This photo proves that I'm right - this is one hideous looking twit. Remember, kids, the tanning bed is dangerous!!!
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This Week's Get Out of Town - Don't Buy a Car From These Clowns!!!

Over the last few weeks, I really haven’t addressed local issues. I have ranted against awards shows, sports, lip-synch divas, telemarketers, and other wretched cretins that ruin my days and nights.
Today will be a little different. I’m bringing the fight to one of the city’s big guns, and their history of screwing over the little guy. Or in this case the little woman.
Under the advice of my powerful team of lawyers, I won’t name these bastards. I think you’ll be able to figure out who I’m talking about, though. They’re a local used car dealer who spends a ton of cash on half hour infomercials bragging about how they can improve anybody’s credit. If that doesn’t tell you who they are, well, they’re also the name of a wrestling move.
This story involves a beautiful young single mother that I adore who has had some credit problems over the years. She’s a great person who has always struggled to make ends meet for her and her two children.
In late January, she visited this certain car dealer and traded in her existing vehicle for a new one that was better suited for carrying her children. The deal was quickly made, and she took possession of her car that same day.
Three weeks later, she contacted her bank to check her balance and discovered that her old car had not yet been paid off. The payment for that old loan had been deducted from her account. Thinking that it was a simple mix-up, she contacted her sales rep, who told her he would call the corporate office and make sure that a check would be sent for her buyout.
For the next few days, she kept contacting her bank, who had agreed to delay that loan payment until the end of her ten day grace period. When that time period had lapsed, she again called her sales rep, who claimed he would personally take a check down to the bank to pay off that loan.
They failed to do as promised. She called again the next day, and they again promised to personally deliver the payment. Day after day she called – suddenly the people she needed to talk to were never around. Or her messages would be given to the wrong people. As she became more irate with each call, their patience would also lessen. They threatened to hang up on her at one point, but didn’t after she promised to show up with a lawyer if they did. At one point they also claimed that her new loan wasn’t even approved until almost a full month after she was allowed to drive off with the new vehicle.
In the meantime, she found her original car on another lot. She eventually visited this lot, and was told that they had bought it from her dealer, but the title had not yet been transferred. He was also upset, as he claimed there were multiple times he could have resold it.
Finally, she had had enough. Six weeks after the deal was made, the bank had still not received the payoff. The bank supplied her with the phone number to the Department of Motor Vehicles, but before she contacted them the bank called back to inform her that the payout had finally been made. Unfortunately, it was for the wrong amount. Another call to the car dealer led to another promise, which at last report had not been made.
I’m the first to admit that mistakes can be made. It’s possible that somebody simply dropped the ball, or a lazy sales person or financial clerk didn’t do their job. But I have heard similar stories from a number of people. In fact, it’s my understanding that it’s these kinds of practices that have led to criminal investigations in other states.
The obvious question is why would these guys screw over a potential good customer? It’s because they can. The people who purchase cars at this lot don’t have many choices, and if they do repair their credit they will move on to bigger and better car lots with more reasonable interest rates.
It’s a simple matter of making money from money. Every day the held onto their cash resulted in a little bit more interest income. It may not amount to much from each individual sale, but if you repeat these kinds of practices tens or hundreds of times per week will result in some sweet cash flow improvements. Meanwhile, the already poor credit of their customers will possibly just get worse. My friend says that her credit rating would decrease by 200 points if there had been further delays in her payoff. I guess it’s an ingenious plan to force customers to return to their lot – not by customer service or great deals but by ruining what little credit remains so they can charge an even higher interest rate on their next overpriced lemon.