Mayor Munson, Please Just Say No!

Once again, I offer up a repeat offender. It doesn’t happen very often, but there are times when one of my targets just doesn’t get the hint the first time around.
I didn’t think this would happen, though. I truly believed that when this man gave his word that he would disappear that he would do just that. Yet a few weeks ago word started spreading that Dave Munson was reconsidering his decision to not seek reelection as Mayor of our fine city.Last week these rumors started heating up, particularly when Munson was seen begging for signatures at a Skyforce basketball game. (I realize the Argus made it sound like he sheepishly allowed people to sign, but from what I’ve been told this was not the case. Think about it – he didn’t just happen to have the forms with him.)
This past Friday he made it official; conveniently on the same day that he was the Grand Marshall of the St. Patrick’s Day parade. You’re right, I don’t believe that this was a coincidence.
It’s clear that Dave Munson is either the dumbest man in local politics or the most cunning. While I used to hold the position that he was the former, his recent actions point to the latter. I honestly believe that this was his plan all along. By dropping out of the race, the heat dropped from the most recent controversies surrounding his non-reported fundraiser that occurred shortly after his 2002 election.
Sitting out those four or five weeks allowed all of his downtown buddies to write campaign letters to the Argus Leader, complaining that everybody has been mean to the poor man. After all, he LOVES our city. Well, who doesn’t? Wouldn’t anybody who seeks the thankless job of mayor or city commissioner be a person who loves Sioux Falls?
As for his treatment by the media, he really shouldn’t complain. For the most part, they’ve treated him with kid gloves. Sure, the budget problems were reported, as were the already-mentioned fundraiser scandal. Otherwise, his mumbling and rambling have been edited in the most positive light.
A perfect example of the “BJ”-type of media coverage occurred Sunday evening by KELO’s Jody Schwann. Munson would be wise to circulate the three-minute “story” as campaign promotion. No tough questions were asked, as were no follow-ups. Munson took credit for Phillips to the Falls, although that project was started in previous administrations.
He also bragged about “cleaning up downtown”. Now we all know that in my opinion there was nothing to clean. Whatever problems were occurring could have been fixed by a larger police presence. But who really was behind the ordinances that made it illegal for teens to congregate downtown? It wasn’t Munson; no, it was the unlikely trio of Andy Howes, Vernon Brown, and Darrin Smith that in my opinion looked like fools when they hid out on the second floor of a downtown building. Yet Schwann just gave Munson her customary frozen face look as he bragged about his accomplishments.
There is also some unfinished business that the city commission should immediately bring up. It was due to Munson’s promise to sit out this election that they tabled the investigation into his fundraiser. If he’s back in, then it should be back on the table. If not, then those looking to unseat him better raise the issue.
Dave, please, I’m begging you. Just say no. Even some of your supporters have told me that you’re going to be heartbroken on election night. There are plenty of other gigs for you. Just a few weeks ago I had a poll to come up with a new job, and readers of my blog selected occupations such as Wal-Mart greeter, Wilbur at Gigglebees, and KDLT anchor. I think any of these would be a rewarding experience for you, my friend.


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