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In the aftermath of the tumultuous legislative session, what should be our new state logo?
South Dakota - The No Wire Hanger State!
The Britney Spears State - Dumb, Barefoot & Pregnant!
The Nine Month Waiting Period For All Pregnancies State
The Guns Are Private But Vaginas Aren't State
No Cash For Education But Plenty For Litigation State
The State Of Extremist Minority Rule
The Go Elsewhere For Medical Care State
South Dakota - The Abstinence Wonderland
South Dakota - "Protecting" Life One Concealed Gun At A Time
My Name is South Dakota - But You Can Call Me Roger
The Are Politicians R Dummer Then Yers State
South Dakota - Underpaid and Oversexed
The Blame It On Keloland State
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Breezy said…
South Dakoathanger...

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