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Friday, August 25, 2006


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NAUGATUCK -- Brandilynn Fambrough had so much more to accomplish in her young life, friends and co-workers said Thursday.

Fambrough, 28, was murdered early Sunday morning when her estranged boyfriend, Robert Krueger, 25, of Brick, N.J., shot her several times outside of her apartment on Andrew Avenue. Krueger then killed himself.

Police have ruled it a murder/suicide. They said they do not know the motive and Krueger did not leave a suicide note.

Friends said Fambrough met Krueger on an Internet site and dated him for about six weeks, deciding she only wanted a Platonic relationship. Krueger showed up at her apartment around 5 a.m. Sunday and asked Fambrough to step outside. Inside, several of Fambrough's friends were there for a sleepover, police said. Krueger then took out a gun and shot Fambrough several times, according to police.

"It's just a senseless thing and greedy to take her life,'' said Fred Bobson, partner at DT Holdings in Stamford, where Fambrough worked as an administrative assistant. "This whole thing is horrendous. Everyone that knew her feels bad. She had so much more to accomplish in her young life.''

Bobson said the commute from Naugatuck, where she had found an affordable rental, to Stamford every day was long and that she recently found an apartment in the Stamford area.

"She was so happy that she was moving closer to work,'' he said.

He said Fambrough was "family" to him and had a tough life after leaving home in Washington state when she was a teenager. "She had a rough life but she was working out of it,'' he said. "She was such a great person and so full of life and she touched everyone she met,'' he said.

Mickey Berkowitz of Stamford said Fambrough worked as a nanny for him and his wife, Lynda, for more than three years. He said she grew up in the Seattle area but left home when she was around 15. He said she moved out of his home last September and in April started working full-time for DT Holdings, a jewelry manufacturing company.

"She was like a daughter and was infectious in her charm, and very honest and sincere,'' said Berkowitz. He said she also had a "very positive'' impact on children. A tree will be planted in her honor at the Northeast Elementary School in Stamford, where Fambrough met many staff members and children while acting as nanny to his child.

Kevin Marino, another partner of DT Holdings, said they have been in shock since learning that Fambrough was murdered. He said she will be "terribly missed'' at the company where she had easily made friends.

"Her concern for other people's lives, feelings and happiness was genuine,'' he said "She left us entirely too soon.''

Friends and family members said goodbye during services Thursday at the Leo T. Gallagher & Sons Funeral Home on Summer Street in Stamford, not far from where she worked at DT Holdings.

She is survived by her mother, Sherry Fambrough; a brother, Ronald Fambrough; and a sister, Tammy Fambrough, all of Seattle. They could not be reached Thursday for comment.


Tonya Revis said…
I met Brandilynn in 1997 when she first moved to NJ. We lost touch after she moved to CT so I was trying to facebook her to find her when I came across news articles about her tragic death. She was such a fun person and everyone something in common with her. She will be missed.
Scott said…
She was a wonderful woman with a beautiful laugh and smile.
Tonya Revis said…
Odd question but do you know where she is buried?
Scott said…
Sorry, I don't. :(
sam dyck said…
I was born in NJ in 1997 and Brandilynn was my nanny. When I was little I found a pitcher of her and I and when I look at it I had no idea who she was then I was told that we had a nanny when I ask what happened to her my mom said that she was murdered. They have been sometimes where I felt like crap and I always felt that she was there looking out for me

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