You Can Do Better Than This, KELO!

Over the past few months, I’ve stayed away from commenting on my friends at KELO. Trust me, it’s not because that they’ve shown any improvement. If anything, it’s gotten to the point that I can’t sit through much more than the top story of the night.
That all changes today, as I can’t refrain from commenting on a story that should not have even made the cut for that final thirty second filler at the end of the broadcast. Unfortunately, for their viewers, this same footage is being shown multiple times every day for over a week.
Before I get into the actual story, though, I must say that by no means does this complaint minimize the tragedy that occurred in southern Minnesota last month. I feel terrible for everybody involved – from the families of the victims to the rescue workers to the kids that were friends of those whose lives were cut short.
I’m also not excusing the fact that people routinely break the law in regards to driving with a valid driver’s license. It’s a crime, and if caught those people should be held accountable. That fact doesn’t excuse what KELO has been doing the past few days.
If you don’t already know what I’m talking about, early last week KELO aired a so-called “investigative” report where they sat outside a courthouse to see if anybody that was convicted of driving without a driver’s license would again get behind the wheel.
Of course, they found a number of people in this situation, and ambushed these people. Most had little to say, but one young woman explained that she lives far from the courthouse and had no other way to get to her hearing. It’s still wrong, but she took a chance that she wouldn’t get caught. Come on, this is not exactly a major crime. Yes, the Minnesota situation was caused by a person without a license, but it’s quite a stretch to link this woman with that situation.
One would think that somebody in that building would have laughed at this silly story, and once it aired we’d never hear about it again. Of course that’s not the case. We’ve now seen that same footage day after day after day. Their big get was the following day when they confronted county officials about how they allow this to happen.
Let’s be real. Do they really expect police officers to sit in the courthouse parking lot and check out every car that leaves? Hundreds of cars are in and out of that lot throughout the day. How many of these vehicles feature a person without a license? Maybe two or three? Five at the most? I think the resources of our police department are better utilized elsewhere.
At least there was one moment in the original story that made me chuckle. One young lady was none too pleased to have her day interrupted by these idiots. As she drove off, she gave the finger to the camera crew, which of course KELO slowed down to show just how offensive these people are. It didn’t offend me. In fact, that cute woman is now my hero! I wonder if she’s single.


SouthDaCola said…
There is a quick fix to the problem. If you don't have a DL, you shouldn't be able to purchase a car or car registration and plates.

When I had my hearing (ahem) a few months back I had to sit thru at least 30 No insurance cases. (90% of them were women, 50% of them did not have DL's either, 4 of them were preggo, and 5 of them were Latino and could not speak English). And one of them was even stupid enough to throw her car keys on the podium when she came before the judge. In which he asked if she drove there that day. Guess what her answer was?
Anonymous said…
I thought the story was great! If you lose your license, what part of "you aren't supposed to be driving" don't you understand? Their car should be impounded IMO. How would you feel if someone in your family were killed by one of these people who lost their license but still drove and caused an accident (and most probably they didn't get hurt but the innocents did).

If the police would monitor these situations randomly and heavily fine anyone caught driving with a just revoked license, it would cut down on the same.

And I don't pity the lady who said she had no other way to get home. There are buses, friends, and don't forget her own two feet.

People don't get licenses taken away for just burping while driving. They have had serious infractions, most probably DWI. Driving is a privilege, not a right. And if you abuse the privilege, you lose the right in the interest of everyone else's safety.
Anonymous said…
I agree, don't drive if you don't have a license. BUS, TAXI, BICYCLE! USE THEM
There are many licensed drivers that have no business being behind the wheel. Some are too old to be operating a vehicle; some, too "impaired," some too busy talking on the phone and/or texting, some with simply no regard for human life...

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