Even Better Westerberg News

Available June 49, 2008:
49:00 of Paul Westerberg for 49 cents

Frontman Paul Westerberg is planning to release a host of new music for 49 cents via his Web site on Saturday (July 19). The artist's last solo release was 2004's "Folker."

Screw Jazzfest; I'm spending the weekend with Paul!


Anonymous said…
If we had a new arena, we could have Jazzfest indoors. Herd the cattle in the pasture thing is getting old. Sitting in a hot muggy park filled with dog poop isn't my idea of fun. And no wet tee shirt contest makes grandmafest boring also. Who's Westernberg.

Anonymous said…
if jazzfest was in a new arena, they couldnt say that over 100,000 people attended. oh wait, maybe they could.

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