Paul and Tommy Working Together Again!

Prince/Soul Asylum drummer Michael Bland posted these pics and the following message on the Man Without Ties message board:

hello folks!! long time, no message..

anyway, i thought i'd get on here and try to explain what went down, a couple weeks ago.

tommy called and said that paul was in a particularly good mood and felt like getting together to jam. no pressure. no expectations. so, we did. it was alot of fun. jim boquist dropped by, the second day, and played some guitar with us.
as far as covers go, we toyed with a handful of folk songs, oddly enough. "if i had a hammer".. "the streets of laredo".. etc. things like that. of course, the treatment was pretty ramones-ish..
as far as 'mats songs go, we de-composed "little mascara", "left of the dial" and "bastards of young" so badly, all we could do was laugh about it.
however, we did get through "i'll be you", "i.o.u", a country rendition of "alex chilton", and surprisingly, "unsatisfied".
we also kicked around "bored of edukation", and a couple other new songs paul had been working on at home. we tried a tommy stinson song.. i believe it was called "a match made in hell". that one went pretty well..

as for the change in clothes, paul tends to travel with more than one change of clothes. but, we did jam on 2 consecutive days, as well..
the reason you see no pics of tommy actually playing is because i took these shots from behind the drum kit.. which means there were no photographs taken while music was being made.

oh yeah.. and, the reason the bricks are crooked is because the backdrop from the "grave dancers union" tour is covering the not-so-flattering walls of our (soul asylum's) rehearsal space, which is where this auspicious occasion took place. it hangs a little crooked..

any questions?



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