A Perfect Fall Day

It amazes me how people so quickly fall into the fall/winter mindset. Today is a perfect fall day - hovering around 70 with little to no wind. Yet as I went on a coffee run I was shocked at how people are dressed. Those doing yard work are in heavy sweatshirts; people walking their dogs are bundled up in jackets. Aren't they sweating like crazy? Just two weeks ago, these conditions would be accompanied by shorts, tank tops, and flip flops.


Anonymous said…
I wore my shorts today, but my nuts got chilly and had to change into blue jeans. Neighbor girl wore her tank top, and she had some nice big jugs bouncing freely today.
I think you should write an essay on bands turning their amps up too high. ZZTop played at the Pav on Sunday night - and while their instrumental talent was excellent, the loudness was unwarranted and unwanted. Bands shouldn’t cater to the sound levels of their most fanatic fans, just to what their mainstream audience prefers. I did enjoy the intro band for the concert. Blackberry Smoke turned out to be a pretty good country rock band that the Sioux Falls audience warmed up to right away.
Christine said…
The weather this time of year is fantastic. 60s and 70's during the day and dropping to the 40's at night, great sleeping weather.

It's getting close to perfect leather jacket weather

Could snow be far behind????

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