The Ledge, Episode 1

I've jumped on the podcast bandwagon. Episode 1 of The Ledge has just been uploaded. I realize it sucks because I'm a mumble-mouthed jackass, but hopefully you'll find it entertaining.

You can listen to it at  mevio.

Here's the tracklist:

1. Replacements, "The Ledge".

2. Paul Westerberg, "Gimme Little Joy".

3. Get Up Kids, "Overdue".

4. Idle Hands, "Loaded".

5. Yo La Tengo, "Nothing To Hide".

6. I Was a King, "Step Aside"

7. Soft Black, "I Am An Animal".

8. Girls, "Lust For Life".

9. Pains of Being Pure At Heart, "Come Saturday".

10. Reigning Sound, "Break It".

11. Lucero, "Smoke".

12. Dark Mean, "Happy Banjo".

13. Wintersleep, "Archaeologists".

14. Art Brut, "The Replacements".

15. The Drums, "Don't Be a Jerk, Johnny".


The Goddess said…
You are the antithesis of a mumble-mouthed jackass! PLUS, I'm finally feeling redeemed. "Happy Banjo" has been in heavy rotation since summer. I cannot say enough about how much I love the band Wintersleep. About a month ago I had "Dead Letter and the Infinite Yes" on repeat for a week straight. It's so dreamy, the lyrics lovely. And the Pains of Being Pure At Heart are SO wonderful..."Come Saturday" is the best song about my favorite day to come along since Guadacanal Diary's "Always Saturday."

And what do I have to say about Art Brut? "I can't believe that I just discovered the Replacements...some of them are even as old as my parents."

Thanks for the list...gonna check out more I Was A King. I really liked their "Norman Bliek" track (even if I can't spell it). Thanks for the super-swell list!
sleeves said…
I'm digging the Ledge!
Pinhead said…
Loving the podcast. The "mumbled mouth jackass" line is ironic greatness as the Goddess notes. Listening to Westerberg so much has rubbed of on ya, as your self-effaced comments fit the "The Ledge" perfectly.
Anonymous said…
We're going to have a new events center. And truly good bands will play there. Bands that people have actually heard of will perform. And it will all be paid for in just four years with a temporary one penny sales tax. By the way, Hannah Montana sold more albums than all your favorite bands put together.
Scott said…
If you honestly believe this town will a). have more concerts because of a new events center and b) the sales tax to pay for it will indeed be temporary, then you deserve the additional taxation.

As for the sales figures of Hannah Montana versus my library, I really could give a shit. I've never chosen an album based on sales, and I never will. Enjoy whatever music you like, regardless of genre, looks, popularity, or whatever.
Anonymous said…
LOL I'm not a Hannah Montana fan, I just like to press your buttons. Some of the bands you listed are pretty good. Replacement, Stripes, Dylan, (Decemberists were great on Austin City Limits). No Wide Spread Panic? Will the Grateful Dead every tour in the near future?
Some of us have been discussing the new Events Center proposal on the Argus Voices blogs. The blogger opinions are split 50/50, and the people that are against it are really mad. I think that some of the bands that you like would come to Sioux Falls if we had 12,000 seats to sell, but you should tell us in an upcoming essay which of your favorite bands would fill the events center. The top 20 country stars would fill the center.
In regard to the promise of temporary sales tax increase, we came to the conclusion that if the Legislature granted permission, it would be under the contractual agreement that once the Center is paid off, the tax hike stops immediately. Then I think the Legislature would approve.
Kurt the Troll
Anonymous said…
Oh happy news for you Scott. State residents living outside of Sioux Falls, but within shopping distance are mad about the proposed sales tax increase for an event center, and they don’t want to pay for it. They’re calling their State Representatives and Senators to reject the bill allowing SF to vote on the event center. If western SD legislative districts join the eastern block districts – no event center.

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