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Anonymous said…
Soundgarden is back after 12 years.....reuniting for 2010. How does a "music critic" like yourself feel about this ? after all, they were clearly the best band the Seattle Grunge era had to offer, and one of the best hard rock acts ever. So please enlighten us to your thoughts on this.
Anonymous said…
still waiting to hear your thoughts on the Soundgarden reunion. rumor is they will be playing Coachella in the spring. that means they have something with the 6-8 bands you gush over constantly. they were a throwback to Sabbath when they emerged, and were clearly the frontrunners of that whole scene. the three albums they released between 91-96 are simply amazing.
Anonymous said…
umm...really? Soundgarden was hard rock and best? Grunge era had something to offer? Throwback to Sabbath? i don't know whether to laugh like a giddy girl or vomit.
Kurt the Troll.
The Goddess said…
LOVED seeing the list of most played tracks, etc...What a year it's been! So many of them made me grin ear-to-ear when I discovered them on your list...Things, Jennifer Save Me, Born for Me, Darlin' One, September Gurls,and La La Love You to name but a very few. Once again, Mr. Hudson, I can only say that you SO rock!

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