The Ledge, Episode 12: 80's Minneapolis

For the 12th episode of The Ledge, we head back in time 20 years to the most magical music scene of the decade. Yes, I'm talking about Minneapolis. To listen, head to or download it at here! Oh yeah, and The Ledge is broadcast on Realpunkradio at 9 am and pm every Friday.

1. Husker Du, "Green Eyes"

2. Suicide Commandos, "Burn It Down"

3. The Hypstrz, "6654321"

4. Loud Fast Rules, "Black and Blue"

5. Curtiss A, "Land of The Free"

6. Suburbs, "Cigarette in Backwards"

7. The Phones, "Modern Man"

8. The Replacements, "Johnny's Gonna Die"

9. Soul Asylum, "Sometime to Return"

10. Run Westy Run, "Circle of Joy"

11. The Magnolias, "Shirley's Looking Down"

12. Surprise Bonus Track

13. Trip Shakespeare, "Toolmaster of Brainerd"


thegoddess said…
Another great show. I was really excited that you chose "Sometime to Return" as the SA song. I always closed my KAUR shows with that. And if it weren't for Toolmaster I probably wouldn't procrastinate like a master but faster.
Anonymous said…' like you never even lived through that decade. How could you screw up an '80's list that bad. Yup that would be the KAUR line up, for the benefit of all 12 listeners.

I rest my case.

Scott said…
Oh, Kurt, you're so silly. I really don't know why you even visit my site when you so clearly hate me and everything associated with me.
Anonymous said…
Actually Scott I don't hate you. For some reason I kind of like you, even if we don't listen to the same tunes. Mostly anyway. Hey how about issues coming full circle. Everyone hates Stephie Herseth-Weasel now. I was ahead of my time. Keith Weiland more than likely has all the names he needs for his petition. We're going to have a Democratic primary for the Congression seat. I went to Steve Hild.. office today to sign the petition. I didn't realize how close he was to Stephie's office. How come you don't have political commentaries anymore?

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