The Ledge, Episode 13: 90's Minneapolis

Concluding the two-part series of Minneapolis music, episode 13 is all 90's music. Click on the link on the left to subscribe, or download it here. You can also hear it aired on at 9 am and pm this Friday.

1. Babes in Toyland, "He's My Thing"

2. Replacements, "Kissing in Action"

3. Bash and Pop, "Fast and Hard"

4. Grant Hart, "Think It Over Now"

5. The Sycamores, "GLM (Good Looking Man)"

6. Draghounds, "Boiling Point"

7. Honedogs, "Rumor Has It"

8. Jayhawks, "Waiting For the Sun"

9. Golden Smog, "V"

10. Hang Ups, "The Entry"

11. God's Favorite Band, "1st and 7th"

12. Zuzu's Petals, "Jackals"

13. The Leatherwoods, "Proof Positive"

14. Lifter Puller, "Let's Get Incredible"


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