Live Ledge #24: Nostalgia

The extreme heat and humidity of the past week has made me reminisce about the old days...and by old days I mean late 70's/early 80's. It was a time when everything once again seemed possible in rock 'n' roll; a time when bands were again rushing into the studio to create three-minute pop songs that were rush-released to a small crowd of fans all over the world.
Yeah, it didn't quite turn out as expected, and it wasn't really until Nirvana's Nevermind album in '91 that the type of music I loved became mainstream. Oh well, the songs from that era are still the soundtrack of my life, and fill the majority of tonight's playlist. Download it via the usual methods (iTunes, Stitcher, etc.) or nab a direct download here.
My tunes for tonight's entertainment:
1. Public Image Ltd, This Is Not a Love Song
2. Joy Division, Warsaw
3. Suicide, Dream Baby Dream
4. The Dark Rags, Drunken Angel
5. Wire, 12XU
6. Buzzcocks, Harmony In My Head
7. Stiff Little Fingers, Suspect Device
8. The Undertones, Girls Don't Like It
9. The 101'ers, Keys To Your Heart (Version 2)
10. The Clash, Brand New Cadillac
11. New York Dolls, Pills
12. Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers, I Wanna Be Loved
13. Richard Hell & Voidoids, Smitten
14. Television, Little Johnny Jewel
15. The Vikings, Surrender
16. Sons of Cyrus, Street Fighting Man
17. Meat Puppets, Smells Like Teen Spirit
18. Telekinesis, On a Plain
19. Titus Andronicus, Breed
20. Lou Reed, I Can't Stand It
21. David Bowie, Hang On To Yourself
22. Mott the Hoople, One of the Boys
23. T. Rex, Raw Ramp
24. The Ramones, Baby I Love You
25. Husker Du, Sheena Is a Punk Rocker
26. The Replacements, Willpower
27. Soul Asylum, Never Really Been
28. Social Distortion, Prison Bound
29. Plugz, Braintime
30. Gang Green, Crocodile Rock


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