Live Ledge #26: MTV Get Off the Air

The press was full of stories this week "celebrating" the 30th anniversary of the launch of MTV. Meh. What began with so much promise quickly dissolved into nonsensical style over substance. Tonight's show was primarily bands and songs that never had a shot at much more than delegation to the occasional 120 Minutes dustbin. Nab it at the usual spots, or get a direct download here!

1. Tommy Stinson, You Can't Always Get What You Want
2. Perfect, Seven Days a Week
3. Paul Westerberg, Knockin' Em Back
4. Paul Westerberg, Live Forever
5. The Replacements, I Don't Know (outtake)
6. The Thermals, I Don't Believe You
7. Victims, I Want Head
8. Bad Brains, Pay To Cum
9. Dead Kennedys, MTV Get Off the Air
10. Camper Van Beethoven, No More Bullshit
11. Beck, MTV Makes Me Wanna Smoke Crack
12. The Dogmatics, MTV OD
13. The Libertines, Boys In the Band
14. Babyshambles, Fuck Forever
15. Archers of Loaf, Web In Front (7" Version)
16. The Living End, Heatwave
17. Adolescents, Inspiration
18. The A-Bones, The World's Greatest Sinner
19. The Meteors, Hoover Rock
20. Tall Boys, Action Woman
21. Rancid, Hoover Street
22. Operation Ivy, Bad Town
23. Misfits, Runaway
24. The Ramones, I Remember You
25. Boston Spaceships, Let It Beard
26. Guided By Voices, I Am a Scientist
27. Rat Scabies, Wheels On Fire
28. The Damned, Plan 9 Channel 7
29. The Clash, Clampdown
30. The Jam, All Around the World
31. Husker Du, Chartered Trips


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