Rural Ledge-ucation #18: Forgotten Americana Pt. 3

Continuing the series, he's another hour or so of music that I've ignored the past few years. This week's playlist is primarily centered around singer/songwriters, although there are a couple of great covers towards the end. Nab this through iTunes, Stitcher, or directly here.

1. Vic Chesnutt, Degenerate
2. Buddy Miller, Does My Ring Burn Your Finger
3. Buddy and Julie Miller, You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast
4. Kelly Willis, Fading Fast
5. Allison Moorer, Day You Said Goodbye
6. Anders Parker, Goodbye Friend
7. Jon Dee Graham, Something Wonderful
8. Ryan Adams, Come Pick Me Up
9. A.A. Bondy, When the Devil's Loose
10. Kathleen Edwards, One More Song the Radio Won't Play
11. Neko Case, High On Cruel
12. Matthew Ryan, Somebody Got Murdered
13. Steve Wynn, Positively 4th Street
14. The Flatlanders, Dallas


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