Rural Ledge-ucation #33: Thanks!

Yeah, yeah, yeah - I know we're now three days past Thanksgiving. That didn't stop me, though, from putting together a show of "thanks" - a simple concept, really, that resulted in just a search through my iTunes library for any song that had the word "thank" (or a variation) in the title. It's still represents a heartfelt thank you for everybody who listens to my dumb shows - whether it's live in the realpunkradio chat, streamed via the various services, or downloaded to play at your leisure. I'm almost at the two year mark, and I appreciate each and every one of you! If you haven't subscribed via iTunes, do it now! Or stream it through your Stitcher app! Or just download it with this direct link!

1. Drive-By Truckers, The Thanksgiving Filter
2. My Morning Jacket, Thank You Too
3. Middle Brother, Thanks For Nothing
4. World Party, Thank You World
5. Talking Heads, Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
6. Wilco, The Thanks I Get
7. Coconut Records, The Thanks I Get
8. Big Star, Thank You Friends
9. Neko Case, Thanks A Lot
10. The Beatles, Thank You Girl
11. Billy Preston, I Want To Thank You
12. Kaiser Chiefs, Thank You Very Much
13. Jaill Thank Us Later
14. Country Teasers, Thank You God for Making Me an Angel
15. The Celibate Rifle,s Thank You America
16. Descendents, Thank You


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