Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rural Ledge-ucation #21: Stormy Weather

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know it's a hack idea to play "weather" songs in response to Hurricane Irene. What else am I going to do on a lazy Sunday morning? So here it is - just under two hours of tunes that deal with hurricanes, rain, storms, and people named Irene. There's lots of great tunes here, including quite a few I haven't listened to for a long, long time. Download it via the usual methods - iTunes, Stitcher, or directly here!

1. Jay Farrar, Like A Hurricane
2. Leadbelly, Irene
3. Downliners Sect, Bad Storm Coming
4. The Pretty Things, Rain
5. The Jayhawks, Settled Down Like Rain
6. Golden Smog, Hurricane
7. The Cult, (Here Comes The) Rain
8. Dramarama, Out In The Rain
9. Echo & The Bunnymen, Stormy Weather
10. Husker Du, Standing In The Rain
11. Bob Mould, Black Sheets Of Rain
12. Ryan Adams, Carolina Rain
13. Whiskeytown, Sit & Listen To The Rain
14. Bob Dylan, Shelter From The Storm
15. Neko Case, Buckets Of Rain
16. Willie Nile, On Some Rainy Day
17. Paul Weller, Early Morning Rain
18. R.E.M., Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Live)
19. Robyn Hitchcock, Rain
20. Firewater, Storm Warning
21. Pixies, Stormy Weather
22. The Velvet Underground, Hey Mr. Rain (Version One)
23. R.E.M,. Time After Time Etc. (Live)
24. The Pogues Goodnight Irene

Friday, August 26, 2011

Live Ledge #29: West Memphis 3/Jerry Leiber

It's been a very eventful week for music fans. Birthdays included Keith Moon, Joe Strummer, Elvis Costello, Jeff Tweedy, Moe Tucker,, Gene Simmons. We celebrate all of these special days, and also offer a lengthy celebration of the West Memphis 3, who were FINALLY released from prison after spending 18 years on controversial charges that had more to do with dress and music taste than any specific evidence.
The music world also lost legendary songwriter Jerry Leiber this past Monday. Leiber was responsible, primarily with his songwriting partner Mike Stoller, for classics such as "Hound Dog", "Jailhouse Rock", "Kansas City", "Stand By Me", and so many more. His career is celebrated with great covers by the likes of the Supersuckers, Graham Parker, Paul Revere & the Raiders,, Cassius Clay!
Download the episode via the usual methods, including iTunes, Stitcher, or directly here!
Here's this week's selections:

1. Patti Smith, People Have the Power
2. Rocket From The Crypt, Wrong And Important
3. Iggy Pop, Fix Me
4. Keith Morris, Nervous Breakdown
5. Hank III, No Values
6. Henry Rollins, TV Party
7. Exene Cervenka & Henry Rollins, Wasted
8. Dean Ween, Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
9. The Murder City Devils, She
10. Nashville Pussy, Highway To Hell
11. Wilco, Color Me Impressed
12. Wilco, I Wanna Be Sedated
13. The Replacements, Black Diamond
14. The Who, The Ox
15. The Clash, All The Young Punks (New Boots And Contracts)
16. The Clash, Death or Glory
17. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros, Coma Girl
18. Elvis Costello, From A Whisper To A Scream
19. Elvis Costello & The Attractions, I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down
20. Dean Carter, Jailhouse Rock
21. Graham Parker, Kansas City
22. Cassius Clay Stand By Me
23. The Jam, Stand By Me
24. The Rolling Stones, Poison Ivy
25. Paul Revere & The Raiders, Searchin' (Remix)
26. Supersuckers, Hound Dog
27. The Lazy Cowgirls, Yakety Yak/Justine
28. Tranzmitors, Glamour Girls
29. The Cynics, All Good Wome
30. Vertebrats, Hang On To Your Man
31. The Velvet Underground, After Hours (Closet Mix)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rural Ledge-ucation #20: Joe Strummer's Birthday

I set out to do a completely different show this morning. I laid out the tracks after recording this week's Big Brother Gossip Show and was all ready to follow that path when I discovered that today would have been Joe Strummer's 59th birthday. I initially scrambled to just throw in a song or two in tribute, but ultimately the entire hour became Strummer-related (although at time there are tenuous connections). I must give a special thanks to those in the realpunkradio chat that not only contributed ideas but were kind of enough to dropbox me a couple of missing tunes.
Download it via iTunes, stream it via Stitcher, or nab a direct download here!

1. The Clash, The Magnificient Seven
2. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros, Johnny Appleseed
3. Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman, This Land Is Your Land
4. The 101'ers, Letsagetabitarockin'
5. The 101'ers, Surf City
6. Sally Timms And Jon Langford, Junco Partner
7. Toots & The Maytals, Pressure Drop
8. Joe Strummer, Love Kills
9.  Joe Strummer, Dum Dum Club
10. The Pogues, London Calling
11. Willie Nile, Police On My Back
12. Tim Easton, Looking Out (for Joe Strummer)
13. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone?
14. Junior Murvin, Police And Thieves
15. The Bobby Fuller Four, I Fought The Law
16. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros, Redemption Song

Friday, August 19, 2011

Live Ledge #28: The Goddess and Ash Masters

On tonight's episode, I was joined by the absolutely perfect guests - The Goddess and Ash Masters. Besides choosing their share of the tracks tonight, they added a bit of class to my mess of a show. Thank you, beautiful ladies. Download the show via iTunes, stream it on stitcher, or directly download it here!

1. The Velvet Underground, I Can't Stand It
2. The Clash, Janie Jones
3. Material Issue, Diane
4. The Undertones, Let's Talk About Girls
5. The Adolescents, Amoeba
6. Arctic Monkeys, Love Machine (Live)
7. The Alarm, Bank Holiday Weekend
8. 30 Foot Fall, People Are Stupid
9. Frank Black, Ole Mulholland
10. Graham Parker, Syphilis & Religion
11. Pixies, Nimrod's Son
12. Dead Kennedys, California Uber Alles
13. Descendents, Jealous Of The World
14. Operation: Cliff Clavin, I'd Like To See You Dead
15. The Feelies, I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms
16. Archers Of Loaf, Freezing Point
17. Violent Femmes, Promise
18. Husker Du, Dead Set On Destruction
19. Supersuckers, Piss Up a Rope
20. Smoking Pope,s Rubella
21. Against All Authority, No Reason
22. Paul Westerberg, A Few Minutes Of Silence
23. Camper Van Beethoven, Oh No!
24. The Germs, Lexicon Devil
25. Sex Pistols, Bodies
26. Elvis Costello, The Beat
27. Time Again, The Stories Are True
28. Pixies, Levitate Me
29. Roy Loney & The Longshots, Who'll Be the Next In Line

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Ledge #82: Author Caryn Rose

One of rock 'n' roll's biggest misconceptions is that only males can be "true" music fans. Generally, the portrayal of women in books, movies, and even song lyrics showcase them as nothing more than "band aids" whose only reason for existence is to cater to musicians or their music-obsessed boyfriends.
This couldn't be further from the truth. The majority of my music confidantes have always been females, and I have never seen a gap in knowledge and passion. Most of my concert road trips have been in the company of women, and not in the romantic sense. They are on the trip because they're as excited to see the act as myself.
Writer/photographer Caryn Rose shares this frustration, and when she met author Nick Hornby "I took a deep breath and blurted out that my goal was to write the women's version of High Fidelity". One month ago, she did just that with the publication of the most excellent B-Sides and Broken Hearts, which Rose says on the book's website is "for you if you...

* ever made a cassette with the same song for the entire side
* waited in line to buy a record the minute it came out
* got asked "so are you a groupie?" when you explained this was the third (eighth, tenth, twentieth) show you've seen on this tour
* spent  your lunch money on music or concert tickets
* been told you "sure know a lot about music for a girl"
* bought multiple copies of a record because you wore it out
* bought multiple copies of a cd so you could have one for the work, one for the car, and one for home
* check someone's feed before accepting a date with him
* would pull out white light, white heat at someone's house to see if it had ever been played (thank you, Lester)
* can quote stage patter, interview quotes, or random lines in album reviews
* refer to band members by their first names of often your friends would start to raise their eyebrows
* (insert your own obsessive trait here)
Rose knocks it out of the park with this story of Lisa Simon, who responds to the news of Joey Ramone's death in 2001 by splitting up with her Dave Matthews-loving boyfriend and heads to Los Angeles to sort out her life with her buddies in the fictional band Blue Electric. On that drive from Seattle, she reminisces on her life as a music fan, from her first concert (The Who at Madison Square Garden in 1979) to her obsessions with the Ramones, Replacements, Stones, and the early 90's Seattle scene that spawned Blue Electric.
It was only natural that Rose would appear on The Ledge, and the tracks she selected is sort of the soundtrack to the book. Besides chatting about her novel, we also talked about her love of the 'mats, her appearance in Color Me Obsessed, Bruce Springsteen (she writes for Backstreets Magazine), the Mets and so much more! It is the longest episode yet of The Ledge, and could have continued for hours longer.
For more information on Caryn, check out her blog, and do me a favor and purchase her fantastic novel. To listen to her Ledge appearance, download it via iTunes, stream it via Stitcher, or nab a direct download here!
Here's the playlist:

1. Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue - Ramones
2. No Action - Elvis Costello
3. Emotional Rescue - Rolling Stones
4. Heartbreaker -  Rolling Stones
5. Breath - Pearl Jam
6. Have You Seen your Mother Baby - Rolling Stones
7. Sound and Vision - David Bowie
8. Unsatisfied - Replacements
9. Outshined - Soundgarden
10. Country Feedback - R.E.M.
11. Badlands - Bruce Springsteen
12. A Song For You - Whiskeytown
13. Stray Cat Blues (SG version) - Soundgarden
14. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World - Ramones

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rural Ledge-ucation #19: Tommy Stinson

With the long-awaited solo album by Tommy Stinson, One Man Mutiny, finally set to be released on August 30, it was a no-brainer to bookend today's show with tracks from that album. FMQB's Debbi Calton says it is the culmination of Tommy's entire career."Everything up till now has shaped this record. Paul Westerberg's voice sometimes comes out of Tommy's mouth. The spirit of Bob Stinson is always hovering nearby. There was a lot of craziness during this time. There was also a lot of love."
Calton was present during the recording of the album (she's related to his fiance, Emily Roberts), and has this to say about the recording process:
Fans of Perfect and Bash and Pop and Tommy's 2004 solo outing Village Gorilla Head will find many favorite songs on the 10 song One Man Mutiny. There's a great pop sensibility running throughout the recrod. The playfulness of "Match Made In Hell" with its happy go lucky rickety tickety gait is an ironic look at relationships for better or worse. The title song "One Man Mutiny" was written while on tour with GnR in Burssels and recorded at 3 am in the dining room of The Conrad Hotel with Guns mates Dizzy Reed and Richard Fortus. The album was originally going to be called All This Way For Nothing but when this song came about it spoke volumes about where Tommy was in the moment. Frank Ferrer, also from Guns, lends a hand on drums on this record as does George Manney, a Philadelphia musician and film producer.
Most notable on the record is the presence of Tommy's fiancee Emily Roberts. Her voice is a perfect complement to Tommy's. Sometimes it's hard to tell where one stops and the other begins. And Uncle Chin brings his slide guitar and personality to many of the songs on the album. (Basement breaks usually consisted of a trip to the street for a "snack" or upstairs for a cooking lesson. Tommy's quite a whiz in the kitchen too, it turns out.) Producer Phillip Broussard, Jr. worked with Tommy previously on Village Gorilla Head and spent many a late night session in Tommy's Bipolarbear studio in LA after Tommy finished up  Guns daily rehearsals.
Besides the solo Stinson tunes, this week's episode also included a few acoustic Replacements covers, and assorted other singer/songwriter-is material. Nab it at all the usual spots, or download it here!  

1. Paul Westerberg, Born For Me 
2. Tommy Stinson, One Man Mutiny 
3. Justin Townes Earle, Can't Hardly Wait 
4. Cary Brothers, Skyway (Solo Acoustic) [Bonus Track]  
5. Bill Janovitz, Little Mascara 
6. Mark Kozelek, Celebrated Summer 
7. Juliana Hatfield, It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll 
8. Scud Mountain Boys, Freight of Fire 
9. Grant-Lee Phillips, Mona Lisa  
10. Golden Smog, Red Headed Stepchild  
11. Kevin Salem, Lighthouse Keeper 
12. Chuck Prophet, Age Of Miracles  
13. Paul Kelly and the Messengers, Before The Old Man Died 
14. John Wesley Harding, The People's Drug  
15. Tommy Stinson, Meant to Be 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Live Ledge #27: Gabba Gabba Hey

Tonight's playlist started in one direction, and ended up in another. Instead of a show consisting primarily of new music, I started pulling out Ramones covers, rarities, and bands influenced by New York's finest. Some of the new tunes remained in the playlist, though, most notably former Pavement leader Stephen Malkmus' new track, Senator. Download it now at the usual locations, or directly here!
1. Jeff the Brotherhood, Wastoid Girl
2. The Clash, White Riot (Polydor Demo)
3. The Clash, London's Burning (Polydor Demo)
4. T. Rex, Rock On
5. David Bowie, Watch That Man
6. Against Me!, Bastards of Young
7. The Replacements, Round and Round
8. Paul Westerberg, I Think I Love You
9. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Senator
10. Pixies, Velouria
11. Camper Van Beethoven, I Don't See You
12. Smith Westerns, The Glam Goddess
13. Shonen Knife, She's the One
14. Mr. T Experience, She's the One
15. Lolita No. 18, Rockaway Beach
16. Die Toten Hosen, Blitzkrieg Bop
17. Ramones, Needles and Pins
18. The Brewers, I Want to Record a Single With The Riverdales
19,. Riverdales, The Girl In Lover's Lane
20. Chixdiggit, Born On the First of July
21. Ramouns, Surfin' USA
22. Jesus and Mary Chain, Surfin' USA
23. The Mummies, Food Sickles and Girls
24. Snuff, I Can See Clearly Now
25. Mixtapes, Your Little Hoodrat Friend
26. Archers of Loaf, What Did You Expect?
27. Superchunk, Crossed Wires
28. The Dark Rags, On Your Own (All Alone)
29. The Cynics, Rock Club
30. The Devil Dogs, Big Fuckin' Party (Pt. 1)
31. The Candy Snatchers, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
32. The Spits, Saturday Night
33. Dukes of Hamburg, Little By Little
34. The Beets, Hens and Roosters

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Rural Ledge-ucation #18: Forgotten Americana Pt. 3

Continuing the series, he's another hour or so of music that I've ignored the past few years. This week's playlist is primarily centered around singer/songwriters, although there are a couple of great covers towards the end. Nab this through iTunes, Stitcher, or directly here.

1. Vic Chesnutt, Degenerate
2. Buddy Miller, Does My Ring Burn Your Finger
3. Buddy and Julie Miller, You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast
4. Kelly Willis, Fading Fast
5. Allison Moorer, Day You Said Goodbye
6. Anders Parker, Goodbye Friend
7. Jon Dee Graham, Something Wonderful
8. Ryan Adams, Come Pick Me Up
9. A.A. Bondy, When the Devil's Loose
10. Kathleen Edwards, One More Song the Radio Won't Play
11. Neko Case, High On Cruel
12. Matthew Ryan, Somebody Got Murdered
13. Steve Wynn, Positively 4th Street
14. The Flatlanders, Dallas

Friday, August 05, 2011

Live Ledge #26: MTV Get Off the Air

The press was full of stories this week "celebrating" the 30th anniversary of the launch of MTV. Meh. What began with so much promise quickly dissolved into nonsensical style over substance. Tonight's show was primarily bands and songs that never had a shot at much more than delegation to the occasional 120 Minutes dustbin. Nab it at the usual spots, or get a direct download here!

1. Tommy Stinson, You Can't Always Get What You Want
2. Perfect, Seven Days a Week
3. Paul Westerberg, Knockin' Em Back
4. Paul Westerberg, Live Forever
5. The Replacements, I Don't Know (outtake)
6. The Thermals, I Don't Believe You
7. Victims, I Want Head
8. Bad Brains, Pay To Cum
9. Dead Kennedys, MTV Get Off the Air
10. Camper Van Beethoven, No More Bullshit
11. Beck, MTV Makes Me Wanna Smoke Crack
12. The Dogmatics, MTV OD
13. The Libertines, Boys In the Band
14. Babyshambles, Fuck Forever
15. Archers of Loaf, Web In Front (7" Version)
16. The Living End, Heatwave
17. Adolescents, Inspiration
18. The A-Bones, The World's Greatest Sinner
19. The Meteors, Hoover Rock
20. Tall Boys, Action Woman
21. Rancid, Hoover Street
22. Operation Ivy, Bad Town
23. Misfits, Runaway
24. The Ramones, I Remember You
25. Boston Spaceships, Let It Beard
26. Guided By Voices, I Am a Scientist
27. Rat Scabies, Wheels On Fire
28. The Damned, Plan 9 Channel 7
29. The Clash, Clampdown
30. The Jam, All Around the World
31. Husker Du, Chartered Trips