Live Ledge #48: 1987

The great year of 1987 was literally almost a half-lifetime away, and I was living the life. Working the record store by day and a dance club by night, it was my last year with no financial or family obligations. Yes, it was a decadent year that was light on sleep but high on fun.
Somehow I found still found time to do a radio show on KAUR, and tonight's Live Ledge is basically a "best of" the new release rack from the station. Everything in the playlist has a 1987 release date, and the tunes meander between jangle-pop, garage, indie, noise, and punk. Nab this motha at iTunes, stream it via Stitcher, or directly download it HERE!

1. Lloyd Cole & The Commotions, Jennifer She Said
2. The Housemartins, The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death
3. The Smiths, Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
4. The Close Lobsters, Just Too Bloody Stupid
5. The Mighty Lemon Drops, The Other Side Of You
6. R.E.M., Burning Hell
7. Big Dipper, She's Fetching
8. Guadalcanal Diary, Litany (Life Goes On)
9. Wire Train, She Comes On
10. The Jesus & Mary Chain, April Skies
11. Flesh For Lulu, Postcards From Paradise
12. Public Image Ltd., Seattle
13. Pixies, Ed Is Dead
14. The Screaming Blue Messiahs, I Wanna Be a Flintstone
15. Hoodoo Gurus, In The Middle Of The Land
16. The Fleshtones, Another Direction
17. X, I'm Lost
18. The Replacements, I.O.U.
19. Husker Du, Could You Be The One?
20. Run Westy Run, Mop It Up
21. Firehose, For The Singer Of R.E.M.
22. Sonic Youth, Hot Wire My Heart
23. Butthole Surfers, Human Cannonball
24. Big Black, The Model
25. Dinosaur Jr, Little Fury Things
26. Meat Puppets, Quit It
27. Thelonious Monster, Saturday Afternoon
28. Redd Kross, Ballad of a Love Doll
29. Descendents, Coolidge
30. Circle Jerks, Fortunate Son
31. Adolescents, I Love You
32. The Lemonheads, Sad Girl
33. The Ramones, I Wanna Live
34. Goo Goo Dolls, Livin' In A Hut
35. Hard-Ons, Rock`n`roll All Night


Scott said…
too cool Scott... a decadent year for me as well, was bouncing in the Boathouse in Norfolk, VA, where I got to meet many of my music heroes, including Paul W & Tommy S after a show (they came on our boat for a drink or 2)... I think I own just about everything on this list! Cheers, theotherScottonLastfm

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