Live Ledge #71: Cruel Summer

This past Wednesday was the summer solstice, so it's an obvious theme to play nothing but summer-related tunes. That's right, there's nothing but songs about summer, beaches, bikinis, etc. I've done it before, my ever-expanding library continues to include songs that I haven't played on previous episodes (although there may be a repeat or two).
It's also fitting that this would be my longest Live Ledge ever, as there was no Mojo Workout following tonight's Live Ledge. Rather than cutting to the auto-player, I decided to just empty out my queue of tunes. Hopefully, you won't get sick of all of these warm weather rockers.
Grab this hot one from the usual sources, or


1. Superchunk, Cruel Summer
2. Superchunk, This Summer
3. The New Salem Witch Hunters, (It Seems Like) Summer's Here At Last
4. The Cosmic Dropouts, Let's Go To The Beach
5. Muck and the Mires, Cocoa Beach
6. Graham Parker, Sock's 'n' Sandals
7. Rhett Miller, This Summer Lie
8. The Rainmakers, One More Summer
9. Material Issue, Echo Beach
10. Howler, Beach Sluts
11. Male Bonding, Tame the Sun
12. The White Wires, SUmmer Girl
13. Sonic Avenues, Late Summer Goner
14. Eddie Cochran, Summertime Blues
15. The Small Faces, Lazy Sunday
16. The Lyres, Love Me Till The Sun Shines
17. The Kinks, Wait Till The Summer Comes Along
18. Famous Monsters, Murder Beach U.S.A.
19. Pink Mink, Hidden Beach
20. Tuuli, Summer Song
21. Shonen Knife, Sunshine
22. Cheap Girls, Gone All Summer
23. Bare Wires, Dirt Beach
24. Ty Segall, You Make The Sun Fry
25. The Vindictives, California Sun
26. Blagn Dahlia, Rockaway Beach
27. The Ramones, Surfin' Bird
28. The Meteors, Surf City
29. The Jesus & Mary Chain, Surfin' USA (Summer Mix)
30. Thee Headcoats, Fingers In The Sun
31. The Cramps, Sunglasses After Dark
32. Husker Du, Celebrated Summer
33. X, Under The Big Black Sun
34. Radio Birdman, Zeno Beach
35. The Undertones, Here Comes The Summer
36. The Brewers, S.u.m.m.e.r.
37. Pathos, Straight Into The Sun
38. Wild Billy Childish And The Spartan Dreggs, The Physics Of Blown Sand And Desert Dunes
39. Thee Holy Ghosts, Sand In My Beer
40. Adolescents, Learning to Swim
41. The Vikings, Summer Of Hate
42. The Stabilisers, Love Is Easy In The Summertime
43. The Go, Summer Sun Blues
44. Demons, Where The Sun Don't Shine


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