Live Ledge #72: Jukebox Hero

Anybody who follows me on twitter or Facebook knows the big news - I now own a jukebox! For a price way below what I have found on previous queries paid for a four hundred pound behemoth that took four people to haul up my living room stairs. 
I love this new machine, but it does have a few issues. Namely, it slows down after a few plays. It's quite jarring to hear a song suddenly go to half its original speed. I've been assured, though, by Music From the Farside DJ Drazzle that this is a common problem that can be fixed for next to nothing. We'll see about that!
So tonight's show is partly inspired by this purchase, as there are tons of songs about these grand ol' machines. The other half of the show consists of nothing but brand new releases, as skipping the last couple of weeks has led to some built up tunes that deserve playing. Hell, one of them (Redd Kross' new album, Researching the Blues) came to me halfway through the show and was thrown in with no preview.
Oh yeah, and we also mourn the anniversary of the breakup of the Replacements with a handful of tracks from their final performance in Chicago on July 4, 1991.
As always, nab this sucka via iTunes, Stitcher, the Ledge app, or

1. The Kinks, Juke Box Music  
2. Soul Asylum, Jukebox Hero  
3. Soul Asylum, Gravity  
4. Kevin Bowe And The Okemah Prophets, Everybody Lies  
5. Son Volt, Jukebox of Steel 
6. Patti Smith, Fuji-san 
7. Karen Elson, Vicious  
8. Alejandro Escovedo, Headstrong Crazy Fools
9. Mike Ness, Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing  
10. Alan Vega, Jukebox Babe  
11. Scientists, Human Jukebox 
12. The Fall, Rebellious Jukebox  
13. Payolas, Jukebox  
14. The Replacements, Someone Take The Wheel
15. The Replacements, Another Girl Another Planet 
16. The Replacements, Hootenanny  
17. Redd Kross, Researching the Blues  
18. Redd Kross, Stay Away From Downtown 
19. Tim Armstrong, Guardian Angel  
20. Tim Armstrong, No Reverence 
21. The Nervebreakers, Hijack the Radio  
22. Vibrators, Jukebox Light 
23. Gallon Drunk, The Big Breakdown  
24. The Urban Voodoo Machine, Cheers For The Tears
25. Mission Of Burma, Semi-Pseudo-Sort-Of Plan 
26. Mission Of Burma, Second Television  
27. The Henry Clay People, The Fakers  
28. Goldblade, Jukebox Generation  
29. Dick Seaton, Jukebox Rock  
30. Teenage Bottlerocket, Cruising For Chicks


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