Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Live Ledge #50: RIP Megaupload

I'm sure a handful or so of you are reading this post wondering what happened to last week's Live Ledge? Surely it should have been posted by now!
Well, my Friday evening started off like normal. I did Live Ledge on realpunkradio from 6 - 8 pm. In fact, I even went a few minutes long, as my successor, Mojo Workout, had the night off. After signing off, I did a little bit of editing at the beginning and end of the show, and went to upload it.
Uh oh. For some reason, my account was listed as "suspended"! WTF?!?!? I was obviously paranoid as to exactly what I had done wrong, but over the next day I discovered that almost everybody who used the same hosting service had found similar messages.
With the help of RPR head honcho Jason Snyderman, though, I appear to be back up for the time being. My other shows, though, have yet to appear but hopefully will in the near future.
Back to this episode. A good majority of the program deal with the shutdown of the popular file sharing site Megaupload. As always, most of the music for the night consists of obscure and out of print singles and albums that can only be found on music blogs. It's my feeling that Megaupload actually serves a legitimate purpose, and is actually a very inefficient method for those who want to rip off the entertainment industry.
This show also talks a bit about Reg Presley of The Troggs, who recently announced that he was retiring the band due to the discovery of lung cancer. Known primarily for "Wild Thing", the band actually had quite a few great tunes during their mid-60's heyday.
As always (or should I say hopefully), you can find this show at the various online hideouts, or you can directly download it HERE!
1. Paul Kelly, Domestic Criminal 
2. The Neighborhoods, No Place Like Home  
3. Real Kids, Outta Place 
4. Best Kissers In The World, Hit Parader 
5. Dancing Hoods Impossible Years  
6. Dimestore Darlings, Waste of Time  
7. Purple Things, Wild Man 
8. The Bogeymen, I'm Sure You'll Get Everything You Want
9. The Mummies, Little Miss Tee-N-T  
10. Wild Giraffes, Move it on Over  
11. The Penetrators, Teenage Lifestyle 
12. Tranzmitors, Who's Gonna Tell Mary?
13. Replacements, Bastards Of Young  
14. Hüsker Dü, Ticket to Ride 
15. Soul Asylum, To Sir With Love 
16. The Tired And True, I'm The One  
17. Caleb Lionheart, Anchor Grill  
18. Hospital Garden, I'm Not A Punk 
19. Bike Tuff, When I Get Old  
20. Plow, United Bikeage 
21. Bouncing Souls, Pervert 
22. Pavement, It's A Hectic World 
23. Bunnygrunt, Silly Girl  
24. The Troggs, I Can't Control Myself  
25. The Troggs, 66 5 4 3 2 1  
26. Sonic Youth, Is It My Body? 
27. Love Battery, Mr. Soul  
28. Mad Daddys, Take Me Back To Woodstock  
29. Supersnazz, I Wanna Be Your Love 
30. The Delinquents, Sticky Situation  
31. The Launderettes, I Wanna Jump Your Bones
32. Nikki & The Corvettes, Back Seat Love
33. The Scruffs, Frozen Girls 
34. Thee Oh Sees, Where the People Do Drugs  
35. Suburban Studs, Suburban Stud 
36. The Brags, Pretty Girls (Don't Notice Me)  
37. The Waldos, Seven Day Weekend
38. The Booze, Straight To Hell 
39. Cannibals, Back Door Man  
40. Short Dogs Grow, Doesn't Somebody Wanna Be Wanted  
41. The Mr. T Experience, Sonic Reducer  
42. The Vipers, I've Got You 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rural Ledge-ucation #40: Johnny & Etta

A note to all listeners - this show almost didn't happen. The morning started like every Sunday - I woke up and headed to the coffee shop for my usual two mugs of caffeine. I headed home and set up everything for the show, and when Drazzle handed the reins over to me - NOTHING! I couldn't connect.
For once in my life, I stayed calm. I reset my modem. I restarted my laptop. Still nothing. Finally, I pulled out a few cables and rejiggered everything to load onto my other laptop, which I then was able to connect. It's rough, but the show is here!
Why go through all this trouble? Good question. I guess it's mainly because I had put together a pretty varied set for the day. Besides lengthy tributes to Johnny Otis and Etta James, including a rare bootleg duet between Etta and Bob Dylan, I also had lined up a rare cover of Ratt by Ryan Adams, and new music by Joseph Arthur, Craig Finn, and others. Plus, a great Jimmy Cliff EP where he covers Rancid and The Clash!
Download this sucka at the usual spots around the interwebs, or directly download it HERE!

1. Johnny Otis, Shake It Lucy Baby
2. Big Mama Thornton, Hound Dog
3. Johnny Otis, Willie And The Hand Jive
4. Marci Lee & Johnny Otis, Telephone Baby
5. Joseph Arthur, Travel As Equals
6. Craig Finn, When No One's Watching
7. Jimmy Cliff, Guns of Brixton
8. Jimmy Cliff, Ruby Soho
9. Chuck Berry & Etta James, Rock And Roll Music
10. Etta James, Hoochie Coochie Gal
11. Bob Dylan & Etta James, I'm A King Bee
12. Ryan Adams, Round and Round
13. Dave Davies, Hold My Hand
14. Alex Chilton, All I Really Want Is Money (Original Mono Mix)
15. The Jesus & Mary Chain, Darklands (With Strings)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Live Ledge #49: Sick & Tired

Of course, I would have to get sick the first time we actually get some real winter weather. Two days ago, I woke up with a terrible cough, which has spread to the rest of my body. I'm a trooper, though, so I made it to The Ledge studio for the 49th edition of Live Ledge. Along with brand new tunes by Craig Finn, Lucero, and many others, tonight's show featured the usual mix of old, new, blog finds, covers, and other silliness.
Along with those tunes, it was only natural that I paid tribute to two greats that we lost this past week. Blues great Etta James died earlier today, and on Tuesday the great bandleader, drummer, vocalist, and talent scout Johnny Otis passed away in his L.A. home. RIP to both, who will be greatly missed by all!
To listen to this show, you have a number of methods. The easiest is to go to iTunes and subscribe HERE! While you're at the iTunes store, why not leave a nice little review of the show? There's also a Ledge app for both Apple and Droid formats - you can nab that sucka HERE! Or head to Stitcher and stream it on any device HERE! If all of that is too confusing, you can directly download it HERE!

1. Alex Chilton, Sick And Tired
2. Craig Finn, No Future
3. Craig Finn, Terrified Eyes
4. Lucero, Sometimes
5. Pink Mink, Black Door
6. Bnlx, Color Me Impressed
7. Bnlx, I Don't Know
8. The Replacements, Hayday
9. Howler, Beach Sluts
10. The Who, Pictures Of Lily
11. The Kinks, Who'll Be The Next In Line
12. Chocolate Watch Band, I'm Not Like Everybody Else
13. The Kwyet Kings, David Watts
14. Etta James, Spoonful
15. The FEAtures, She Said Yeah
16. The Mummies, I'm Down
17. The Original Sins, Sugar Sugar
18. Fastbacks, Allison
19. The Eyeliners, Anywhere But Here
20. Sleeper Agent, Get It Daddy
21. The Muffs, Everywhere I Go
22. The Flipsides, Two Weeks
23. Guided By Voices, The Unsinkable Fats Domino
24. Personal & the Pizzas, Brain Damage
25. Cloud Nothings, Stay Useless
26. Thee Oh Sees, Opposition
27. Johnny Otis, Hum Ding A Ling
28. Velvet Crush, Hold Me Up
29. Radio City, She's A Heartbreaker
30. Young Fresh Fellows, Taco Wagon
31. The Singles, I'm In Love With You
32. Joyride, Take A Chance
33. No Bunny, (Do the) Fuck Yourself
34. The Outnumbered, Why Are All The Good People Going Crazy
35. The Boy-Scouts, She Never Said No
36. The Connection, My Baby Likes to Rnr
37. Giant Sand, Anarchistic Bolshevistic Cowboy Bundle

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rural Ledge-ucation #39: Odds and Sods

Even obsessed music collectors miss a few releases towards the end of the year. One is so busy with not just the actual holidays but their own silly lists and compilations. I'm no exception. Today attempts to right that wrong, as the show consists of primarily 2011 releases that I somehow missed...along with some brand new archival releases from Alex Chilton and The Lemonheads. You can find this at the usual online locations, or directly download it HERE!

1. Carter Tanton, Murderous Joy
2. Dale Watson, Down Down Down Down Down
3. Chris Isaak, I Forgot to Remember to Forget
4. Gene Clark, She's the Kind of Girl
5. Big Troubles, Somebody's Baby
6. Wilco, I Might
7. The Lemonheads, It's About Time
8. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Just Like A Woman
9. Rhett Miller, Waterloo Sunset
10. Alex Chilton, Jumpin' Jack Flash
11. Giant Sand, Johnny Hit And Run Pauline
12. The Connection, Baby Doll
13. The Red Button, Caught in the Middle
14. The Raveonettes, Go On And Kiss Me

Friday, January 13, 2012

Live Ledge #48: 1987

The great year of 1987 was literally almost a half-lifetime away, and I was living the life. Working the record store by day and a dance club by night, it was my last year with no financial or family obligations. Yes, it was a decadent year that was light on sleep but high on fun.
Somehow I found still found time to do a radio show on KAUR, and tonight's Live Ledge is basically a "best of" the new release rack from the station. Everything in the playlist has a 1987 release date, and the tunes meander between jangle-pop, garage, indie, noise, and punk. Nab this motha at iTunes, stream it via Stitcher, or directly download it HERE!

1. Lloyd Cole & The Commotions, Jennifer She Said
2. The Housemartins, The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death
3. The Smiths, Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
4. The Close Lobsters, Just Too Bloody Stupid
5. The Mighty Lemon Drops, The Other Side Of You
6. R.E.M., Burning Hell
7. Big Dipper, She's Fetching
8. Guadalcanal Diary, Litany (Life Goes On)
9. Wire Train, She Comes On
10. The Jesus & Mary Chain, April Skies
11. Flesh For Lulu, Postcards From Paradise
12. Public Image Ltd., Seattle
13. Pixies, Ed Is Dead
14. The Screaming Blue Messiahs, I Wanna Be a Flintstone
15. Hoodoo Gurus, In The Middle Of The Land
16. The Fleshtones, Another Direction
17. X, I'm Lost
18. The Replacements, I.O.U.
19. Husker Du, Could You Be The One?
20. Run Westy Run, Mop It Up
21. Firehose, For The Singer Of R.E.M.
22. Sonic Youth, Hot Wire My Heart
23. Butthole Surfers, Human Cannonball
24. Big Black, The Model
25. Dinosaur Jr, Little Fury Things
26. Meat Puppets, Quit It
27. Thelonious Monster, Saturday Afternoon
28. Redd Kross, Ballad of a Love Doll
29. Descendents, Coolidge
30. Circle Jerks, Fortunate Son
31. Adolescents, I Love You
32. The Lemonheads, Sad Girl
33. The Ramones, I Wanna Live
34. Goo Goo Dolls, Livin' In A Hut
35. Hard-Ons, Rock`n`roll All Night

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Rural Ledge-ucation #38:Tributes

I'm a sucker for tribute albums...even if the vast majority of them only contain a handful of worthwhile tracks. There's been some great releases of this type in the last few weeks, though, and today we sample a few of them. Fans of Mojo Magazine are probably no strangers to their latest attached disc - a track by track soul recreation of the Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers album. Besides a handful of tunes from that wonderful compilation, today's show also includes tunes from two different Minnesota-based tributes. The first one consists of tunes written and recorded by the late, great Vic Chesnutt, and the other is the third in a series of records devoted to remakes of The Beatles. Rounding out the show is a sampler of tracks from a new Smiths tribute, Please Please Please A Tribute to The Smiths, and a recently discovered Alex Chilton compilation originally released in the early 90's.
This is the perfect soundtrack to your football playoff Sunday, and can be found in the iTunes store, Stitcher, or directly download it HERE!

1. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Wild Horses
2. The Sugarman 3, Bitch
3. The Bamboos, Can You Hear Me Knocking
4. Ben Weaver, Mr. Reilly
5. David Simonett, Gravity Of The Situation
6. Doug Martsch, Reel Around the Fountain
7. Tanya Donelly, Shoplifters of the World Unite
8. Telekinesis, Shelia Take a Bow
9. The Popes, I'm In Love With A Girl
10. The Hucksters, Ballad Of El Goodo
11. Young Fresh Fellows, She Might Look My Way
12. The 4onthefloor, Why Don't We Do It In The Road?
13. The Fiddle Heirs, I've Got A Feeling
14. The Honeydogs, Dear Prudence
15. Cloud Cult, Help

Friday, January 06, 2012

Live Ledge #47: Smut

The challenge was simple - for the first show of 2012 I wanted to play nothing but tunes I've never before broadcast. The execution was typical Live Ledge - shambolic but full of spirit (or so I hope). It's a wide variety of new, old, blog finds, covers, and obscurities. Included in the show are tracks from RealPunkRadio's new free sampler album, Killing the Record Industry Vol. 2 (for more info, head to realpunkradio.com), and some excerpts from last week's New Year's Eve simulcast from the Bowery Electric in New York City!
You can nab this sucka  from iTunes, stream it via Stitcher or directly download it HERE!

1. Little Esther, I'm A Bad Bad Girl
2. Guided By Voices, Doughnut for a Snowman
3. The Go, Rock'n'Roll Girl
4. The Parting Gifts, Keep Walkin'
5. The Connection, Stop Talking
6. Muck and the Mires, You and I Belong Together
7. The Breakups, Everybody's Girl
8. Cud, Lola
9. Cannibals, Pills
10. Lyres, Stoned
11. The Chesterfield Kings, The Hustler
12. Pink Mink, Kids Don't Follow
13. Bangs, Southern Girls
14. Famous Monsters, Clock Strikes 10
15. The Nuns, Walkin' the Beat
16. The Launderettes, Porn Star
17. The Raveonettes, Vamp Scratch Whore
18. The Flipsides, The Best Of Times
19. Primal Scream & MC5, Skull X
20. The Sons of Hercules, Shakin' Street
21. Angelic Upstarts, We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
22. The Mess Me Ups, My Girlfirend Is a Rock
23. Tex and the Saddletramps, Move It!
24. The Devil Dogs, They're Not Around
25. The Pretty Things, Roadrunner
26. Lonesome Kings, Brand New Gun
27. F-Units, You're Just A Tease
28. The Hydes, Radio Active
29. Walter Lure, Chinese Rocks
30. Todd Youth & Jesse Malin, Alex Chilton
31. The Fleshtones, Viva The Ramones
32. The European Liquidators, Why Don't You Shoot Me With Your Sex Pistol
33. The Vapids, Kissin' The Carpet
34. Real Kids, Can't Talk To That Girl

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Rural Ledge-ucation #37: Happy New Year

Yeah, I know New Year's Day is not a groundbreaking theme for a show. But it's not often that a holiday actually lands on a day that I'm on the air (or on the internet tubes, I guess). So today's show consists primarily of New Year's Day songs...although I resisted the urge for the most obvious track of that sort (U2).
Besides those tunes, there's another tribute at the end of the show. The beautiful and talented Ms. Goddess, who not only has cohosted a handful of Ledge's but is also the voice heard at the beginning and end of every show, will be celebrating a birthday tomorrow. It's my belief she's turning 28, but she keeps saying this is her last day of being 40. How is that possible? We just had to end the show with a couple of sets for her! Download this hangover-friendly show right now - either through iTunes, Stitcher, or directly HERE!

1. Roy Milton Solid Serenaders, New Year's Resolution Blues
2. Todd Snider, Happy New Year
3. Supersuckers, Hungover Together
4. Johnny Paycheck, The Old Year Is Gone
5. The Breeders, New Year
6. Madder Rose, Happy New Year
7. The Fastbacks, Banner Year
8. The Bottle Rockets, Brand New Year
9. Steve Wynn, Resolution
10. Chuck Prophet, New Year's Day
11. Liquor Giants, Happy New Year
12. The Replacements, Birthday Gal
13. The Jesus & Mary Chain, Birthday
14. Gomez, Equalize
15. Beady Eye, Bring The Light