Live Ledge #403: Under Consideration Pt. 1

It's that time of the year where my mind becomes overly-obsessed with my end of the year list of the best albums of the year. Seriously, I clearly have issues. But that's what I do all day. Besides listening to my most recent acquisitions, I'm constantly searching for things I may have missed.

I also begin a deep dive into my library. It's inevitable that over the course of the year there are records that get buried for various reasons. It could be that it came out at the same time as something better. Or it just didn't hit me as hard as it should have. Or it's simply that I can at times be a space cadet.

So that leads us to this week's Live Ledge. I've gone through my library and selected a ton of records that I need to give a further listening. They all have the potential of making that final list which will be unveiled in mid-December. After a couple of hours I ended up with enough material for not one but two shows. So tune in next week for another two hours of the same type of material.

This week I also set aside the format for a set that involves a show I saw a couple of weeks ago here in Sioux Falls. Total Drag Records hosted a phenomenal evening of music featuring Platinum Boys, Shannon Lay, and Mikal Cronin. I talk about that evening and play a few tracks from each of those great performers.

After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher...or


1. The Shivas, Playing On The Radio
2. Young Guv, She's A Fantasy
3. Honey Radar, Cornflake ESP
4. The Wood Floors, Texas
5. PAINT FUMES, What A World
6. The Dates, pictures with rene
7. The Tough Shits, Late Bloomer
8. Possible Humans, The Thumps
9. Starflyer 59, Young in My Head
10. Platinum Boys, Happens All the Time
11. Platinum Boys, Amateur
12. Shannon Lay, Something on Your Mind
13. Mikal Cronin, Show Me
14. Mikal Cronin, I've Got Reason
15. Sheer Mag, Blood from a Stone
16. Empath, Pure Intent
17. Shonen Knife, My Independent Country
18. The Tenth, Thanks Rob
19. Geoff Palmer, All The Hits
20. Brad Marino, Broken Record Baby
21. The Peawees, Don't Give A Fuck (explicit)
22. Indonesian Junk, Wild, Wild Party
23. Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Work
24. CFM, Street Vision
25. ATOM, No Future
26. Crocodiles, Wait Until Tomorrow
27. Juliana Hatfield, Can't Stand Losing You
28. Raelyn Nelson Band, Rebel Girl
29. Unlikely Friends, Is This Real? (Wipers)
30. The Dirty Nil, September Gurls
31. Corner Boys, Joke (of the Neighborhood)
32. The Dum Dum Boys, Escape from Hell
33. The Suck, The Catfish


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