Live Ledge #404: Under Consideration Pt. 2

Last week's show introduced a two part series of a Live Ledge look back at 2019 releases that deserve a second look before the "Best of 2019" list is completed. Tonight is the second part, and includes the usual mix of garage, indie, punk, and other quality rock and roll subgenres. Will any of these releases end up making the cut? Yep, just from these shows I have already decided on at least a handful of these, with many others still under consideration.

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1. Foxhall Stacks, Turntable Exiles
2. Vacation, Professor Messenger
3. Bikes, Friday night
4. Wives, Hideaway
5. Lone Wolf, Tell Me
6. Local Drags, Hidden Track
7. Reese McHenry, Bye Bye Baby
8. Filthy Friends, November Man
9. The Coathangers, Hey Buddy
10. Drahla, Pyramid Estate
11. Natalie Sweet, Another Bottle of Wine
12. The Paranoyds, Carnage Bargain
13. Desert Sharks, I Don't Know How to Dress for the Apocalypse
14. Baby Shakes, Modern Girl Renegade
15. CJ Ramone, Crawling from the Wreckage
16. The New Rochelles, Somebody Put Something in My Drink
17. Jason Ringenberg, God Bless the Ramones
18. Cherry Pickles, I Still Miss Lux
19. Das Clamps, New Kind of Fix
20. The Schizophonics, Steely Eyed Lady
21. The Night Times, Sixty Nine
22. Les BOF!, Vie De Chien
23. The Mystery Lights, I'm So Tired (of Living In The City)
24. The Gold, Gimme Your Love
25. The Sweet Things, Dead or Worse
26. Los Pepes, Let Me Tell You Something
27. johnny rocket, Beggin' for More
28. The Cutthroat Brothers, Shake Move Howl Kill
29. Apache, 50's Rock N Roll
30. Conmen, Good Time (All the Time)
31. Psychotic Youth, Wither Up And Die
32. He Who Cannot Be Named, Bad Day
33. The Briefs, She's the Rat
34. Institute, Let Me Be
35. Bat!, Graveyard Girl
36. The Rosalyns, Give Him a Great Big Kiss


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