Jenna the Ipod's Sunday Coffee Shop Reading Mix

1. Jeff Tweedy, "Henry & the H Bombs" (Vic Theatre, Chicago 3/5/05)
2. Bruce Springsteen, "Stolen Car" (Tracks)
3. The Breeders, "Lime House" (Pod)
4. Oasis, "Keep the Dream Alive" (Don't Believe The Truth)
5. Ryan Adams, "To Be The One" (Heartbreaker)
6. The Beatles, "Michelle" (Rubber Soul)
7. Ryan Adams, "In My Time Of Need" (Heartbreaker)
8. Tegan & Sara, "Walking With A Ghost" (So Jealous)
9. Pavement, "Newark Wilder" (Crooked Rain Crooked Rain)
10. Elliott Smith, "Rose Parade" (Either/Or)
11. Seedy Gonzales, "Just Killin' Time (Before Time Kills Me)" (EP)
12. Jeff Tweedy, "Black Eye" (Vic Theatre, Chicago 3/5/05)
13. The Jayhawks, "Somewhere In Ohio" (Live From The Women's Club, Volume 2)
14. Lucinda Williams, "Reason to Cry" (Live @ The Fillmore)
15. The Wallflowers, "Here He Comes" (Rebel, Sweetheart)
16. Bob Mould, "Black Sheets Of Rain" (Black Sheets Of Rain)
17. Uncle Tupelo, "If That's Alright [demo-fast acoustic version]" (Still Feel Gone)
18. Paul Westerberg, "Good Day" (Eventually)
19. The New Pornographers, "These Are The Fables" (Twin Cinema)
20. X-Ray Specs, "Age (Bonus Track)" (Germ-Free Adolescents)
21. My Morning Jacket, "Steam Engine" (It Still Moves)
22. Grandpaboy, "Do Right In Your Eyes" (Dead Man Shake)
23. The White Stripes, "I Can Learn" (White Blood Cells)
24. The Who, "Young Man Blues [Studio Version]" (Odds & Sods)
25. Bob Mould, "Out Of Your Life" (Black Sheets Of Rain)
26. Travis, "Happy" (Singles)
27. Nick Lowe, "Heart of the City" (No Thanks! the '70s Punk Rebellion)
28. Paul Westerberg, "Kiss Me On the Bus" (Pantages Theatre, 11/7/04)
29. Uncle Tupelo, "Wipe the Clock" (March 16-20 1992)
30. Spoon, "Was It You?" (Gimme Fiction)
31. Green Day, "Homecoming / The Death Of St. Jimmy..." (American Idiot)
32. Jay Farrar, "Different Eyes" (Sebastopol)


Anonymous said…
Damn you! How did you get your hands on Twin Cinema so early?

Is it good? Is it worth it?
Scott said…
Newsgroups, baby. That's the place to find pre-releases. On second thought, I think I found it on

Yes, it's mighty tasty.

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