New Music Player

Some people have complained that I need to change the song that automatically plays more often. With that in mind, I've put in a Last.FM shockwave player, set to a "station" that revolves around (believe it or not) the Replacements. You have to manually start the player, but you can change the channel or even skip songs.


I was just thinking the other day how I envy you, having music on your site. Then I realized that you use Blogger too and I thought gee maybe i could have a player too and i thought i must ask scott about his and i come here today and you are all having a new player and i think maybe i'll ask you about this one and i get all frowny-like because i'm such a know-nothing when it comes to installing things and screwing with templates and not only that html gives me nightmares even though everyone tells me its easy if you just really look at it for awhile but every time i try to change anything on my blog it ends up taking me hours and hours to get it back the way it was and i'm not really into that but i still would like to know about the player thing and if it costs money or not because even though i am a great friend and a super mom and a terrific wife with many many talents other than computer skills, i am incredibly, unbelievably cheap.
Update- I moved to Wordpress. woo hoo. And I still don't have a music player ;-)

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