Does Anybody Deserve a Second Chance?

Since it is close to Christmas, I figured it was time for me to take a look back at the Hudsonland archives and see if there’s anybody who deserves a reprieve from being shown to the town’s border. I may run a dictatorship, but I like to think that I’m a kind and open-minded ruler. Ok, maybe I’m going a bit too far there, but I’m no Mussolini (yes, I’ve been watching that PBS series on WWII once again).
So let’s start with the engineering departments of our local television stations. For years, I’ve complained that their Hi-Def signals leave a lot to be desired, particularly during times of precipi…I mean potentially the deadliest, most awesomely devastating storms this week!
KSFY has always been exempt from this criticism, because they know how to satisfy their viewers. Storms rarely, if ever, cause their signal to go from digital to analog. If there is a weather situation, they just throw up a graphic in the corner directing you to their analog station. Nice job, my friends.
KDLT, however, still has not upgraded their system. Big surprise there. Even legal ID’s result in a downgraded signal for a few seconds.
KELO, though, has seen some sort of improvement. They obviously have the technology to insert text and graphics without interfering with the quality of the programming. Unfortunately, they don’t always use it. Hell, they don’t always broadcast HD programming in HD, which I don’t quite understand. I’ll give them credit, though, for at least trying.
Moving on, this past summer I made the questionable decision during a summer heat wave to give the boot to the heat. What was I thinking? Here we are five months later and I’m really regretting making this move. Come back, oh beautiful sun, all is forgiven!
A few weeks before that, I had actually expanded the borders of Hudsonland to include Tea and Harrisburg. The occasion was the actions of a handful of nosey old bags who were opposed to a legal business that had opened a few miles outside of Tea. Olivia’s is a store which sells particular types of “toys” to consenting adults, but all we heard was “what do we tell the children when we drive by?” Well, nothing, because they have no clue what’s in the store. Six months later, I see no sign of falling morals south of Hudsonland, which is really a shame as I’m in the market for a hot, young floozy.
Next door to Tea sits Harrisburg, which last spring became the center of an anarchic uprising. A number of administrators and teachers left or was forced out of the school system, reportedly due to the military-ish approach of School Board Chairman John Loos. Although the controversy has died down in recent months, I still hear occasional complaints regarding Loos and his minions.
Speaking of Loos, many people don’t know that he has a day job as the Director of Operations at the Washington Pavilion, and from what I’ve been told he exhibits a similar attitude to the employees at that facility. A good friend of mine was an art teacher at the Pavilion, and just a few days before Thanksgiving she, along with a few colleagues in the art department, saw their positions surprisingly and with absolutely zero notice terminated. While I have no idea if he had anything to do with these firings, the timing and lack of tact in which this was performed points directly at him. If she had been given some sort of warning of cutbacks just three months earlier she could have looked for an art opening in our local school system. Instead, she’s unemployed at Christmas. Thanks, Scrooge. Now bend over and prepare for a long-deserved boot in the ass. There’s no reprieve for you.


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