Our Silly Mayor Want You! Or So He Says

It’s pretty well known that I’m not a big fan of our silly Mayor. Seriously, he’s one of the few politicians who can make former Senator Larry Pressler look like a brain surgeon.
But it’s not his lack of intellect that really bothers me. God knows we’ve had our share of idiots in every office on the local and national level.
Nope, it’s his actions from the moment he took office that I have questioned. I don’t like how he’s beholden to city insiders, how the Phillips to the Falls fiasco that proved that rules don’t matter when it comes to his favorite projects, or how he goes against his Republican values and wants to mortgage our future to pay for his legacy.
What has always bothered me the most, though, is the entire Arena fiasco. A couple of years ago, he tried to force this project upon us in a location that had tons of logistical problems. By putting together a hand-picked task force, he got the approval that he obviously mapped out before those people had their first meeting.
Luckily, the voters rejected the first part of his plan – the recreation center. With that devastating public vote, the new arena was tabled. Well, it was for a bit of time.
That didn’t stop certain individuals from continuing to pushing forward for a new facility. At least they abandoned the downtown location, and unveiled plans at a much more feasible location. Somehow, though, their ideas became even more grandiose, and what was originally a 12,000 seat building has now ballooned up to 18,000 people. Quick, name me something that would fill that many seats. And you can’t say the upcoming Zepplein reunion tour, as that wouldn’t come here even if we had room for 100,000 people.
Mayor McCheese has been brought back into this issue, though, and in Sunday’s daily paper he announced that he was taking applications for a new task force. Although he still denies that the last task force was indeed independent (yeah, right), he now claims that he’s looking for a “broad-based” committee.
Sure, he is. We all know that it’s once again going to be a hand-picked group of yes-men that will just tell the Mayor what he wants to hear. To prove that theory, I have downloaded this extremely complicated five-question form and I’m going to apply. I think I can bring some reason to this nonsensical rhyme, and hopefully the Mayor agrees.
I’m not holding my breath, though. I’m sure I won’t make the cut for obvious reasons. But I beg Your Highness to appoint at least one person who will ask the tough questions, and not just pat him on the back. Hell, maybe he’ll even finally convince me that there are dozens of giant acts that are begging to come to our fine city. Hold on, let’s not get carried away.


SouthDaCola said…
I prefer Mayor Minions. You do have one thing going for you, you do work for your family business and pay a lot of taxes to the city. Let the arm twisting proceed.

Anonymous said…
Mayor Munchkin!!
Anonymous said…
But he was reelected even in the wake of a budget scandle. Overwhelmingly reelected I might add. So what you say about the mayor applies to the voters. Shouldn't your blog title be silly voters? After considering the great public projects his administration ushered in - I've seen worse elected officials take office. Like your boy McCain.
With Vernon on the job, I don't worry too much about the city. The city creates better paying jobs than the credit card companies anyway.

jasonk said…
Thank you, thank you, thank you for ranting on something that i constantly have to hear about yet nobody ever makes the comments you did. First off, I hate hearing how this events center is an absolute necessity or the city will just wither away. Secondly, this center absolutely positively can not be larger than 15,000 in capacity. As you mention, no matter how big we build it there is probably a 99.999% chance that we would still never get big acts everyone thinks we would - even if we did what's the point if its only filled to capacity once or twice a year. I know for sure that the local sports teams won't be able to bring in over 15,000 people on a nightly basis. If Minneapolis or Omaha aren't good enough for acts to make a stop at why would they ever want to stop in SF?

I was actually discussing the events center this week with someone who was planning on submitting an application to be on there new committee. They mentioned that with my comments I should submit an application as well - but my first comment was that they don't want to here my thoughts as it wouldn't exactly agree with the mayors. By no means am I opposed to a new events center but there should be no need to rush it or build it as big as some of the higher-ups seem to believe - and for gods sake don't do it downtown!
Anonymous said…
"Phillips to the Falls fiasco"...? Are you kidding - that's a fiasco to you? They don't have great parks on your planet?


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