The Ledge, Episode 15: Rediscovered Gems

Enjoying a rare 70-degree day, I hauled a bunch of old discs out onto the patio to record Episode 15 of The Ledge. This week's selections are all songs that I had long forgotten, but had been rediscovered while putting together older episodes. Download it here or tune in to this Friday at 9 am and/or pm.

1. Trio, "Anna - Letmeinletmeout"

2. Crash Street Kids, "Little Girls"

3. Dogmatics, "Drinking By the Pool"

4. Big Dipper, "She's Fetching"

5. DUmptruck, "Back Where I Belong"

6. Close Lobsters, "Just Too Bloody Stupid"

7. Translator, "Everywhere That I'm Not"

8. Liquor Giants, "Over the Hill"

9. The Nuisances, "Brown Eyed Girl"

10. Windbreakers, "Just Fine"

11. The Ticks, "Waiting On You"

12. Flesh For Lulu, "Postcards From Paradise"


Anonymous said…
9. The Nuisances, "Brown Eyed Girl"

Is that the remake of the classic?
Scott said…
Anonymous said…
Do you have a South Dakota Snark blog for political commentaries? There's a Scott that comments there.

Anonymous said…

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