The Ledge, Episode 30: SST Records

SST Records was the mainstay of the new release bin of KAUR throughout the 80's, and so many of their releases continue to dominate my ipod time. Along with a few of the mainstays, episode 30 of The Ledge also includes some of the more obscure releases of the legendary label.

Along with the usual methods of listening, including a direct download here, there is one major change that commences with this week's show. My Friday timeslot at realpunkradio has been moved up an hour, starting at 8 pm central time. Join us this week in the chat!

1. Black Flag, "Six Pack"

2. Bad Brains, "Re-Ignition"

3. The Descendents, "I Don't Want to Grow Up"

4. Husker Du, "Pink Turns to Blue"

5. Dinsoaur Jr., "Freak Scene"

6. Meat Puppets, "Lake of Fire"

7. Saccharine Trust, "Belonging to October"

8. Angst, "The Weather's Fine"

9. Redd Kross, "Lovedoll Superstar"

10. Leaving Trains, "Temporal Slut"

11. The Stains, "Get Revenge"

12. Sonic Youth, "Star Power"

13. Opal, "Supernova"

14. Minutemen, "Political Song For Michael Jackson to Sing"

15. Firehose, "For the Singer of R.E.M."

16. Get Me High, "Trend Junkies"

17. El Bad, "I Turned Into a Misfit"

18. Black Flag, "Wasted"

19. Camper Van Beethoven, "Wasted"


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