Live Ledge #134: New Finds

It's that time of the month once again! For the last "new release" show of the year, I have again gone through my new release piles and also scoured the internet for the latest recent tunes. Most are true new releases, but there are also plenty of reissues and blog finds.
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1. Billy Bragg, The Milkman of Human Kindness
2. Young Fresh Fellows, Slim's Place
3. Jayhawks (as LP.Org), Ballad of the Opening Band
4. Frankie Lee, Times Like This
5. Uncle Tupelo, I Wanna Be Your Dog
6. Uncle Tupelo, Commotion
7. Drive-By Truckers, People Who Died
8. The Feelies, Dancing Barefoot
9. The Bremen Riot, Easy Joe!
10. Fuzz, What's In My Head?
11. High Learys, Idolise Your Woman
12. Cheap Time, Same Surprise
13. KNOTS, Action
14. The Deadbeats, Kill The Hippies
15. The Randoms, Let's Get Rid Of New York
16. The Normals, Almost Ready
17. The Skunks, Earthquake Shake
18. Ty Segall, You're The Doctor
19. Wooden Shjips, Ghouls
20. Frankie Teardrop, Greasy Motherfucker
21. The Pampers, Monkey Drip
22. The Kinks, 20th Century Man
23. Tall Boys, Gary Gilmore's Eyes
24. Neo Boys, I'm Free
25. The Fuzztones, You're Gonna Miss Me
26. Lyres, Sick And Tired
27. Thee Headcoats Sect, Baby What's Wrong
28. Godfathers, Bad Boy
29. Latex Novelties, I Don't Wanna Look Like No Ramone
30. The Delusionaires, Short Shorts
31. Sham 69, Give A Dog A Bone
32. The Replacements, Nowhere Man Medley


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