Live Ledge #148: Compilations

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite music blogs, Ramone To the Bone, unleashed a giant compilation mix (All About Girls, Vol. 2) featuring primarily unknown punk band s playing songs about the ladies. Inspired by the great quality of so many of these tracks, I decided to put together a show based around nothing but various artists records of these sorts.
Too bad I ended up having little time for tracks from this collection. Who knew that in recent weeks I had gathered so many other compilatons? The show begins with acoustic covers of primarily punk favorites (PV Undercover) before spinning tracks from a new Doors tribute record (A Psych Tribute to The Doors) and some great garage rock from a relatively old blog find (The Rebel Kind).
From there, we head all over the globe, stopping in Wisconsin (Radio Ready Wisconsin: Lost Power Pop Hits 1979-1982), Canada (Sympathetic Sounds of Montreal), Texas (Deep In the Throat of Texas), before heading to London for some fairly obscure blasts from the early days of the legendary punk rock scene (Punk 45, Volume 2). Finally, a couple of All About Girls tracks makes the playlist, but the rest of the planned material from this album must wait for another day.
As always, grab this from the usual sources, or...


1. Alturos, Rock N Roll Girl
2. Fighting Fiction, Oliver's Army
3. VRGNS, Attitude
4. The Flatliners, Maximum Piss & Vinegar
5. Camera, People Are Strange
6. Psychic Ills, Love Me Two Times
7. The Black Angels, Soul Kitchen
8. The Nomads, Have Love Will Travel
9. Fuzztones, Ward 81
10. Miracle Workers, Infected With You
11. The Long Ryders, And She Rides
12. Sidewalks, Whoever Said That You Was Cool
13. The Haskels, Daddy's Girl
14. The Minors, Another Stupid Love Song
15. Spooner, You're The Lucky One
16. Valiants, Shake Baby Shake
17. The Cheating Hearts, Horse Fever Blues
18. Stack O'Lees, Masked Marvel
19. The Sunday Sinners, Loretta Lynn
20. BBQ, Debra Lee
21. AK47, The Badge Means You Suck
22. Really Red, Corporate Settings
23. The Next, Mr.Wonderful
24. Uncalled 4, Grind Her Up
25. Vast Majority, God's Groin
26. Mekons, 32 Weeks
27. The Users, Sick of You
28. The Jermz, Powercut
29. Now, Development Corporations
30. Swell Maps, Real Shocks
31. The Scabs, Leave Me Alone
32. The Nerves, TV Adverts
33. The Killjoys, Johnny Doesn't Want to Go To Heaven
34. The Sheckies, She Kicked Me Off Facebook
35. The Havenots, I Love Her And She Loves The Ramones


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